Why Is Birkenstock So Expensive

Birkenstock is a traditional leather sandal brand that was launched in 1930. Since that time, they have released countless updates and variations of the shoe, making it one of the top-selling shoes in the world.

Because of this popularity, there has been a steady stream of imitators out there. Some are good quality and others are not! Luckily, you can spend less money and still get a good quality shoe in birkenstock!

Many people buy birkenstocks for their comfort. They feel like your feet are safely locked in place for hours upon hours of walking, running, and standing. This is true even with short Templar lengths!

The shape retention is excellent with these shoes as they do not loosen up over time. Many people use them for daily walking or running as they do not need to replace them every year like some high-quality shoes do.

Birkenstock sandals last forever

why is birkenstock so expensive

They are probably the most durable sandal you will ever wear. They are made from suede which is a natural material that is resistant to water and stains.

Suede can last for years without needing to be washed. It stays soft and smooth even if you were not careful in washing it, as it is a natural material.

These sandals are classic looking and very stylish. If you looking for some old-fashioned style, this is the right shoes for you. You can wear them every day, so they are very budget friendly.

they are very comfortable

why is birkenstock so expensive

This is one of the main reasons why people keep buying and wearing birkenstock shoes. They are very comfortable! Many people report that they can wear them for hours without getting tired.

Another thing that people love about birkenstock shoes is the way they look. They are classic and easy to wear. Many people use them as casual wear or day-to-day shoes. These are also nice and affordable!

The last reason why these shoes are so popular is because they are easy to put on. most people just get a normal size in bandoleers and slide them on immediately! This way, it does not take any time to get into the shoe!

If you want to buy some but can not find them here, try ordering from Amazon or Amazon (uk) because they have cheaper ones than where I have posted them.

come in a variety of styles

why is birkenstock so expensive

While most are labeled as casual, every style of birkenstock has its own level of “formal”. Some are even dressier than others!

The appeal of the more casual styles is that they are more comfortable. For example, one can choose a less durable material or a more informal look. The more formal looks are more exclusive and/or better quality materials.

Another reason why some people prefer the casual look is because they do not feel like they are wearing something that will hurt their feet. When going up a very expensive shoe, it can be hard to feel good about yourself because of how painful it may be to wear it for long periods of time.

More expensive shoes also seem to last longer than cheaper ones because people feel like they have to use lots of pain killers to get them on and off, which is not the case with the cheaper ones.

people wear them for many occasions

why is birkenstock so expensive

They’re a classic pair of shoes that people have been wearing for years. They are often described as comfortable and sturdy.

Because they are ruggedly constructed, people usually purchase new shoes every year or two due to the occasional wear. This adds to the cost of the shoes however.

People typically start wearing them around their feet and inches, as they are easier to move in. The taller people tend to prefer this style of shoe more than the shorter people.

The longer person can fold the shoe at their foot and place under another foot, giving them more mobility. The shorter person just has to deal with the fact that they will have a very high-pitched sound every time they walk that needs repair areahementeticheve their new pair!

These shoes are a go-to for many people, which is why they are so popular.

the material is high quality

why is birkenstock so expensive

Another factor that makes birkenstock so expensive is the quality of the leather used in its construction. While most leather goods are made with mass-produced leather, that does not mean that it can be cheapened in any way.

Many leather craftsmen carefully trim and shape the leather before working with it to achieve a specific look or texture. This is a process called grainning or tiling, which gives the leather its unique look and texture.

Grainning is a process that can take days or even weeks to complete, so once it is done, it is finished. This takes special patience and skill because you will have to start from scratch again!

Despite the high cost of this footwear, people who love wearing birkenstocks very much would not buy them unless they were sure that they were using genuine leather.

the brand is famous

why is birkenstock so expensive

There are close to a million web sites devoted to Birkenstock, and they are very popular. People buy them in shops, they wear them for fashion reasons, and they love them.

They are well-known for their classic look and feel, as well as their quality construction. Classic looks are still popular today, as people love the old-fashioned look of the shoes and matching socks.

This is a reason why so many people purchased the black/white/brown set that was featured in this article.

people want to look good, and these help with that goal

why is birkenstock so expensive

Looking good is never a straight-forward process. People go to great lengths to achieve that goal of looking good.

That is why brands like Nike, Gucci, and H&M have such high-profile advertising campaigns. They know people are willing to spend money on these brands because of their look and reputation for quality.

Since they spend lots of money on advertising, they must keep quality products in their inventory to satisfy consumers. Some people cannot find a cheap but not poor quality product, so they keep coming back to the brand until they find something new that works for them.

they last a long time

why is birkenstock so expensive

This is one of the main reasons that birkenstock are so expensive. They are made for long use. These shoes have been sold and bought for years, which is something that goes into making them more cost effective.

If you were to buy these new, they would be about $15-20 for a pair. They would be thrown away within a year as the soles would wear out and you would have to buy new ones each time because they wouldn’t last.

Old Birkenstocks still exist and are for sale on eBay almost every day! Some even sell for over $50 dollars, which is an impressive amount of money you will spend when you love them this much.

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