What Is The Difference Between Gillette Mach3 And Turbo

The new generation of razor systems is called turbo. They have slightly longer blades that stay in contact with the skin longer, making them more powerful.

They were created to give you a more precise and natural shave every time. It all comes down to how you use your razor.

With mach3s, you can use a softer or deeper surface shaver like me. You can also use a harder, less gentle surface shaver like my best friend the brickoulder. You can even find people who use both kinds of razors!

While both types of mach3s offer different experiences, they do have some differences in how they work. The main difference is in the price: mach3s are more expensive than turbo Razors.


Design difference

what is the difference between gillette mach3 and turbo

There are two main design differences between the two cartridges. The first is the cartridge case shape. Mach3 uses a round case, while Turbo uses a square case.

The second is what it does. Turbo contains an extra ingredient to increase razor glide, while Mach3 does not.

Mach3 is considered a precision razor, meant for highly groomed interiors and clothing. It is considered an advanced tool to use on very solid hair like carpeting or wool.

Turbo is considered a standard razor, meaning it can be used on any type of skin-type hair.

Price difference

what is the difference between gillette mach3 and turbo

While both products are very affordable, the Turbo is a newer addition to the Mach3 line. Turbo was released in late 2017 and Mach3 added it to the lineup in early 2018.

Turbo is a navigation system for men, which uses three sensors to calculate your personal details. It includes skin temperature to suggest a new product, skin moisture level to indicate whether you need another one and lastly, your personal scent to indicate who you are as a person.

It can be used as an alternative to showering or washing my hands after using the razor. However, it only works while i am awake and active. It tracks how often i use it and alerts me if i fall asleep or take it off.

I highly recommend this for those who typically over-clean their bodies or who struggle with remembering to always use a bedside alarm to get out of bed.

Packaging difference

what is the difference between gillette mach3 and turbo

While both blades are named Mach3, the packaging for Turbo is much more noticeable. It has a sleek, sophisticated look to it.

The box shows a close-up view of the razor head and some instructions. You can also see it in person if you reach for it frequently. It is also more expensive than Mach3.

Mach3 is a lower-end brand that typically costs less than Turbo. People who buy Mach3 may be looking for similar things to Turbo, but with less cost involved. Either way, they get better quality equipment at fast speed!

This is what makes shaving sharp and fast with a Turbolineca model 4141S turbo blade.

Blade difference

what is the difference between gillette mach3 and turbo

The main difference between the two blade technologies is the geometry. Turbo has a more rounded, more ergonomic shape, whereas Mach3 has a sharper edge.

Similar to how the trimmer and rotary razor brands have different shapes for their heads, Turbo and Mach3 have different shaped blades. Turbo is closer in size to a cartridge, while Mach3 is larger and resembles a Venus blade.

Another difference is what goes on top of it. Turbo breeches can be mounted on a case or packaging, making it easier to find and install. Mach3 does not have this feature, making it harder to locate.

Mach3 also costs more due to the cost of the installation tool. If you do not have this piece of equipment, then there are no differences between these two techs.

Shaver head difference

what is the difference between gillette mach3 and turbo

A shaver head is the basic unit of a manual or electric shaver. A manual shaver has the actual hands, feet, and head components move to take a shave, whereas an electric shaver requires you hold it against your face to charge it.

Mach3 vs. Turbo: What’s the Difference Between Shaving at Both Mach3 and Turbo Settings?

The difference between a shaving machine setting and a shaving mode is called a setting. A shaving mode has different settings for different things, like use as an oil diffuser, dry hair only, or only use the turbo setting.

Shaving at just the normal level or just the turbo level requires you to push the power button more than using one of the other settings.

Battery life difference

what is the difference between gillette mach3 and turbo

A major difference between the two products is the battery life that survives between charges. Turbo has a larger battery that lasts longer, making it more prevalent in the market.

Mach3 has a smaller battery that remains active for a shorter amount of time. This means that you will have to charge it more frequently compared to Turbo which requires no charge but occasionally loses power.

Both have solid displays and allow you to set various settings such as how long a blade last, how often you want them and whether or not you want them automatic. The only difference is which one you choose based on your personal needs.

This is not a significant issue for most people, however! Because of the differences in power, users must know what model they have if they need an extra power source or need to take advantage of the same feature with another product.

Wet and dry differences

what is the difference between gillette mach3 and turbo

While both products claim to give you a smooth, soft shave, the difference between them is subtle. Both use a rotating blade that moves against the hair and foam, but the Turbo version features more technology.

Turbo razor blades are slightly rounded rather than flat. This adds more space for hair to move as it is being shaven. The same amount of foam used with Mach3 razors is used with Turbo, just in a slightly smaller package.

The biggest different between the two is in the price. Mach3 razor for $2 and Turbo for $5 make it an affordable way to try a different style of razor.

Pros and cons

what is the difference between gillette mach3 and turbo

Mach3 is a full-function razor, meaning you can use it wet or dry. This is great for those who would like to learn how to use a razor but do not want to buy a new one each time.

Wet shaving has been the new shaving style lately. It has gained popularity due to its natural looking and self-baseable shave. Plus, it’s easy!

For men who do not find cartridge or disposable razors comfortable, having a full-function razor can be tricky at first. Luckily, there are many comparison sites and apps that help you get started with little effort.

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