Where Are Klein Tools Made

Klein Tools is a manufacturer of power tools and household items. Their flagship product is the Klein Tool, which are specialized tools that can be locked in a case and sent via email within minutes of opening the box!

These products can be hard to tell apart, as they look almost identical to other power tools sold by The Home Depot. However, if you were to purchase one from The Home Depot, it would be the different-looking Klein Tool.

Many people purchase these different-looking power tools in order to learn how to use them. Many people have trouble figuring out how to use these so that they can send things away for review.



Klein tools is manufactured in Mexico by a non-profit organization called Klein Mexico. Although they are not required to be licensed or regulated in Mexico, most companies that offer tools and supplies do so through Klein Mexico.

The majority of their products are CAD compatible and available in either hard or soft plastic cases. Many of their quick connections and/or ratchets are made from steel, making them legal for use in construction projects.

However, some of their more advanced fasteners such as rivets and screws are not legal to use on a construction project. Instead, these can be used on a hardware store type store to purchase large items that need to be securely fastened.

As mentioned before, the majority of their products are CAD compatible and available in either a hard or soft case.


Today, Klein is made in China. It was made in the US, where Klein was created, but today it is very difficult to find a tool that does not have some form of Chinese manufacture.

Many companies have moved production to China as production costs increase and regulations increase. Because of the stricter regulations placed on manufacturing locations today, many companies choose to move their manufacturing to China.

If you would like to find a US-made tool in China, you would need to order it through an online seller or through a seller who travels with your hardware. Both of these options are difficult to avoid of corruption has rule since all lost materials are transported overland.


Klein tool was founded in 1919 by a man named Rudolf Klein. He began producing agricultural implements in his home town of Sulingen, Germany. During the Second World War, he was forced to flee because of the Allied invasion of Germany in 1944.

After the war, he started back up as an agricultural implement manufacturer and produced drills, impact wrenches, and such. His legacy continued with several companies that produced agricultural implements under the Klein banner until 1990 when production ceased due to poor sales.

In 1990, production again ceased due to poor sales and cost-push inflation.


Klein Tools is made in Italy. The company was founded in Livorno, Italy in 1996 by Francesco Klein, who wanted to create a new tool brand with high quality products at an affordable price.

Since then, Klein has grown and expanded into several factories throughout the world and eventually settled down in Livorno, Italy where they have their headquarters.

Today, Francesco Klein is the chairman of the board of directors for the company and continues to lead development of new products and marketing efforts for the brand.

Many employees from previous generations remain too, working on new products and marketing campaigns as individuals or as a team. It feels like home almost immediately!

This article will go into detail about some of the newer products that are coming out for Klein Tools.


Where Are Klein Tools Made?
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Many of their products are remanufactured or custom manufactured, so it is not a direct purchase from the distributor. These custom made items may be shipped directly to you.

Some of their products are branded, such as the nail buffer, xtra strong glue, and extra spring in the button brush. These may be sold under different names around the world, such as Z-One Series II, or just called a nail buffer/resin/etc.


Klein Tools is headquartered in Tennessee, just five miles from the Mississippi state line. This is where John and his son Jacob run the company today.

When I asked Jacob why he chose Tennessee as his home, he answered with a simple, “Because it’s beautiful.”

Jacob has been in business for several years, building his brand and establishing his presence within the business world. He started working at Klein while still in college, beginning as a salesperson before moving up to director of sales.

Today, Jacob runs the company as president and chief operating officer, overseeing all aspects of business operations including marketing, finance, human resources, technology, and general management. Despite this large role, he still takes time to answer questions from customers on his website or through phone calls and emails.

His office is located close to other Klein employees so meetings are always friendly and helpful.


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This is where Klein Tools comes in! Their kits come in two models: the Basic and the Pro. The Basic has one button used to turn on and off the light, change brightness levels, and select between low or high or no charge.


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