What Pillows Does Holiday Inn Express Use

Holiday inn express is an upscale hotel located in the heart of New York City. It was founded in 1971 and has gone through many changes over the years.

Today, it is a luxury hotel with a large collection of rooms designed in different styles. Some are vintage, some are sleek, and some are traditional. You can have a classic room with a big bed and little window if you want!

This is what gives this hotel such character, as there are many different rooms that mean something to someone. For example, one room might be dedicated to children and holiday preparations, so you will receive a gift or two in your room.

There are many things that go into being an owner at an upscale hotel like this one. So, we get questions about what furniture we have, how much we charge for services and upgrades, and how we prepare for Christmas every year.

Down-Alternative pillows

what pillows does holiday inn express use

These pillows are made from a material called foams. Foams can be compressed, air- or water-filled, and then printed to match the shape of a pillow.

When foam is printed, it cannot be reversed. It must be laid on in the way that it is wanted!

Bulking agents are often used in the production of foams, so they know how to create the right pressure and volume in the pillow. Sometimes these agents are dyes or chemicals that are added to make the pillow look more appealing or use more frequently.

Because these additives must be used when foam is being bulked, some of them may not always match perfectly with your existing pillows.

Down pillows

what pillows does holiday inn express use

As the name suggests, down pillows are made from a lot of feathers. These pillows are often filled with down from the top and bottom.

Because these pillows are filled with so much down, it takes more time to break them up into small packages and send them to customers. This is why some Holiday Inn Express locations offer double or even triple dose pillows compared to just one or two of the standard kinds.

This is also why some places charge more for a double or triple dose pillow than just one regular size. Because there is more material needing paid for, they increase the cost by more money.

Since there is usually more than one per person that needs a double or triple dose pillow, then each person gets what they need. This allows people to get their dose of therapeutic down but does not take away revenue because of it.

Polyester pillows

what pillows does holiday inn express use

There is a reason that some high-end hotel pillows are made of polyester. It can cause unnecessary pressure on the user’s neck and back, making it harder for them to sleep.

Polyester is one of the oldest types of fabric. It was especially popular in the late 19th and early 20th centuries, when it was expensive and available in many weights and textures.

These days, synthetics are mostly used in cheap furniture covers and floor pads, because they don’t last long under repeated use. Even then, your luck will have to change eventually, because vinyls can’t be cleaned.

Silk pillows

what pillows does holiday inn express use

A silk pillow is a bold choice if you are looking for something flashier. Silk is an expensive material compared to others. Thus, this gift item is not for everyone.

Silk is a heavy material which can take some time to smooth yourself into. You will need some time to let the pillow sit on your body before you feel relaxed. Also, because it is silk, this gift item is not suitable for every person. People who are interested in the art of sleeping must have this pillow!

Many brands use just three words to describe their product: soft, comfortable, and luxe. When looking for gifts for people, these words may come into play. People with sensitive sleep cycles may prefer a hard pillows or ones that retain heat during the night.

Feather pillows

what pillows does holiday inn express use

This is one of the more unusual choices you can make as a consumer. You may think that looking like a feather pillowing is fun or cute, but it is not for everyone.

Feathers are great for sleeping as they are thinner and lighter than other materials used. They also represent good health in the mind of most people.

However, they do not hold their shape well and feathers will break down over time, losing any therapeutic value. If you prefer a softer pillow that does not retain its shape as the day goes on, then this is the option for you.

Another difference between this pillow and others is that it is lined. This prevents any leaking or loss of pressure when sleeping on something hard enough to hold its shape.

Bed sheet thread count matter?

what pillows does holiday inn express use

As the name suggests, a bed sheet with a higher thread count means it contains more material. Higher thread count material costs more to make and purchase.

Thread count is the measurement of how many times an inch of fabric measures an inch of fabric. A higher thread count indicates more layers of fabric in the product, making it appear richer.

Threads per inch (TPI) is the next measurement taken into account when choosing a bed sheet. A lower number of threads per inch means the material is thinner and/or lighter in color.

Using a higher quality bed sheet will cost less due to having to purchase more cartons of gas to transport them home! By staying with the same length as your body, you are still getting your desired effect!

To pickup a high quality bed sheet, look for ones that are at least 40 threads per inch (40 FT PI).

How to keep pillow cases from slipping off?

what pillows does holiday inn express use

When you purchase a new pillow, it usually comes with a case. You can try using the case if it does not help keep the pillowcase from slipping off your pillow, but it is better to avoid if they help.

To keep the case from breaking, people recommend putting something heavy, like a textbook, in the case. The textbook would help maintain pressure on the pillow and prevent the case from coming off.

Another way to keep the cases on your pillows is to line them up and place a small book or journal between them.

What is the standard size of a pillow?

what pillows does holiday inn express use

If you’re looking for a new pillow, then the first thing you should do is determine what size your body is. If you are a smaller-sized person, then you should use a less-large pillow to fit into the mattress. If you are a larger-sized person, then get a smaller sized pillow to ensure comfort.

There are several reasons why a standard size mattress does not have any small or large pillows listed. Instead, they choose one size of pillow and purchase enough of them to cover all mattresses. This way, people can find one that fits well and is comfortable without having to buy very many pillows.

Standard size pillows can be cost effective as they are usually less expensive than those with larger or smaller sizes.