What Time To Light Passover Candles

Passover is the Jewish holiday that commemorates the 40-day journey of the faithful close to the time of Jesus Christ, when he was born.

Like Christmas, Passover is a long-term celebration. You do not see candles going out at night and celebrating the freedom to eat and sleep in relative comfort.

The night before the Jewish New Year, Passover candles are lit until they burn down and are then stored away until next year’s celebration. This ensures they are ready to light on New Year’s Day!

Unfortunately, many people do not have access to candles on New Year’s Day. If you are looking for an easy way to start 2019 with a nice candle lite ceremony, then you should consider using Passover candles!

This article will go over how to light your passover candle, what time it is in America, and why it is important to do so.


Early evening

what time to light passover candles

During the day, passover candles can be either regular or traditional. We suggest traditional because some of your friends might forget the Jewish holiday when it is time to light it.

Traditional passover candles have a longer wick that requires more time to burn. The traditional passover candle has a longer wick that requires more time to burn. The traditional method is to place one end in a pre-determined spot and let the other end burn down until only the silk white end remains.

This takes several hours, so make sure to keep track of the clock! After this ends, you may light another batch of same type of candle to continue celebrating Passover.

Standard size passover candles have an average length of about 20 inches and are typically standard in width.

Darkness falls

what time to light passover candles

Passover begins when the sun goes down. The night sky is beautiful, and if you look up, you may be amazed at how dark it can be.

If you want to light a passover candle, you must do so before midnight. This is because the moon must rise before the sun sets and lights the candles.

You can purchase some that begin burning after midnight, but those will not taste very good! You want your candle to have a rich and strong scent, so make sure it is freshness-proofed.

Many people use Leviathan S13S1S1 Passover Candles. They are usually about four inches in length, have a diameter of two inches, and have a soft glow that starts burning after midnight.

Seder starts

what time to light passover candles

When is the best time to light a passover candle? The answer to this question varies depending on what time it is in your clock.

In our world, daylight times are considered primetime. Don’t make this mistake and forget about curfew time too!

Lighter passover candles at night is a good way to remember the story of Passover. If you want to go more plain, that is okay too. Many opt for a single pass over night candle instead of multiple day and night candles.

If you like adding some color to your candles, there are several ways to do that. You can use red, orange, and yellow clove oil, or use warm spices such as cinnamon or cloves. All of these produce different flavors of scent in your home.

First candle lit

what time to light passover candles

Before lighting the first passover candle, you should make sure the flame is strong enough to burn through all three layers of wick. If there are any white patches, then it is time to add more candles.

There are three main ways to create your passover candle. You can use a normal wick and burn for an hour, or you can use three-dimensional wicks that expand and collapse as the candle burns. These happen is when the wax melts and becomes liquid.

Then, when it gets cold, they melt quickly! You can also use clear glass or solid containers for your passover candles. Lastly, you can use plant pottery or other shapes to create your passover candles.

Second candle lit

what time to light passover candles

After the first night of the 10 days, your family can optionally have a second light candle. This time, you let the candle burn down to a stub and then you light a new one!

This is a wonderful way to continue welcoming the Jewish community into your home. By having another candle, you can have more lights or remember how many children you had!

You may want to keep an eye on the flame or fire to make sure it does not go out. You may need to use a lighter or spark plug remover to get this one open!

Having two candles helps connect your family even more to Judaism and their traditions. One night of darkness is enough in practice, but if you want to go further, then do it!

Doing this after dinner is recommended so that everyone can enjoy it. You can put some candles in a bowl or jar with some oil or food for sacrifice.

Third candle lit

what time to light passover candles

If the first two candles have burned down to a nub, then it is time to light the third candle. The third candle can be an addition to the celebration or can be the beginning of a new one!

Lighting three candles is therapeutic and symbolic of three days of repentance. On this day, the Israelites were immersed in water to symbolize their transgression at God’s firstborn.

Today’s passover candle can be used as an alternative immersion vessel or can be lit on its own, representing freedom from sin and rule-breaking. If you are not providing your child with a passover candelilla, you can use some wax from another candle to make a third one.

Try using soft wood such as pine for your passagetineven or soft foam for your third candle if there is no second or second day leftover.

Light all candles at once

what time to light passover candles

While the average passover candle lasts around 20 minutes, some people claim that the first light takes 20 minutes to create the effect of a slowly burning candle.

This is due to the fact that some people use a blow-up straw to suck up the wax. If you use one, then you must also blow out the straw after each sip.

The second light takes about 10 seconds and you are done! This may seem complicated at first, but it gets easier as you do it more. After reading this article, if you have your own Passover candle ready, try lighting him or her for next week!

Many recipes call for boiling water and touching your finger and then putting an edge-to-end burn down; this same process is called layering.

Ask for forgiveness

what time to light passover candles

After the first hour of the night of darkness, you should ask God’s forgiveness for all your sins. You should then light a few passes of the candle to reflect your faith in him.

After this time of asking for his forgiveness, you should then begin to light up your candles. You should do this in a clockwise direction and slow manner to ensure it goes down smoothly.

You may also taste your candles to see if there is anything sweet or flavored that you would like to add into them. If so, you may add some added sugar or milk to make them more personalized and taste better.

Ask a family member or close friend to come and light your candles for you as well as pour some oil on top of them to ensure they last until the next night of darkness.

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