What Is An Open Fit Hearing Aid

an open fit hearing aid is when the sound is transmitted to the inside of the ears and through a hole in the front of the ears, where the middle ear cavity meets the outside world. This allows you to hear sounds more clearly by giving you more space to move your head.

This method was invented around 1980s when there were not many devices that corrected both hearing and balance at the same time. Today, with technology, audiphiles have access to this new way of hearing.

Today, there are several ways to get an open fit hearing aid. You can buy it from health food stores or grocery stores, you can go to an audiphile conference, you can be screened for an open fit by your doctor, or you can just get one that makes you sound more like your actual voice.

This article will discuss ways to get an open fit if no one in your life has one.

Open fit hearing aids use a smaller device

what is an open fit hearing aid

The term open fit describes a hearing aid that is not covered by a cloth or bandasheahearing aid. These hearing aids are typically not covered by normal hearing aids because they do not have the size coverings that help maintain an accurate and widebandwidth of sound.

Instead, they use a small gel or foam device that is placed in the user’s head. This small device is then attached to a cartridge or cassette containing your normal hearing aids, which is then slipped into the new open fit hearing aide.

This can be hard to explain because you would think that it had to be in place before because of how big the new open fit must be, but that is not the case. You must find out if you have new Hearing Loss Requirement(s) before getting an open fit kit, and if so, this can help with getting an accurate reading on your new need.

Sound is transmitted through the ear mold

what is an open fit hearing aid


Less pressure is placed on the ear drum

When a device has open fit, it means that the inside of the ear can be configured to fit more comfortably against the outer ear bone. This is called configuring the device.

Configured ears are usually smaller than unconfigured ears. The smallness of a configured ear goes away when it is fitted into an open fit hearing aid.

When a person has small external ear canals, like those found on people with Dupay syndrome, they may want a configured hearing aid. People with large external canals, like those found on people with Cochlea Disorders, may not need a configured hearing aid.

Many people find it more comfortable to have less pressure on their ears while wearing an audiological device. Others do not feel like they are wearing an audiological device and are forced to have a configured one due to availability issues.

Open fit hearing aids are recommended for people with mild to moderate hearing loss

what is an open fit hearing aid

When open fit hearing aids are chosen they are placed on the outer part of the hearing aid hears []; It is then moved up and down the stem to determine where it fits.

When a closed fit hearing aid is used it is put in place and then forced down into the head until it fits. With open fit auds, when noise gets heard it can come back out again through increased noise exposure or loud environments.

Open fit auds can be annoying to wear as they have to be constantly adjusted but given how critical hearing in very important to, this must be done correctly. Being wrong can lead to increased noise exposure or shift in position with sound.

Open fit hearing aids may have a different sound quality than closed fit devices

what is an open fit hearing aid

Some people prefer the sound quality of open fit devices over those of closed fit ones. This is because some people cannot tolerate the sound quality of closed fit hearing aids.

The small opening between the case and the hearing aid allows noise to enter, which then affects the audio quality of the hearing aid. This small opening also increases wear and tear on your ears, which must be considered when choosing a hearing aid.

Some people also prefer the look of open fit devices than those with a covered hinge. The cover can sometimes get dirty and need to be replaced, which requires more funding to replace it. Finally, some individuals dislike how tight an open fit feels against their face even when they are using it correctly. This is a feeling they get with only looking at photos or videos.

Open fit devices are easier to clean

what is an open fit hearing aid

When a fitted hearing aid is removed, there is a risk of damage to the wearer’s hearing. This can happen when a fitting screw is taken out or a opening created in the fitting to remove the aid.

Open fit devices do not require this process to open up. Because of this, there is more room in the manufacturing process to create new devices with the same size opening and fit. This makes it more likely that another company can manufacture and market their device for you.

This also saves time in the lab test setting and in your ears when you need to use them. You do not have to have a technician open your ear canals for you!

In the case of a fitting problem, you just need to open up your device and take some sound into it.

They may be more visible to others

what is an open fit hearing aid

An open-fit hearing aid may be more visible to others than a closed-fit one. This may be the case if you were wearing clothing that exposed more of your ears, or if other parts of your body was not covered by a fitted hearing aid.

This may apply to people who wear tight clothing or shoes, or who have large ears. With a closed-fit hearing aid, you will be left with less sound remaining in your ears after speaking or hearing sound. If you have an open- fit hearing aid, you will be able to hear more of what is around you.

You may also need a second earpiece to keep things from feeling too disconnected, and being unable to choose which earpiece goes in can become an issue when traveling with no second set of ears.

They tend to have a shorter lifespan than closed fit devices

what is an open fit hearing aid

This is due to the fact that they require more maintenance. You will have to clean them often due to the fact that it needs to be replaced every two years. It must also be charged and maintained in order for it to workoint

When a hearing aid has been worn in for a long time, it may require a new unit. This happens when the user has outgrown the old one or it becomes too noisy with today’s technology.

Open fit devices cannot be worn over clothing so they must be charged and maintained separately. Due to their short lifespan, you must keep investing in new open fit devices every year or two.

One of the biggest benefits of an open fit device is being able to hear sounds that are noticably smoothness.

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