What Kind Of Glue To Use On Pool Table Felt

Glue is one of the most ubiquitous substances in life, both past and present. Glue is used to stick everything together, to cover a gap, to seal a hole, and even to write with!

Like so many things, the first kind you use doesn’t matter for the rest. You can use plain glue or liquid glue or tacky glue or clear glue or white glue. The only difference between them is the consistency.

Some liquid glues are recommended as different kinds of glue are different in price. Some tacky glues may not be necessary as some games do not require them, though. Some clear liquids may seem unnecessary but it can make a difference in what you see when playing that game with your players.

This article will talk about some different kinds of glue and how they are used on felt tables.


Animal fat

what kind of glue to use on pool table felt

A surprising and delightful way to use animal fat is on the table felt. Not only can you mix and match felt with table tops, you can also use it as background texture.

Many pool tables are made with a heavy-duty petroleum oil-based glue. These are very strong-yet-gluey substances that hold the pieces together.

To change up the look, you can buy some glitter glue or paint chips to add some details!

Using animal fat as the glue means that you have to be very careful when gluing things together. Because it is strong, always use an ample amount of fat on each piece before applying the glue.

Rubberized pool table glue

what kind of glue to use on pool table felt

Though it may seem odd, rubberized glue can be a little scary. If you are not careful, it can create dangerous cuts and burns.

It is very hard, which is why it should not be used on delicate areas like your table top. It will hold if it is handled well!

The downside to rubberized glue is that you have to handle it well. If you pull too hard or apply too much force, it will not stick or break down. It must be applied with a soft, nonabrasive glove and then held in place and worked into place.

This kind of glue should only be used by experienced glues as they can cause accidents if not handled properly.


what kind of glue to use on pool table felt

Epoxy glue is a very low maintenance glue. It can be applied with a brush or a glue gun, and worked into the felt using an epoxy powder.

It sets fast and is almost invisible until the felt is attached. As with all craft supplies, it should be kept away from smoke and heat to ensure it does not melt.

Epoxy glue can sometimes stick to water which is why pool table felt needs to be dry before applying it. If the pool table felt looks like it may have leaked, that may be the cause.

A wet feel will cause the pool table might break when someone hits a ball on it, causing some damage if it was an expensive one.

Waterproof paper glue

what kind of glue to use on pool table felt

When it comes to glueing felt onto a pool table, you have two main types of glue: waterbased and waterproof. Both are great for glueing felt onto a surface, though waterbased glue is usually more desirable.

When it comes to availability, waterproof glue is usually more common as most tabletop gamers these days use it to put labels on drinks or merchandise at events. The downside to the liquid glue is that it needs to be air dried before use.

Some gamers prefer the easiness of liquid glue whereas others do not feel that strong adhesive needs to be maintained with liquid. Either way, both are needed for this project!

You will need both kinds of glue for this project, so pick which one you need for your table.


what kind of glue to use on pool table felt

A third kind of glue is called polyurethane glue. This is a very soft, flexible glue.

Unlike some other kinds of glues, which can be tough to work with, polyurethane glue does not break down easily. It must be glued and glued well. If it is, it will last for many games!

Some brands do not have the letters UV added to the name so they are not sure which glue you need. If you need less of something or want it stronger, just change the amount of liquid that is required!

This glue can be applied using either a tape and glue method or a spray-on method.


what kind of glue to use on pool table felt

Another option is to use wax. Many people find that the right amount of pressure and time to remove the wax is what makes the glue stick hold.

Some people find that starting with a short piece of felt and working up to a full sheet works best for them. Once you have your felt, try waxing it to see if you like the texture.

You can also try using soft or standard grade Wax, but you may need to use more due to its heaviness. Standard grade wax usually takes about an hour or so to dry, and solidified a little bit in the tank. The softness may take longer to get throughly dry because of this.

The last alternative is clear glue. You can try using just regular glue, but some people feel that the clarity of the glue helps hold the felt in place better than others do.

Synthetic glues

what kind of glue to use on pool table felt

When looking at glue products, there are several main categories: natural, synthetic, and nontransparent. These categories can make it difficult to know what kind of glue you should use on your felt tables.

Natural glues are typically made from animal skins or vegetable sources. Most natural glues contain some form of glue powder or liquid. The amount of glue needed depends on the size of the piece being glued and how strong the glue is.

Some examples of natural glues are licorice, which is an ingredient in sugar Ravens & Raspberries uses for its felt table surface coating, aloe vera gel, which is found in some baby wipes, and grain alcohols, which are traditional remedies for house hold projects.

Synthetic glues are typically made from a compound that does not react with the surrounding environment. This makes them nontransparent like natural glues, but does not require special packaging to use.

Animal-based glues

Glue is one of the most fundamental materials in the estimation of DIY projects. What kind of glue to use, how to use it and when to take it off are some basic glue usage tips.

There are four main types of animal glue: water-based, baking soda based, oil based, and antigenic proteins. Baking soda based glue is typically safe to use on wood, but may not be suitable for felt. Oil-based glue may be either liquid or paste-like, depending upon the type.

Many people use glue on crafts such as baking or Santa Claus crafts. The usual problem people have trying to get enough glue on their project is the amount of glue needed to fall off the felt after a few games.

Another tip is to use less than you think you need for an initial game, and then take it off! You will probably have more games with this tip in mind.

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