What Watch Does Ray Donovan Wear

A watch is a reliable way to tell time. There are many brands and models of watches that you can purchase. They range from simple smartwatches to traditional timepieces.

When choosing a watch, the model you choose should be good at telling time. The style of watch you choose should be one that looks nice on your wrist. Some people prefer more formal watches over others.

If you want information to be able to see on your watch, a smartwatch can help you up its game. A smartwatch has internet connectivity built in so that information can be viewed on your phone.


Black matte Rolex

what watch does ray donovan wear

A Rolex watch is the right watch for Ray Donovan. They are expensive, but if you don’t need one, you can avoid the looking at pictures and reading reviews before buying to save money.

For those who do need a black matte Rolex, this is the one to buy. It looks classy and expensive. As seen in the movie, it is called a NATO. This means no clasp style watch band. This makes it look more unique and keeps the price lower!

While reading reviews about which model has what features on Amazon, some call it chiseled away at the back of the neck while others call it soft and smooth. It really depends on how you use it!

You can purchase this model online or in a watch store such as Costco or Sams Club.

Gold-plated Cartier

The gold-plated case of the cartier watch is quite unique. It is called a skeletonized cartier. This case style is limited to the 58mm size.

Cartier has been rotating their cases for years, so this one is probably close to new. The 58mm size is still very popular, and sold well through re-issues and modern models.

Modern versions have the lugs upgraded to steel, so this watch would be appropriate for someone who wanted a slightly more dressy watch. The case is also rounded rather than flat, which adds some flair to the look of the watch.

A classic looking black leather strap holds this watch up, giving you some support for your wrist.

Stainless-steel Breitling

what watch does ray donovan wear

Breitling is one of the most popular watch brands in the United States. Due to its unique look, many people request Breitling watches as gifts.

Many people are drawn to Breitling watches for their sleek looks and years of professional use. They are known for their precise and reliable timing systems, making them very desirable watches.

While most Breitling models are affordable, their more expensive models can be cost-prohibitive. That does not mean they do not get plenty of compliments! Many people praise the simple yet effective watch worn on the wrist that always knows what time it is.

The all-steel case and bracelet makes this watch durable enough to wear for hours at a time. The breitling bar style disk adds even more precision to timing functions such as chronograph segments.

Black ceramic Panerai

what watch does ray donovan wear

Panerai is a well-known brand that features watches that are expensive but not impossible to acquire. These ceramic Panerai watches are known for their durability.

Black ceramic is one of the two common watch materials, the other being stainless steel. When paired with proper tools, you can easily shape it into your desired shape. black ceramic means this watch is expensive but not break-the- bank expensive.

Since this type of watch is pricey, many people purchase it only for weddings or special occasions. However, these days, since everyone has a cell phone and computer nearby, buying a cheap Chinese cell phone and purchasing an expensive software suite or app would be just as easy!

Since this type of watch is expensive, people often purchase high-quality leather cases to wear on the wrist to prevent damage.

Silver Hublot

what watch does ray donovan wear

The dial of a watch is its main feature. A watch’s dial can be plain, with no markings on it at all, or it can have characters or designs on it.

For example, a watch with a display layout for minutes, seconds, and a long-distance marker would have a designer or character on the dial. These are typically not available on the internet, but instead in watches store.

When deciding which brand of watch you want to wear, it is important to look at what type of style you want and which ones look good on you. He/she should then figure out how to get that look with the type of watch they buy.

Many people make the mistake of buying generic looking watches that look good on them. They may think they are fine, but they will not be respected in society because of this appearance.

Gold Patek Philippe

what watch does ray donovan wear

The dial of a watch is its inner structure. The case is the outer structure. The case is the case that you touch, feel, and see. Thus, the term caseWATCH!

Case watches are usually more expensive due to the more elaborate cases and designs. This is because you would want to have this watch in your collection for a long time!

The material used to make the case of a watch is called its case material. Case materials can be hard or soft. Some examples of hardcase materials are ceramic and plastic. Examples of softcase materials are rubber and textile.

When it comes to fashion, there are times when someone wears hardcase materials with times when they wear softcase material.

Rose gold Ralph Lauren

what watch does ray donovan wear

A classic white, black, or gray Ralph Lauren watch is what length your hands is. He will typically wear a 6-8 wrist size, so get him a size larger to ensure he has room to maneuver.

The material of the watch is very important too. These are sold in stainless steel or gold, not plastic. If he does not have a luxury brand watch, get him a cheap one that can be upgraded as his wishes change.

Since this piece is expensive, get him a long time guarantee instead of just an affordable one. Having a company that will repair or replace his watch if it breaks would help keep it secure and valuable.

Stainless-steel Tag Heuer

what watch does ray donovan wear

Tag Heuer has been making watches for almost a century. That is how close to the specifications of a watch Tag Heuer uses is through technology.

As a result, their watches are known for their quality steel and design. They also use some pretty high-end models which is why they are so expensive.

So, when Ray Donovan cast a watch, he chose stainless steel. This was important to the show as it showed God in his watchmanship.

God used Tag Heuer in the series as well. One character wore an orange Hamilton Contour that was linked to his black Vacheron Constantin Superoova DragonFly.

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