What To Wear To Dollywood

Dolly Parton, or just Dolly to the rest of us, is an iconic figure. She is known for her bright red hat, long black coat, and high-heeled shoes.

She originated in the movies, she was always wearing a leather jacket and boots. Since then she has been known for her colorful coats and hats!

What Is Dolly Parton?ochondrienese Looking Figure

Dolly is an average-looking woman at only around 100 pounds. She has very few fat deposits, which are mostly on her upper body. Her love of clothes is why she creates such a famous appearance with her clothes.

Her fame comes from her ability to transform into many different people. She can be a sweet old lady walking through the woods with your family, she can be a crazy roller-derbymerchantwoman, and she can be an adorable little girl running around with her friends.


Winter coats

what to wear to dollywood

If you are going to Dolly Parton’s winter show at Dollywood each year, this is a good tip. Buy a few pairs of winter coats to have on hand for when the weather gets cold.

If you are not, you can still look nice. Dolly Parton has many great looking staff members, so even if you do not wear coats that often, they get lots of compliments.

You can layer your own clothes over those of the staff members to save some money. Luckily, Dolly Parton herself recommends not wearing tight-fitting tops or shirts because it may block out some of the sunlight and heat retention. Instead, choose loose-fitting clothing that allows room to layers on top of itself.

relic piece white long sleeve shirt is one good option that works well for this purpose.

Leather jackets

what to wear to dollywood

If you are going to Dollywood for the first time, it is important to know what leather jackets do or do not belong on you. These pieces can betimeout!

leather jackets are very expensive materials. They are typically made with either soft-focus leather or heavy-duty vinyl. These materials are also highly durable, allowing you more wear time on the rides and attractions you go to.

Both materials used in these jackets are fireproofing. As this does not mean it is safe to go outside, this is important to know and wear.

These materials also retain heat well, allowing you more time in the hot sun without overheating.

Fingerless gloves

what to wear to dollywood

When is the best time to wear fingerless gloves? The answer is never! Even though it may be warm outside, do not be unprepared! If you are planning on being outside in the winter, then get some! They will help you stay warm and protect your hands from the sun and cold.

If you are going to be outdoors in the summer months such as hot weather or a dry climate forecast, get some! Dolly Parton has sold over 100 million albums, so you know people are buying them.

Both of these reasons are about keeping your hands warm! Dolly Parton recommends keeping a hand warmer around 35 degrees Fahrenheit for around one hour before sleep.


what to wear to dollywood

A fashion staple? Booties! They are one of the most universally worn pieces of apparel. You can find them on anyone, nearly always in pairs.

If you’re looking to fanfare up your dourndoor, then a pair of ankle-high leather boots is a great way to do so. Or if you like more fun or unexpected silhouettes, a pair of suede oufit boots is nice and cute.

If you like tight-fitting shoes, a pair of high-heeledboots is nice and sultry. If you like comfort but also want some shape to your feet, a soft yet sturdy sole makes these shoes.

Big hair

what to wear to dollywood

Having a hard time finding big hair trends? Not when Dollywood is around! The park has introduced many new hairstyles, styles, and trends that are exclusive to Dollywood.

There are many ways to style your hair at Dolly- you choose! Pick one that fits your personality and looks good on you. Some recommendations include the crew cut, long tight curls, long loose waves, tight curls, and the low ponytail which is usually not longer than one meter (3 feet).

Buckets or boxes might be the way to go for getting your look out in public.

Striped pants

what to wear to dollywood

A must have item is the stripe pant. They make a bold statement and get you noticed! These pants are easy to find, they are right under the jacket on size, in the category of fashion trends.

Another must have item is a jacket. A leather jacket is very popular these days! If you can not find any of the above mentioned clothes or prices, no problem! There are many places that will let you rent them for you or sell them for you.

If you can not wear certain parts of your body or if you are really skinny, then go for a full-length coat to help hide your lack of thickness.

Neutral colors

what to wear to dollywood

There are many ways to wear neutral colors at Dolly-Doller. You can go for a soft or discreetly aviator looking eyeglasses, a shirt with multiple colors, teamed with another color pair for emphasis, or a classic white top and shoes.

Most of the time, shirts and dresses are the most popular fashion looks here. Most people stick with these looks for about a week before switching things up again.

In my experience, people usually go for the casual look with no pants or shorts; just like at other parks. However, if you are looking for some more exciting fashion choices, then check out the cutaway top or high-waist dress!

These looks are fun to try because they are different from the standard looks at Dolly-Doller.

Animal print shoes

what to wear to dollywood

Animal print shoes are a must at Dollywood! There are so many ways to wear them, and every person is sure to look nice!

The best way to get animal print shoes at Dollywood is through the Dolly Parton festival. There are specialty stores throughout the event site where you can purchase these shoes.

Some popular colorways include red, white, and gray, and some even feature Pokemon characters. Each one looks beautiful on your feet!

If you do not like these new shoes style but everyone else does, there is always another brand new look-a-simple-16-35. They are usually a little more dressy with these casual shoes.
Returning this year is the old fashion loafers. These look very normal but are designed for height. They are tight fitting so make sure you do not break them putting your foot in.

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