What To Wear To Float The River

Float the river is a recreational water sport where you get to ride a raft through watery fun filled experiences. It is similar to kayaking, but without the safety net of water, you have to try it for yourself!

Float the river is a great way to enjoy the outdoors with your friends. You can find float the rivers near every town and state, making it a very popular recreational water sport.

There are two main ways to float the river: white-water and flat-water. Both have their benefits, so there is no wrong way to float the river!

White-water rafting typically takes more preparation than flat-water rafting, which typically requires less than both white- and flat-water rafting.

Pack a light jacket

what to wear to float the river

When you are going on a very short float, it is important to pack a lightweight jacket. These can be purchased at most rental stores or marine supply shops.

They do very well against the water temperatures, being near warm weather standards. A float coat will also help keep you warm!

The water temperature averages around 88–90°F ( local vendors estimate same for selling such wares ) so a little bit of thermal shirt or sweatshirt is helpful. Both are easy to throw on and off in an instant should something happen which requires it.

Bring a hat

what to wear to float the river

While fashion is a medium for expressing yourself, it is also a way to express yourself. With the proliferation of fashion and street styles moving at a fast pace, you will have the opportunity to do this!

Volume is important when wearing float the river clothing. A hat can help bring some extra flair to your look. A veil or bonnet can also be added!

A jacket is an easy way to add volume to your dress wardrobe. Try a long, wide jacket that has been stitched together in order to add more volume. Or a tight-fitting jacket that blocks out heat and cold may be the right choice for you.

Bring swim gear

what to wear to float the river

This is the most important thing to bring to a float. While the water temperatures are low, the river can be very cold! Most people wear sweats and a tank top underneath their swim gear.

Many people do not have heavy armor like leggings or a chest piece. Since these items are helpful in preventing injury, having only a tank top and some lightweight underwear is sufficient.

The temperature of the water can be an indicator of how warm your body feels. People who are more comfortable in warmer temperatures may feel comfortable wearing shorter clothing so they can fully enjoy the scenery and Float the River experience.

As with any event that requires safety, you should bring along some sturdy footwear and proper foot protection to keep yourself from cutting feet off of the ground.

Pack towels

what to wear to float the river

This is one of the most overlooked ways to be prepared for a emergency. Pack a nice towel somewhere in your house- maybe in a high risk area like your bathroom or shower area.

If you happen to be trapped outside in the cold and snow, keeping a comfortable, dry towel nearby can help you re-hydrate quickly. Or if you get stuck or injured, having a warm, dry towel can help save your dignity.

In an emergency, you can use the towel to cover up or prevent self-administration of medications or food intake. You also have another use for the towel: when it gets wet, you can hung it up to dry using your own roof rack system or something similar.

Hanging a soft enough cloth up will show how hot and wet you are; people may notice and help avoid giving you aid due to that alone. Having two good sized towels is also helpful as one can be used for washing face and hands and one to cover up wounds.

Make sure your phone is waterproof

what to wear to float the river

If you are planning on taking a trip to the river, it is important to know how to wear what to float the river. If you do not know how to wear your water gear, you may be stuck underwater!

Water safety is a large part of fashion design. You can start by finding a local event or fashion show where people dress in fancy water gear. Once that is established, move onto more casual events where people just wear regular clothes.

For instance, if someone were to dress in a flotation device and a heavy winter coat, they would just put those on beneath their own clothing. Moving towards warmer months where people tend to dress in more casual clothing, just have them put on some waterproof shirt and pants or jacket and footwear.

Moving towards spring and summer fashion seasons, try mixing some form-fitting clothing with water-friendly materials.

Include snacks

what to wear to float the river

If you are going for a longer period of time in the river, you should keep snacks and drinks on you. This helps you stay hydrated and keeps you focused on continuing to cool off or moving forward in your experience.

In addition to this, it helps to visit riverside shops to purchase additional supplies. You can also find food and drink options at riverfront restaurants and cafes, making it an enjoyable experience both physically and mentally.

Many people enjoy visiting the riverside shops while others don’t feel comfortable being naked in front of other people.

Plan activities beforehand

what to wear to float the river

Most importantly, know what activities are nearby and in which rivers and streams they take place. These include camping, hiking, fishing, and other recreational activities.

For example, there is a rafting company called Cascade Rafting that offers multiple river floats throughout the year in Seattle’s Columbia River. Each float is an hour long and includes a briefing on rivers and stream characteristics, safety tips, and how to get ready in case of rain or snow.

Of the three floaters I’ve done with Cascade Rafting, two were good quality water experiences with some nice scenery but no true immersion experience. The third was a little disappointing because it was just some water where you put your shoes down!

The reason these second-rate floats matter is because of people who are very familiar with the area but may not have had time to go to one of the better ones.

Know the location of the river/stream

what to wear to float the river

There are a few key locations where rivers, streams, and rivers intersect. These are: parks and communities, colleges and universities, and medical centers. Each of these has a unique location that matches its functions as a space for enjoyment and/or learning.

Many of these spots are named for the waterway or water feature that meets the land surface. These are popular places to explore, so be prepared to get crowded!

If you know the location of the river or stream that meets your land, you can plan some fun water-based activities like swimming or playing in a water park. You can also visit historic sites or places with high quality education and entertainment.