What Is It Like To Live In Oviedo Fl

Are you ready? Because it’s time to tell you about Ocotea, the next community to check out. Ocotea is an exciting community to live in, because of its beautiful surroundings, and big tech companies like IBM and Dell are present.

Located in central Florida, Oviedo is a medium-sized city with a population of over 120,000. It is known for its colleges—there are four: University of Florida, Florida State University, the City College of Tampa and Seminole State College—as well as its famous UCF Knights football team.

On top of that, Oviedo is home to some big tech companies. There are two main employers in the area—IBM and Dell—and they call this community The Center. There are several businesses here that offer services for technology-based companies.


Lots of culture

what is it like to live in oviedo fl

When you live in an urban area like O-V-I-E-S, you’re always surrounded by culture. There are tons of festivals, events, and parties happening every week of the year.

There are also a ton of cultural differences between the people in your community that make things interesting to observe.

For example, at Halloween people dress in very strange clothes and/or perform strange rituals. Or during the Christmas season people gather together and enjoy some good quality time together with family and friends.

These kinds of events create a positive community building event that is easy to do quickly via public transportation. There are also a lot of artist studios and art galleries located in public spaces that are easy to access.

These areas not only have great cultural events, but they also make great places to get cultured on.

Many families

what is it like to live in oviedo fl

There are a lot of families in fl heir communities. This is due to the fact that fl hail places and schools are very important here.

This is due to the fact that if you do not have one at home, you have to go to the school and be involved in their activities. You have to live and die with them, because if you are not teaching or not participating in certain things, then they get rid of you.

So, parents spend a lot of time helping their children learn words, letters, arithmetic, physics, and other important concepts. It can be hard when your child does not understand what you are trying to communicate with words or math does not work out as expected.

But the most important part is being with your family. Being a family is how everyone gets together and knows how to teach their kids what they want them to know.

Excellent school systems

what is it like to live in oviedo fl

Central Oviedo boasts a comprehensive school system that caters to every need. Every neighborhood has a school, and many families choose their local schools based on that system.

There are two main public high schools in Central Oviedo, Central and Westview, and one private high school. All students must attend both of the public schools to meet graduation requirements.

The majority of students go to the same school for junior high and middle school, which is typically 8th through 12th grade. A few select independent schools provide specialized training for young adults.

Shopping centers

what is it like to live in oviedo fl

Oviedo is full of shopping centers and supermarkets. There are several large retailers in Oviedo, like Target, Home Depot, and Sorells. There are a few small neighborhood businesses, like grocery stores and hair stylists.

Bullet point #2: Nightlife and Entertainment

There are also several theater companies that show classic movies at night before they air on TV in the morning. This allows people who live downtown to see what you do early in the day without having to travel too far out of town.

Local businesses also offer entertainment events such as bar crawls or happy hour drinks at local bars during the week.

Convenient location

Oviedo is located near Gainesville, Florida and is only a short drive away. Most people live in the city because of its convenient location and price point.

You do not have to deal with high fees and difficult commute times to get to your job. You can also choose to live in Oviedo if you are not actively looking for a job but feel like you need to move because of the great economy and growing economy.

If you are planning on having children, then living in a city with high child development centers and schools is helpful. There are fewer failed pregnancies in cities where there are more preventative measures taken.

Also, there are more resources such as medical facilities, gyms, and alcoholics anonymous groups that meet in cities than there are in rural areas where there is little development over the years.

Relatively close to major cities

what is it like to live in oviedo fl

Oviedo is located at the very center of Florida, close to both a city and a county. It has a rich history, being home to several notable figures over the past century.

Today, Oviedo is an attractive small city with plenty to offer. It is served by major highways and features several attractions including a park, lake, historical sites, and museums.

Though it can be busy at times, living in an large city offers some unique benefits. For example, you get to meet more people and experience different cultures. You also have to deal with the constant demands on you.

You have to prepare yourself for unpredictable behavior which is thought to be more pronounced in large cities. When you move away from that environment, you can realize how impactful they were.

Affordable housing

what is it like to live in oviedo fl

There are a few options for affordable housing in Oviedo Fl where most people find suitable place to live. You can go to one of the many houses and property foundations, or you can build your own home.

The easiest option is to go to a house or property foundation and they will build you a house for around $50 per square feet. The next step in building your own home is to add insulation and/or a ceiling (if you are lucky). Then you add your furniture and walls until you have a house.

In between building your home and buying one, there are lots of construction jobs that need doing like flooring, hanging decorations, etc. These things can pay off in building confidence later on in building your home.

The last option is to buy your own home.

Vacation spots nearby

what is it like to live in oviedo fl

As mentioned before, Oviedo is a beautiful community close to Orlando. There are lots of vacation spots nearby including Lake Mary, Disney World, Universal Orlando, and Allatoona Hills Golf Resort.

There are also several wine cellars nearby making it an ideal place to spend a weekend away. These are very popular destinations and can get crowded.

If you want to make a big impact on the environment, invest in a wine cellar or resort your own. Both options have pros and cons, but if you can manage to keep your wine stored in controlled conditions, you will help save some money on storing and shipping it out.

There are also lots of haunted attractions nearby that you can visit with your friends and family.

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