What Size Fireplace Grate Do I Need

looking for a new tip or trick for fire place heating? then this article is for you. this article will explain the different sizes of fire place grate and what each one does.

as previously stated, wood burns extremely well, so having a few inches of fire place grate is beneficial. The deeper the grate, the more wood needs to be mulched into it to heat the space.

Also as previous mentioned, thick fire place grates are needed to combat hot air escaping while burning wood. This prevents hot spots and cool flames, which are not desirable when trying to chill a movie or live broadcast.

Another important part of finding the right size grate is choosing how deep it is. Using a ruler and being aware of what length your hand is on, measure your hand about half way down the length of the grate.

Consider other uses for your fireplace

A large grate is not the only size fireplace you can have! There are two main reasons someone may choose not to upgrade to a larger fire place. One is if they do not have one already, then this is the new way to do it! The other reason is that people who use gas fireplaces sometimes can still enjoy a wood fire.

A wood fire provides slow, steady heat. As the logs burn, they can take up some time in the fire box. If you liked burning wood with your old fireplace, you may like this new feature.

But some people prefer electricity-based heating systems. You can pick any brand of bed and breakfast standards, but one quality rule of thumb is that you do not need an electric blanket unless there are heavy winter storms where you are that require heating outside.

Check the grate size on your fireplaice

what size fireplace grate do i need

While fireplaces are typically sized in relation to the size of heat source wanted, that does not mean that all fireplaces are required to have a grate. Most wood fires feature a low grate and a higher one to let burning wood go down and up in the fire.

A normal size grate will be between 16 and 24 inches wide, depending on which type of fireplace. This is a good size to start with as your first piece of furnishing. You can then add more upon if you like the look and feel.

Generally, lighter coloured or softer woods are better on the grill than darker ones as they can burn darker.

Buy a metal ruler

what size fireplace grate do i need

If you are trying to heat a large room, then a larger grate will help you get more smoke and heat circulation. A metal grate will help keep heat and smoke in the room.

A brick or stone wall will also help create more space, so buy those!

Basic sizes are all right size fireplaces have 6-12 inches of fire surface, and a thickness of 1/4 to ΒΌ of an inch. Very little thickness would not hold up well against the heat from the stove.

If you have a very large house or very big fires, then something bigger may be needed. If you have a small house with only one child who gets into things, then a basic size could work for you.

Measure twice, cut once

what size fireplace grate do i need

Before you start cutting firewood, it is important to know how much wood you need for your fireplace. This information can be tracked using the wood gauge formula.

On average, you will need about 2 inches of firewood for every 1 square foot in your fireplace. This includes all size chips and pieces as well as spaces between them.

Some furnaces require more than 2 inches of wood per 1 square foot; others only require a half inch of wood per 1 square foot. Even though we suggest more if you have more, the best rule is to always save the shortest amount of wood needed for any given fire place.

Having enough firewood will also help reduce the chance of overheating in your fireplace and/or breakage due to overrefinement.Too much firewood will lead to wasted fuel and/or overheated ashes which can lead to smoke production that does not last or does not burn as well.

Know what types of wood work best in your fireplace

what size fireplace grate do i need

There are a few main types of wood that can be used in the construction of your fire place.

Use sustainable wood sources

what size fireplace grate do i need

Using sustainable wood sources like timber or trees that have been logged, the community that cuts down those trees, is part of a sustainable practice. These sources should be managed in a responsible manner to ensure they remain valuable resources.

Many times, forest management companies use firewood supplies as fund-raising efforts and advertisements. If you do not allow for these donations to count as tax-exempt funds, then you are taking away an important source of funding for firewood supplies.

If you buy your wood from a company that provides you with lumber deliveries, then there are still some things to take into account. The company must know what type of lumber they are using, and they must deliver the required amount of wood according to your needs.

If you have to purchase your wood locally, again, it would be wise to know where it came from and how it was managed.

Avoid damage from too much heat

what size fireplace grate do i need

A fireplace grate is a large, flat piece of metal that is laid on the fireplace and tilted toward the heat. This allows some of the flames to reach the earth, which in turn, helps to create more smoke and flames.

Grates are sized by their width and thickness, respectively. Widths range from 2 to 12 inches and thicknesses range from 1 inch to 4 inches. Most grates are 2 x 2 x 1/2 inches, making them fairly easy to install.

Some grates are made of cast iron or stone instead of metal, making them heavier than normal. These types of grates must be checked for weight before attempting to mount onto a fireplace-mounted pipe or vent. Either way, nothing should be able to tip the grate away from the heat source!

When installing a new grate, check if it fits your fireplace well by sliding it in and out.

Change out grates when switching seasons or fuels

what size fireplace grate do i need

Changing out the firewood is an important part of keeping the home warm during the winter and summer season. If you do not have a grate to start with, or are not familiar with how to change out grates when switching fuels or seasons, then do not worry.

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