Why Is Dan Guthrie Leaving Fox 17?

Dan Guthrie is a reporter for Fox 17 in Indianapolis. His final story as a reporter will be the coronation parade. He will be moving on to another job after this year, but for now he’ll be sharing his time between work and his family.

He’s been at Fox 17 since 2013, joining as an intern before being promoted to reporter in 2015. Over the last few years, he has worked on stories such as the Indy 500, Pacers playoff coverage, and now coronation parade coverage.

His move to TV was not just for work reasons, but also because he wanted a change in pace from radio.

“I wanted something different than radio,” he said. “I enjoy talking to people and getting their thoughts and feelings, even if I cannot solve their problems (for them). I want to use this opportunity to share stories with the community that may help them make some decisions about future events.


Veteran broadcaster

why is dan guthrie leaving fox 17

Dan Guthrie has been with Fox 17 since 2002, working his way up to weekend anchor through hard work and dedication. His love for radio led him back to the station as a news reporter before he took on his current role as weekend morning host in 2011.

His love for radio led him back to the station as a reporter before he took on his current role as morning host in 2011. He has been a favorite among the staff, receiving many compliments on his friendly and engaging style of journalism.

His legacy will be missed, not only by his loyal listeners but also by those who are just now learning about him. His self-deprecating humor made anyone with a little bit of sense feel comfortable talking to him, and he was very popular for that reason.

New opportunities

When you’re a young professional, you think about how this will be your career, how great it is going to get harder and harder to get a job, how hard it is out there, and what opportunities are out there for people.

So when Dan Guthrie decided to move on after just two years as news reporter at Fox 17, he was thinking about this part of his career for a while.

After all, he’s now moving on to new opportunities.

He’s not talking about that yet — he’s still in San Francisco working at KPIX 5 — but this was an important moment for him. He realized what he had done and what he had been given during his time at the station. He knew he had developed skills and stories people wanted to hear that made an impact on their lives and communities. That is something he will never forget.

So when Dan left Fox 17, it was clear that something else was in need of attention. And that is why Dan is returning to KGO-TV in San Francisco as host of The Evening News with Karen Walker from 6:00 p.m.-7:00 p.m., Monday through Friday.

Last Friday

why is dan guthrie leaving fox 17

On Friday, October 4, Dan Guthrie will be leaving Fox 17 News for personal reasons.

For the last several months, Dan has been in the midst of reshaping his personal life to make room in his schedule for preparing and hosting a television news program.

The program will feature updates on local news stories and projects he is passionate about. It will be called The Next Chapter and launch in January of 2019.

Dan is very excited about this new chapter in his life and career and we are happy he made this choice. If you are looking to get your news fix, this might be the program for you!

We are not giving up our role at Fox 17 just yet, so if you need an anchor or reporter, you still have time to apply! We are accepting resumes from phone calls or texts only at [email protected].

Thank you note

why is dan guthrie leaving fox 17

Dan is a great guy and I’m grateful he was a part of Fox 17. However, after nine years at the station, he’s decided to take his talents to another place.

He’s been looking at other opportunities and has made several calls, but none have felt right. He’s also reached out to other stations and Fox 17 to see if we can continue working together.

If you meet him in person, you’d definitely notice how nice he is and how much he loves his job. He truly loves being able to help people and do stories that make a difference in their lives.

I know he says he wants to go back to doing non-news work, but there are so many great jobs out there that don’t require college degrees.

Controversial stories

why is dan guthrie leaving fox 17

Dan Guthrie started at Fox 17 in 2011 as a reporter. Since then, he’s transitioned into a news anchor and talk show host. This has caused some trouble for Dan as an employee of the company.

Since becoming a talk show host and taking on someReporting duties, he has increased his compensation and workload to become a “normal” reporter. This is why people are talking about him differently than they once did.

His controversial stories have lead people to question his objectivity. His talkshow has gained more followers every month but has cost him money as advertisers drop their ads due to his coverage.

His popularity with his viewers and advertisers makes it hard for him to see both sides of the story. This causes him to miss important stories that could change someone’s mind.

Known for stories about Kurt Wetterling

why is dan guthrie leaving fox 17

Dan Guthrie is a well-known journalist in Sioux Falls, South Dakota. He has been a reporter for the past twenty years, and his experience as a news reporter has helped him land new jobs.

His reputation as a storyteller is what has kept him employed over the years. His passion for reporting and his love of stories make him an invaluable part of our team.

We are extremely proud of what he’s done over the past few decades and will always be grateful to him for that. There are many other things in life that don’t need stories, but they do good things that bring people joy. That is what he was about – reporting with a purpose – and we will never take his work for granted.

Popular personality

why is dan guthrie leaving fox 17

Dan is a highly recognizable TV personality. He has been on many popular television shows including The Bachelor, The Bachelor Winter Games, and Dancing With the Stars.

His fans know him as the host of County Fair, a popular program about animals. He also hosts A Dan Guthrie Show on WFLX-FM.

However, his most famous role was as a panelist on The X-Factor. He left the show in 2013 but returned in 2014 and 2015.

He was very popular on the show and he enjoyed being recognized by his fans when he came to live shows.

Award winning journalist

why is dan guthrie leaving fox 17

Dan started his career at KDFW-TV in Denton, Texas, as a reporter for the network. After that he moved to KDFW-TV news as a producer before becoming an anchor.

His career had plenty of award nominations and wins, so it is no surprise he’s now moving on to pursue other opportunities.

He was named a Texas Reporter of the Year finalist in 2013 and 2014 and was awarded the honor in 2015. He also won a BBBoren Award for Investigative Journalism in 2015.

In his role as morning host on Fox 17 News, Dan has gotten some recognition for his work. His program has been named one of the top morning shows in North Louisiana by three different news outlets.

This is not just because of Dan himself, but because of what he brings to the show as an audience member. His chemistry with co-host Stacey Gaudet makes for an entertaining show every day.

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