What Wheels Fit Mercedes Sprinter

The Mercedes Sprinter is a high roofed, double-decker bus. These buses are often called long box buses because of their high level of luxury. They can be found in both urban and suburban areas worldwide.

While these buses were once exclusive to the large metropolitan areas, due to their large size, they are now available at an affordable price to smaller cities and towns. This has created a new generation of consumers who are looking for this vehicle as its unique features do not make it expensively obsolete like older school buses were that used only utility vehicles as motive power.

The wheels used on these vehicles can be anything from low profile steel wheels, through amphibious wheels, or even non-movable road tires. The latter two require no wheelbase extensions for driving on!

This article is going to talk about some different types of wheels that fit the Mercedes Sprinter coach.


17 inch wheels

17 inch wheels fit the majority of Mercedes Sprinter vans. They are a very popular size for wheel upgrades.

Wheel sizes can vary in diameter and thickness. The larger the diameter, the thinner the wheel may be. The thicker the wheel may be, the heavier it might be.

When looking at wheels, there are two main things to consider: drive size and rim width. Drive size is determined by how many rotors a vehicle needs!

The bigger the rim width, the stouter the wheel must be. Rotor width varies between brands, making it necessary to find a wider wheel.

18 inch wheels

what wheels fit mercedes sprinter

18 inch wheels fit the majority of Mercedes-Benz Sprinter models. These wheels are called 18-inch mid-range wheels because they can fit between the standard 18 inch wheel and the higher quality 19 inch wheel.

18-inch wheels are a good fit for taller drivers looking to improve their performance on the road. They are also an excellent choice for off-road use as they can grip more dirt and snow effectively.

Because these wheels are such a small change in size, it is possible to get new 18-inch wheels for less money than new 19- or 20-inch ones.

19 inch wheels

what wheels fit mercedes sprinter

19-inch wheels fit the majority of Mercedes Sprinter models. They are a very stable and comfortable ride, so they fit with ease into most car parking spaces. They are also very stylish!

How to install 19-inch wheels on a Mercedes Sprinter

In order to install the 19-inch wheels on your Sprinter, you will need to do two separate things. The first is to cut a hole in your floorboard for the wheel to go in, and the second is to affix the wheel to your vehicle.

Both of these things are fairly simple and can be done at any point during the summer months when it is hot outside (once winter weather has disappeared!).

20 inch wheels

what wheels fit mercedes sprinter

20 inch wheels fit the majority of Mercedes Sprinter models. If you have a 22 inch model, then you should consider 23 inch wheels to be the correct size for you.

If you have a 18 inch model, then 19 inch wheels would be the correct size for you. As the larger sized models have more space to add width to, they may also need a little bit more width in your tires.

19 and 21 inches are the typical width for these models, so most brands offer pretty full-sized tires. 20s and 22s may need a little more clearance than 19s and 21s do, so look for slightly oversized tires to fit your vehicle.

15 inch tires

what wheels fit mercedes sprinter

At first, many people thought that 15 inch tires were for big rigs, because they look big. 15 inch tires are normally for heavier duty pavement, so it is important that they have enough room to move.

They are also helpful when driving around town or through school pick-up and drop-off periods. You can drive at a reasonable speed with these large tires, which is the main benefit. However, when traveling in heavy traffic, paying attention can be a challenge!

Due to the size of the tire, some Mercedes Sprinter chassis manufacturers have used smaller diameter wheels to fit them on. Of course, these must have larger bearings and wheel bearings to hold up the weight of the vehicle!

There are several wheels that fit the Mercedes Sprinter mediaëntia, but here we will discuss the fifteen-inch tire model. There are also twelve-, ten-, and eight-inch style wheels.

16 inch tires

what wheels fit mercedes sprinter

A very popular size of wheel is 18 inch. This is the largest size that can be purchased for the Mercedes Sprinter.

These wheels look and perform very differently than standard tires. They are designed with special treads that enhance grip, create greater aeration, and improve stability. Due to the larger diameter of these wheels, they also require a different tire width to fit.

When choosing a wheel, two main things should be considered. First, what diameter wheel will the tire fit on? This can be tricky to find as some manufacturers do not offer this as a option.

Second, what diameter tire should be used with this wheel? Because these have different sizes of tires on them, there must be a gap in between them to add air! If one does not match, there may be a difference in how the truck works with the wheels.

17 inch tires

what wheels fit mercedes sprinter

18–19 inch wheels are the next size down. These are the size that most people hold if you are looking for a vehicle that can fit in tight parking spots or for transportation outside of the home.

While these wheels cannot be used on inclines or stairs, they can be used for travel. It makes a huge difference when able to smoothly roll through corners and how easily you can load and unload the vehicle with these wheels.

Unlike larger wheels, these smaller wheels cannot be put on without a vehicle alignment tool. Something to look out for is when one side of the wheel is slightly higher than the other due to an angle created by putting one leg on top of the other. This problem can be fixed with a flathead screwdriver and some patience!

18–19 inch wheels can fit in most vehicles without having to change out any tires.

18 inch tires

what wheels fit mercedes sprinter

18-inch wheels are the standard size for Mercedes SPRINTER vans. There are two sizes of Sprinter, a 6-passenger and a 7-passenger. The 6-passenger van has a shorter wheel base than the 7-passenger van, which adds clearance to fit 18-inch tires on the rear tires.

The taller tire size increases rolling resistance which increases your vehicle’s maintenance cost. Adding 18-inches to the van increases the width by one inch, so beware of water intrusion. Since there is an increase in width, there may be an increase in side rail thickness as well.

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