Why Is Bison So Expensive

Bison is a steak format rarity, and as the rarest of all beef species, this is why. Bison are a member of the elk family, and as a result, they are expensive.

Elk can go for over $100 per pound in the marketplace! This price goes up due to their higher fat content and longer leanness. It also helps that elk are more seasonal than bison, making prices lower seasonally.

However, with current prices being high for bison, it is important to buy from a reputable seller or brand. Buying from someone you do not know may help lower cost, but make sure they are good quality!

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Bison meat is higher in protein

This is one of the main reasons why bison is more expensive than beef. As opposed to a beef steak, which is about 420 calories, a pound of bison steak can be over 500 calories.

Although both beef and bison are meat, there are different types of meat. Beef is higher in fat than Lamb or goat meat, for example. Bison meat has less flavor than other meats, making it harder to find a good recipe using it.

Because bison is higher in fat, it takes more liquid to make it into bacon, ham, or toast. This can be problematic if you do not want to spend money on additional food items!

The price of bison can be an issue for those who do not have abundant food supply needed to maintain its weight. Although they are costlier foods, they are good sustainers.

Bison ranchers are passionate about their product

They are dedicated to producing the best bison they can, so they go to great lengths to ensure their herds are healthy and growing.

This is important as it contributes to their confidence in charging a high price for their product. A healthy, thriving bison will cost a rancher a lot of money in production costs, plus an overall profit.

For example, he or she would have to pay for medical care and supervision while the animal grows, shells it when it is large enough to be profitable, and then sells it. It takes a long time to achieve this profit though!

It is important for a rancher to produce high quality beef, because if they do not then other people will.

Bison is free range

Bison is not only an expensive meat, but also a rare meat. This makes them very pricey at the grocery store!

Bison are a large, cow-like animal with about 5–6 inch thick horns and a long bony tail. These animals are raised in North America for their meat, which is why it is called buffalo.

The United States has more than 2,000 Buffalo on display in National Buffalo National Monument in New York, and another 1,000 in Buffalo National Lake in Wisconsin!

Because of their rarity and cost, most people do not find buffalo worth eating.

Bison tastes great

Bison is a pretty affordable meat. Though it can be cost-prohibitively expensive in some places, in our opinion, it is definitely worth the money!

Bison is a high quality meat. It comes from a reputable agricultural company that takes special care of it. It is even sold under the brand name buffalo!

Unfortunately, the dairy case-made product isn’t very popularly consumed as beef. However, there are ways to make it if you want to. You can buy them at meat factories or on internet auction sites!

If you want more information on how to use this information for yourself, ask your dietician for a brochure or video on how to use this for yourself.

Recent popularity has caused the price to rise

Recent popularity has caused the price of beef to rise. There are several factors that have impacted the price of beef today.

One factor is availability. As more people discover how delicious and cost-effective beef is as a food source, they seek it out more often.

Another factor is distribution. As we shop at grocery stores and supermarkets, we likely have access to more distributors than ever before thanks to the internet-based system of commerce we have evolved into.

We now have a higher expectations when looking for meat, as well as pay per pound prices.

It’s a relatively small industry

Bison is a relatively small industry, making up only a fraction of the beef you see in restaurants and on grocery store shelves. That’s why it’s so expensive!

The average cost of a medium-rare bison steak is around $10-12 per pound. This price includes the black pepper, which is what gives bison its name. Black pepper is an expensive ingredient that comes from a dried plant that contains cannabinoid compounds.

Unfortunately, there are very few legitimate bison operations, so most meat processors coat their bison with something to make it more sellable. Unfortunately, this makes the meat almost indistinguishable from beef!

Many people are confused about what kind of beef they can buy because of this. People think that because it is more pork than cattle, it does not matter for nutrition reasons.

Demand far exceeds supply

This has a lot to do with bison being a rare commodity. People are willing to pay high prices for them, and they are not abundant like other livestock like cows and pigs are.

Today, you can find them only in the wild in Wyoming, Montana, Alberta, and South Dakota. In addition, they are only available at certain restaurants as a side dish or in meatballs and burgers.

Because of their rarity, demand is high for bison. A single bison can cost between $250-$300! This pricepoint does not include the socialization costs that come with being on the ranch!

Unfortunately, as time goes on and more calves are killed by hunters for beef standards, more than half of all U.S. cattle were lost to rustling before Congress stepped in to lower the price.

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