What Is A Yankee Basement

A Yankee Basement is a dark, mysterious, and highly sought-after room in your home. These private areas are usually located in the middle of a house, separated from the rest of the space by a wall or doors.

They were created as an escape or place to get away.


How to build a basement

what is a yankee basement

A basement is an excellent way to increase the value of your home both aesthetically and financially. There are many ways to build a new basement. In most cases, you will need to re-configure your existing space to create a new one.

There are many ways to build a new basement. In most cases, you will need to re-configure your existing space to create a new one. Some designers use utility storage units and old beds as the source of the cellar. Others use all or part of the living room as the source of the cellar.

In either case, this area would be used for storing equipment or materials you need for projects or activities.

Lighting in a basement

what is a yankee basement

When lighting aoyer, there are a few important things to note. First, do not use an extension cord in the vicinity of an extension cord because it can create a voltage difference between the two wires. This can lightening or power up your flooring, and possibly cause electrical shock or fire.

The second thing to note is that there are two kinds of lighting: spot and diffused. Spot lights are generally labeled as Direct Incandescent Lights, or Dsls. These can be regular incandescent bulbs, CFLs, or quartz lights. Diffused lighting is usually categorized as ralles or softbox fixtures. These require a diffuser to create the shape of the light source.

Flooring in a basement

what is a yankee basement

Basement floors are a fun and Neat way to do some renovations in a non-conventional way. Creating a new second level in your home is an easy way to do this.

At first, you just have the bare floor above, but then you can add the second level with furniture, appliances, etc.!

There are many ways to install a floor in a basement.

Basement storage

what is a yankee basement

Basement storage Heap is a relatively new term that has entered the language as an adjective for things like underground storage heaps, under-floor insulation, and subterranean dwellings.

But how did this term get so popular? In fact, many people are now confused about what it really refers to!

The term has been in use for years to describe hidden compartments or rooms within a home or apartment that are utilized for small items like cleaning supplies, books and materials for craft projects,aisles of compressed air or methane appliances like mattress oxygenators, aquasols and purifiers, and hypothermic cooling products.

Decorating a basement

what is a yankee basement

A room called the basement does not appear in most construction manuals. Instead, people talk about the need to have a second room for storage and hanging space.

Most importantly, the second room or space must be decoration space. This includes use as a entertainment room, gaming area, reading area, or generic space to put things.

Many people add large lighting fixtures to give their second room some light. Some even make use of previously unused spaces such as the top of a hallway or a stairwell.

By having some extra decorating space, you will be more prepared for how much stuff you will need to display.

Tips for controlling moisture

what is a yankee basement

When your ceiling is full of water, you may be able to reduce the amount of time it takes for water to bead up and run down the wall. This is known as dry accumulation.

You can do this by not using a large volume of water when washing your windows, appliances, and floors. If you have a dishwasher, avoid using the top rack because that would require special tools to remove and replace.

Avoid using high-humidity stains or liquids that would cause rapid heat development. These would likely break down any materials you have on your ceiling.

The best tip we have is to keep a bucket near your sink or toilet to use when wetting the bedding or refreshing yourself after washing and dressing. Using this will help limit exposure to heat and moisture, which helps prevent breaking down anything.

Cost of building a basement

When building a new basement, some costs may be expensive tand more economical to build a second level for your home. While this may be costlier, it also may give you more space to expand your home.

Some ways to measure the cost of a second level is by buying what is called a companion roof on top of your new basement. This companion roof can add more privacy or additional roominess to your home.

Another way to cost a second level is by buying an added family room or another large room that you can expansion into your home. If you have a small house before, this will help make sense when looking at how much space you have after expanding.

Then, there are the structural issues of building a second level. These issues can be costly and tough to resolve. If you have problems with getting help on these, then do not worry as we will still talk about how much money it takes.

Need a permit?

what is a yankee basement

If you’re planning on making a huge project or project phase out, then you’re going to need to apply for a building permit. This is an expensive, yet necessary step to take.

There are some conditions that can be put into the permit, and it is up to the owner to follow. For instance, the owner must maintain the space at a habitable level, which includes keeping electricity and water available for whoever is staying in the basement.

Another condition states that no one other than the owner can use the space below, which includes keeping any draft systems covered up when winter weather is coming.

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