What Is A Rondelle Bead

A Rondelle bead is a popular style of flat-top earrings that are shaped like a roundel. The top is hollow and the rest of the earring is shaped like a roundedel.

The shape-of-the-roundel determines how thick the earring will be. Since round eels are symbolic of hoops, choosing a thicker style of roundel will add more hoops on your ears.

These styles are popular due to their vintage looks and because they are very easy to make.

Oval shaped

what is a rondelle bead

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Very popular

what is a rondelle bead

The are now in almost every bead die-hard’s collection. They are easy to learn, and everyone can create their own!

The Rondelle is a basic tool that does not require much explanation to include in every beginner’s collection. It is a straight edge, tape measure, and protractor all combined into one.

Using the Rondelle as you would would a quarter inch hole, you determine where the bead will go by placing the edge of the tool at one side of the circle and then passing the tool across to the other side.

The protractor is used when creating a rounded corner on the bead.

Can be made of many different materials

what is a rondelle bead

Rondelle beads are round, flat, or spiral shaped. They can be solid, hollow, or embedded. They can be clear or colored. All of these variations exist for the rallyelle bead.

The rallyelle bead was patented in 1964 and first produced in 1978. It has been made in many shapes and sizes ever since.

Today, rallyelle beads are typically manufactured in square or smooth shapes and are usually painted white, gray, blue, red, orange, or brown. They can also be hollow or satin finished!

Most people use rallyella beads as anklets and rosaries because of their ease of use.

Used for making jewelry

what is a rondelle bead

A bead held in place by a ring or other piece of jewelry. The bead can be a flat or round, thin or thick. Some beads are hollow and can be decorated with an internal ring.

When using a rondelle bead, you must take into account the width of your hands. The thumb and middle finger must be able to connect with the rondelle bead to make it look like a closed fist.

The color of the rondelle bead must match the color of the ring or other piece of jewelry it is connected to.

Helps keep the rest of the necklace in place

what is a rondelle bead

A 5mm rondelle bead is placed inside the middle of a 14k gold round. This creates a channel for the 14k gold round to rest in.

Rondelle beads were created to help keep the rest of a necklace or piece of jewelry in place. They also have the ability to add some luxury to your purchases!

When wearing a heavy piece of jewelry for an extended period of time, you may need to buy one more set of rondelle beads.

Good for beginners

what is a rondelle bead

A Rondelle bead is a simple, low cost equipment that every beginner should have. A bead can be attached to any string or toy so it is not a limitation of skill.

Beads come in several lengths and widths so it is not limited to rings or small toys. They can be purchased as shorties or longies, depending on how long your String is!

Longies are the standard length of String found on toys such as massage oil barrels or shopping cart handles. They may be painted or unpainted, artificial or natural, light or heavyAFP, soft or firm, tight or loose-it-is-all-about-beads!

The important thing about a bead is that it is different from other strings you may use.

Available in many colors

what is a rondelle bead

The beetle bead is one of the most popular types of bead. These beads are also known as rosette beads, rosette shapes, and tringle beads.

Re-enforcing a circle or tringle shape in a new color is what gives these beads their name. They are usually made from aluminum or copper and are computer-generated or printed on.

They can be bought as single re-enforcement circles, collection sets, or both. They are usually sold by the centimeter and not the thickness of a ringlet.

These beautiful pieces can be worn many ways. You can create a necklace, wear them as jewelry or adorn an item like a tag or charm for an event.

Rondelle beads come in many shapes and sizes

what is a rondelle bead

These decorative, colorful stones are a trendy accessory today. Some arerafontelettes, which look like tiny baroque domes. Others are larger and more spherical. All are designed to be slipped on the body and then danced or lounged upon.

Rondelle beads were invented in the 1970s by a French artist named Guy Debord. He wanted a way to represent phases of life in art, from birth to death. He imagined a small pink, round bead that represented newborn innocence, a bright red rondelle that represented growth, and an old black rondelle that symbolized death.

He named it because it looked like an ellipse with four thin rings inside of it. These rings represent the phases of life, with the new baby as one circle and death as the last one.

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