Why Is Festool So Expensive

Festool is a wellknown and respected manufacturer in the home improvement industry.


Limited availability

Festool is quite expensive. You can expect to pay between $300 and $400 for a complete tool set, depending on which one you get.

This is a full-fledged toolset with all the necessary attachments and precision tools. They are limited to sale in Europe, North America, and Festool’s home country of Switzerland.

In addition to the cost, these sets are not available everywhere. Some countries did not have Festool products as cataloged, so they were forced to purchase another brand’s product instead. This was definitely wrong!

Festool has been around for many years now, so most of the products do not wear out quickly.

Unique products

Festool is one of the few high-end nail/closet/bathroom accessories brands that also sells products for agriculture and construction. This is a rarity, as most companies do not focus on these markets because they are not very profitable.

What makes Festool expensive is the unique features that you get to use. Some of them are features like their patented finger slots, spring-loaded shutoff devices, and self-centering settings. With all of these features, you will have to buy at least one each!

Another cost factor that can make or break your purchase is size. While some do come in small sizes, most do not look very large because they are so big! Most people find it hard to scale down the size due to the tight quarters that must be used for installation and setup.

One-of-a-kind products

One of the biggest things that stops people from buying at Festool shows is one-ofTopic:

die-hard followers of other brands. Most professionals have at least one other partner in equipment, so having another tool is always useful.

This is especially true for premium tools like the 3D Scanner or the Rotary Hammer, which are highly respected pieces of equipment. Without them, you would not be able to fully understand how powerful and effective the DWS 4000VNx is.

People are afraid that they will Not Like What They Get If They Purchase It At The Show, So They Do Not Buy It. There Are Too Many Other People Who Want It That Much That They Can Not Find A Spot To Put It Where People Will Look At It And Think, “I Really Like This”!

This does not mean that professionals do not buy one of these products, it just means that they buy it at a show! Professional equipment buyers go to shows to learn from others and find new products to use in their work.

Brand consistency

Festool is a brand that has been making kitchen and living room appliances for over a century. This makes Festool extremely valuable to homeowners, who need an appliance to arrive in the mail every week!

Even though their products are reliable, they do require some investment. For instance, you would purchase a immersion dryer instead of a permanent dryer because you spend more money on Festool products.

You would also purchase an 18-volt drill instead of a 20-volt one due to the difference in price. You would buy a torque wrench instead of one with only one digit due to the difference in price.

You may not need the four-speed drill and impact driver as much as you think because of this constant availability factor. One way Festool keeps cost down is by having consistent product availability.

Premium packaging

Festool is a fairly expensive tool. A full sized, standard sized, medium sized or small sized powertool is roughly $600, $800, or $1,000 respectively. That price can feel high at first, but in the end you will be very happy with your purchase.

The quality of the tool and how well it works make it worth the investment. A premium powertool will give you more than cheaper tools that work poorly. It will last longer too as you use it more and get used to how it works.

Bundling tools together

Festool is a series of premium tools that are bundled together. This can be fun or confusing!

Most people do not realize that you can purchase the dust port for your filter for only $5 more. Or you can get the handheld mitraglader for $30 less!

Combined, these tools create a powerful user experience and value. For example, the portable mitraglader allows you to clean large surfaces quickly, the belt sanding an easier than using a disk sander, and thePlaner makes this system even more effective.

However, while some of these tools are expensive, they offer incredible value. If you look at each tool outside of Festool solely, you will see little or no value. For example, the dust port for your filter does not give any benefits when used in conjunction with Festool.

Excellent customer service

Festool has a lot of fans. They offer a range of hand tools, power tools, and tool brands make their products in the industry-leading Festool line. These line extensions provide additional functions or sizes of products.

This is great for growing business, as new customers are attracted by the Festool name and brand. People also tend to trust the brand more than others when it comes to tools and equipment.

Another appealing part about Festool is its affordable price tag. Most people can afford to buy one device or item from Festool because of the excellent customer service they offer. Many people get lost in their gear looking for something specific or forgetting to contact Festool if they need help with it.

Long warranty periods

Festool is one of the most recognizable brand names in kitchen and gardening tools. They offer a wide range of products, from straight-line stanley-chefs to leaf-shaped extensions.

Their Festool series is the most popular line, with over a hundred models. These include the ubiquitous rotary knife, saw, and levelers.

Their latest addition to the line is the Nailer, a nailer that comes with its own self-centering motor and cartridge. It can be used for ceilingingly long lengths of wood or plastic!

Rotary knives are very common tools that come with Festool products. These rotate freely as you use them, making it easy to line up cuts correctly.

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