What To Do With Old Electric Motors

While electric motors are a reliable source of electricity for many projects, they can be tricky to work with. Some are harder to develop into than others.

For example, some motors require special plating or re-plating can be difficult and/or expensive. This can be done by an established company, or not!

Yet, other motors require little or no re-plating at all. This can be a relief for the user, as it eliminated the need to purchase new plating every year or two.

People that have old electric motors that need new use ones are twofold: developing them into an attractive motor mount and creating a custom motor.

Use as garden decor

what to do with old electric motors

You can either paint or powder coat old electric motors. These can be saved and enjoyed long after you finished with them.

Before any renovations or changes, it is important to determine if the motor is actually useful. Do not spend money on motors that will not work, because it would be a waste of money to get a no-function motor.

Theoretically, you could put them into use as garden decorations or wind up toys. Both of these could be great ways to use an old motor.

As previously stated, these motors must be painted or powder-coated before any remodeling or decorations are done. You can purchase special products that do both jobs quickly and easily.

Do not try to paint or powder-coat the motors while they are running as this would create dangerous sparks and damage. These would break down and disappear, making it no use.

Give away to friend or family member

what to do with old electric motors

Another good use for old electric motors is giving away or selling the motors. You can do this by offering a prize in a motor-contest or by selling the motor at a car show.

If you are really inspired, you can build yourself a robot! If you are more advanced, there are plenty of robot kits available that teach you how to make your own robot.

Either way, try to get the best quality motors possible so that they move well.

Put on display

what to do with old electric motors

Some people enjoy working with old motors. There is a certain satisfaction in handling an old machine and making it function again. You can also find yourself in the market for one, and being a fan of antique machinery, you would!

There are many ways to display an old motor. A motor can be put on display in a clock case, mounted on a stand, or hung from a ceiling hook.

Another way to show off an old motor is by making it into a wind-up toy. When you pull the cord, it makes the gears turn and make the sound of wind coming through the mouth.

Yet another way to display an old motor is by making it into an electrical appliance.

Research current uses for your motor

what to do with old electric motors

Many times, people find old electric motors that are perfect for some new use. Once they are in good condition, they can be used again.

You can make new motors, turning your ordinary battery into a quick and easy way to produce electricity. You can even look into creating markets for your motor, such as selling your surplus power to a battery pack maker that charges your smart device or machine.

Some people use old motors to make machinery or machines. If you have an old machine that is not useful, it may be worth refurbishing and using. You can create something beautiful with some minor repairs!

Old motors are a great source of power. If you do not have any use for an old motor, it is time to turn it into something new! Old batteries can be re-used so taking full advantage of them is worth looking into.

Sell to someone who will use it

what to do with old electric motors

This is the most recommended solution of all four. If you can sell or give away your motors, then there is a great chance someone will use it and enjoy it.

If you can’t, then it is time to start looking for another hobby! Motors are beautiful to look at and can be fun to build. If you have some good motors, you could sell them on the internet or at a trade show.

If you have no other projects on hand, they can be eBay or Amazon shipped. Maybe You Can Find Some Other People Who Are Looking For The Same Thing As You!

Bullet pointetted ended here! If you still have questions, find out if your motors are induction or magnetism based and if they are direct or indirect contact, read on.

Donate to a museum

what to do with old electric motors

If you are able to do so, give old motors a good home. Most museums have a collection dearth, and are happy to share them with the world.

If not, you can try selling them or trading them for new electric motors. If you are comfortable with this task, try your best to provide quality products that work!

Selling or trading old motors is a great way to get some money back and is pretty easy to do. Just be careful and be sure that the buyer is reliable. Check out his or her reviews to see if they have shown up with the motor or not.

If the buyer does not show up with the motor, then they can easily donate it to a museum dearth, thus helping out many people in the future.

Sell to a junkyard

what to do with old electric motors

The most popular thing to do with old electric motors is to sell or donate them to a motor collection center. These centers look like a factory where they acquire old motors for recycling.

If you are able to get your motor into the hands of a machine, it can make it work off of electricity. If you can find a re-seller, it could make a nice profit as it is sold under new and improved brand names.

Another option is to use what you have well-enough and well-into the next generation! This may be more relevant for smaller motors, since you would not need such powerful ones to move an object. You would only need ones that are relatively quiet, light, and sturdy.

Hang it as art

Some people find old electric motors very inspirational. They use them to create art

to preserve memory or inspiration.