What Jobs Can You Get With A Studio Art Degree

Foundation art degrees include a fine art degree and a studio art degree. A foundation art degree is most commonly a high school course in arts or media, followed by a general arts or media education course.

Most of these degrees are past tense, as today there is not an established career path for an artistic degree. However, there are still plenty of jobs related to art, so this job market item is still valuable.

The difference between the two degrees is in what they offer and how they can be applied. The main difference is that the basic media skills will not be enough to get started in the business world, while the rest of the degree can be applied in different ways.

This article will talk about some basic tips for how to use the rest of your career to apply what you learned in the first two years of your degree.

Marketing and advertising

what jobs can you get with a studio art degree

A popular career option for non-artists is marketing and advertising. hypertone business school has a special study course titled advertising and marketing which provides step-by-step instructions for creating an advertising or marketing account.

Your art degree can also be useful in this way, as you can create beautiful advertisements or market your art projects.

In the fast moving world of business, having a job that you enjoy is key. If you do not enjoy your job, you should consider whether it is the right fit for you.

The art degree can also be a great fit for people who want to get into the business world but do not want to spend years building their resumes in order to participate in the corporate world.

Curatorial work

what jobs can you get with a studio art degree

Recent developments for the self-made millionaire are the new jobs that can be had with a studio art degree. Self-made millionaires like you can make great leaders, executives, and citizens with your own business!

The newly created positions include CEO, CEO of a company, and chief artist at companies. These positions have high paid wages and are highly respected positions on the corporate ladder.

As an artist, you can find internships or work-for-free projects to create your portfolio as an artist. You can also go to art school if you do not want to start your career as a businessman or chief artist of an artistic company.

The greatest benefit of being an entrepreneur is the money flow. Since you are in charge of production, sales, and finance for product, logistics for sales materials, etc., you get paid for what you do.


what jobs can you get with a studio art degree

A degree in studio art isn’t just for painting flowers anymore. Today, you can get a teacher’s certificate or a degree in studio art.

Whether you want to teach drawing or model making, the field of studio art offers many interesting jobs. Some of these jobs include being a teacher in an art school, working as an artist’s model maker at an artist’s gallery, and being an artists’ assistant at a magazine or newspaper.

The best way to find a job as an artist is through job-hunting and clubbing. However, if you have the talent, you should try your luck! There are many ways to make money as an artist, so do not worry about financial difficulties causing you to give up.


what jobs can you get with a studio art degree

A recent trend is fast-growing jobs that require a degree in little or no time at all. Venture capital firms, investment companies, and large-scale corporations have been rapidly expanding their client bases and offering positions to art students as part of their entry-level work.

These new jobs are a way for young people to make money and advance their careers. For example, the advertising world has recently seen a huge boom as new technology like digital and social media has made it easy to find work.

As more people have high-end jobs that require advanced degrees, there are more people with the ability to succeed in today’s market. The rate of college graduates in the United States has declined over the past decade!

Look for opportunities where you can add value and skill set that your predecessor did not.

Graphic design

what jobs can you get with a studio art degree

While studio art degrees aren’t hard to find, they are in high demand. As companies increasingly rely on digital and mobile apps, design skills are needed.

Apps like Snapchat, Instagram, and Facebook messenger are majorly used by people in today’s society, making design jobs necessary. With the right education, this degree can be tons of money- $30,000+ per degree!

The graphic design profession is not for the faint of heart. People in this profession must have a strong sense of color theory and spatial reasoning to succeed. While some may not succeed in this field because of their lack of talent, others may find it hard to get into jobs because of this degree.

Commercial art painting

what jobs can you get with a studio art degree

Commercial art painting is probably the most common trade route to a studio art degree. Major corporations such as Coca-Cola, advertise job opportunities in commercial art painting.

Most corporate jobs are non-paid work, so you will need to learn some technical skills in order to succeed in this field. However, you will also need to be creative and able to think strategically in order to succeed as a commercial artist.

Creativity is an important quality for the commercial artist to have. If you are not creative, you will not find a way to market your work or create your brand around your art. A key part of marketing your work is on social media, which involves posting pictures, updates, and interviews.

In order to think strategically about how to market my commercial art it will take up valuable time that I do not have. Because of this, I recommend only going into this field if you are willing to spend some time learning how to market yourself.

Homes art decorating

what jobs can you get with a studio art degree

A growing field is homes and design. There are now many reputable design programs, and even some that focus on building off of your artistic abilities.

These fields include architecture, interior design, landscaping, and technology-based homes. Many of these careers have jobs or consultants that help you find a career path.

If you have a strong artistic ability, you can apply your skills to many things. You can be an architect, a decorator, an irrigation company guy or girl, a landscaper, an art director, etc.

The biggest benefit to the art decorating field is salary. The average salary for art decorators is about $45 per hour! That is $15 per hour more than the average employee earnings in the workplace!

There are many opportunities to work with your hands and create artwork at home.

Business portraits

what jobs can you get with a studio art degree

Business portraits are a medium that offer both professional and social exposure. Being photographed for a business purposes is an art form in itself!

With commercial photography, you can get paid images that represent you as a person. You can also gain publicity for your business or specific products or services.

The problem with commercial photography is that you have to be models of quality, photogenic look and feel. Nobody will take your photo if they do not look like they are comfortable in front of the camera.

If you have a non-model looking job or person you work with, then maybe corporate photography can be useful. They may need quick and reliable photos in order to make a decision about whether or not they want to hire you.