What Plug Adapter Do I Need For Greece

When voltmeters are required for health and safety, the correct adapter is the plug for an extension socket. When it is important to have a mask or flamaide needed, the correct adapter is the supplied airbag!

Plug adapters are important when using larger worldwide voltage systems such as in Greece. Most European voltage systems use a 120-volt system with a USA/UK/ euro system with a 220-volt system.

When using an updated electrical socket, the manufacturer must provide an appropriate plug for that system. Unfortunately, those plugs do not fit into old outlets, so some wiring and infrastructure must be upgraded to accommodate them.

However, you might need a converter

what plug adapter do i need for greece

If your plug adapter is of a different standard, for example, if it is European, then you need a converter.

Most countries have a voltage and/or frequency that is required for electricity to flow. In Greece, this is 220V & 50Hz.

Since most people use 110V & 60Hz in Europe, most plugs have an impenetrable white circled area that indicates the connection point for the power. This is called the halo effect and why it looks white regardless of whether it is installed as a Roman or Greek style plug.

The exception to this are outdoor equipment equipment that require high powered sources such as car audio equipment or solar panels that require very little power to operate.

Know the voltage of your device

what plug adapter do i need for greece

When you are traveling abroad, you should know the voltage of your device. Most people in the U.S. have a European standard plug which is 110 volts, and a American standard plug which is 120 volts.

When you travel internationally, you will usually be provided with a “Universal” style plug that is 110/120 v with grounded center pin and Testament-style wands for power.

Most homes in the United States use 120 v, so having an American standard plug is useful. Additionally, many places do not recognize the different voltage standards used in Europe, so knowing what level of authority a plug matches is important.

Look for the “UE” symbol on the adapter or plug

what plug adapter do i need for greece

If you live in the United States, you must have a compatible “UE” plug adapter. If you live in another country, you will need a “DA” or “PL” plug adapter.

Both types of plugs are called universals in Greece, so look for the “U” or “PL” symbol on the back of the plug.

If you do not see either of these symbols, then you still need a plug adapter. Most hardware stores and electrical companies offer them as part of their basic supplies.

The Greece power outlet is Type D and F

what plug adapter do i need for greece

When visiting Greece, you will need to take an outlet adapter with you. The Greek government requires that all new homes have an electrical outlet, typically located on the night table or desk next to the bed.

Greece is technically a kai-type power system, which relies on a separate 120-volt circuit for power. This 120-volt circuit uses three different transformers to create its voltage.

This is why there are three types of plugs in Greece: American (Type A), European (Type B), and Koski (Type C). The Type B and Type C are combined into one in Greece, making it very hard to know which plug you are using with your appliance or device.

To prevent confusion during installation, most installers use the letters GEE to designate their nation of origin for the plug.

Converters are available at airport stores

what plug adapter do i need for greece

Most metro stations have a counter where they sell converters and accessories.

Greece does not have Euro as its currency standard, so most foreign currencies are used.

This is why there are so many money changers in Greece, they get paid in both EUR and Greek NDXXN Alexandres/O-NI-LI-AN-PEN-KIN-DREX-SEPTEMBAR-NOVEMBER-vENTURE nomenonnouns. They can translate foreign currencies into Greek currency but not the other way around.

If you need to convert money, check the banks policies before you go to make sure you do not need a cut off date or some kind of exemption. Many of them do not allow that!

Bobbleheads are also common and usually represent someone important to the visitor such as the Queen or President.

Use an online converter calculator

what plug adapter do i need for greece

When it comes to finding the right plug adapter for your country or region, there are a few things to consider.

Most countries have a different length of power cord needed for electrical appliances. This is the standard-length power cord that comes with many new products, such as computers or monitors.

This standard-length power cord is called a AETAB (Alithium Topical Eutectic Adapter Cable) and is classified as ANPR (Alithium Negative Conduit).

Both types of plug adapters are used in Europe and North America, so it is important that you have an ANPR when visiting Greece.

The table below provides information on specific plugs and adapters needed for Europe and North America.

Consider buying a travel adapter kit

what plug adapter do i need for greece

When you’re traveling abroad and need to charge a device or battery, having a kit of replacement parts can be a valuable resource.

Many new devices cannot be charged with Greek outlets, and international voltage standards require different charging standards. So buying a kit that includes both an American standard wall adapter and a foreign power strip is a good investment.

Then, you can easily take advantage of the local charging methods such asusing the included yes-and-a-power-supply-adaptorchantedeeply into your computer or cell phone.

Similarly, buying a travel adapter that has the right number of countries on one end and none at all on the other is helpful to note when planning trips.

These types of kits are usually sold in box sets, so it is not necessary to buy each one separately.

Keep in mind that some places have limited seating outlets

When you’re traveling abroad, you must have a working electricity socket. Although some places do not have electricity sockets, they do have plug adapter units.

If you are traveling to Greece, get a Greece plug adapter unit (GPA). These are very common in the United States and are often sold at electrical outlets as part of the packaging.

A GPAs ability to fit into an existing outlet is invaluable when staying at a shared house or in a slum conditions environment where there is no electricity or limited power sources.

If you have to travel with only an electrical cord instead of an adapter, make sure it is a sturdy one that can still fit into an outlet.

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