What Is A Planetary Mixer

Reminder: This article is for those looking to learn about or introduce yourself to the field of mixology. Whether you are a beginner or advance, we hope that this article para-montage introduces you to the basics of mixing alcohol and food!

Mixing alcohol and other beverages can be a fun way to introduce yourself to new things. While doing a mixology class in a cocktail classroom is typical, there are also great opportunities to do mixes at events or events-type spaces.

A mix-meister (or “mixer” for short) is someone who knows how to create mixes that are specifically designed to include alcohol. A good mixer can not only make you feel fancy, but also open you up to new flavors and sensations.

Why use a planetary mixer?

what is a planetary mixer

If you’re a fan of ice cream or gelato flavors, you’ll love the versatility of a planetary mixer. You can make your own or buy it at most supermarkets, usually in a box with twelve different mixers to choose from.

A planetary mixer is a small container that contains one or more mixers that are mixed together in sequence to create another flavor. For example, vanilla milk goes together with chocolate milk to make chocolate milk, vanilla ice cream with chocolate syrup.

These combinations create new and interesting flavors that are difficult to resist.

What ingredients should you use a planetary mixer for?

what is a planetary mixer

When you need a little help in the kitchen, you should add some ingredients into your cup or jar. These nutrients can come from the grocery store, or via the Internet or retail sources.

Some of these materials include essential oils, herbs and spices, nutritional supplements, and/or custom blends. Each of these can improve cooking by adding some freshness or special flavor.

For example, using cilantro instead of plain inspected sugar is one way to play with your cooking. Or experimenting with peppermint oil and spearmint oil. Or using rosemary oil in place of water: both substances work as a base oil and scent the mixture!

Essential oils are special because they have their own particular chemical composition that changes with temperature and condition. When you mix them with others, they have better properties climb up to your food source.

What are the drawbacks of a planetary mixer?

what is a planetary mixer

A planetary mixer has an advantage over a vertical mixer in that the auger can be rotated as the food reaches it. The rotation allows for either more or less carbohydrate, fat, or protein in your food.

An auger that is not rotating will have more of the same type of food passing through it and into the blade, which is less nutritional value for your body. A rotating auger has a slightly different texture and may taste better to you because you are eating more nutrition in your food.

A planetary mixer should be checked annually to see if it needs to be replaced. When checking, look for rust on the steel and/or a worn out blade! If any of these signs are seen, then it should be replaced.

Does cost matter when buying a planetary mixer?

what is a planetary mixer

Not every company has the same price to earn your business. While some offer you a free test drive, others charge you $150 for this opportunity.

For $150, you get to test out their mixer and determine if you want to purchase it. It is highly likely that once you use it, you would purchase it again due to the quality of the product.

For example, if someone was impressed with how easy it was to mix drinks, they would likely buy another one! Or if they liked how rich and flavorful the drinks were they would buy another one since they liked that part of the product.

As mentioned before, cost does matter when buying a planetary mixer. You can save some money by purchasing from one of them if you compare prices between them.

What type of blades will it have?

what is a planetary mixer

A planetary mixer die is attached to the top of a blender. This allows you to create different types of blender whips such as ice cream or smoothie wands.

Blades are created by placing a mixture of ingredients in the blender and then rotating the blender handle to place the ingredients on the blades. The combination of ingredients and rotation creates a change in the mass of the blended items.

The length of the blade depends on how long you want your shake or food to be. The thickness depends on how thick your drink must be.

Very long blades can get deep into things like power bars or rough approximation of snuff (a tobacco product) sticks. This can be very painful or time-consuming to remove when done with.
Lewis recommends a short blade for drinks that are less than half an hour in making it disappear when done with.

Are there different styles of planetary mixers?

what is a planetary mixer

Not exactly. A planetary mixer is a set of ingredients that are combined in a special way to create a new flavor or flavor.

Mostly known for drinks like smoothies, Planetary mixers are named after the device that combines the ingredients into the drink.

These devices can be used at restaurants, food-prep centers, and homes to create new recipes.

Parallel to a planetary mixer, there are style-specific planetary mixers. These include juleps and sours due to their unique flavors absorbed into the drink.

Both have their preferred containers to combine in, such as wine or water bottles. Juleps require specific nipples while sours do not.

What is the difference between a high-shear and low-shear mixer?

what is a planetary mixer

The term shear refers to the distance between the faces of the two dies traveling during a punchdown.

There are two types of shear: opposed-pitch and same-pitch. Opposed-pitch shears have their arms opposing each other, while same-pichsheas have their arms pointing in the same direction.

When punching down a sheet of paper, one sheet is hit by both opposed-pitch shears together, causing it to break down into small pieces. This is what happens with opposition When punching up a sheet of paper, one sheet is hit by both opposed-pitch shears together, causing it to break down into small pieces.

How do they work?

what is a planetary mixer

A planetary mixeronde is a device that can turn your water into spring-like waterfalls or icy mountain streams. It can also heat hot water to 140° F (62° C) and create ice cubes to use in your cold drink!

The device works by creating a moving vortex of air around the liquid it is pouring into, which creates a liquid vacuum inside the container. When the liquid escapes, the air inside returns to a static state, which creates a tiny stream of water flowing down the container.

This process continues until there is not enough air left to return to a static state, when it stops working.

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