What Is A Nurse Poem

A nurse poem is a collection of short, meaningful, everyday experiences that a nurse has as a health care provider. These poems can be about patients, patients’ families, staff members, or even yourself!

They are a great way to remember important events and times during your career as a nurse. Many nurses collect their poems in book form because it is hard to keep all of the notes and collected thoughts in a notebook.

A notebook is good enough for keeping notes on assignments and making changes to current projects. A better way to collect your poetry is in an album or book format so you can look back on what you wrote and collected.


What do nurses do?

what is a nurse poem

At the moment, nurse’s are working in the medical field, but they can also do it for law enforcement, public health, and even retail. Many nurse’s choose to advance in their careers by moving to another facility or starting their own.

The area of patient care is growing every year and each job field has its own way of doing things. If you are a poet at heart, then you might want to consider becoming a nurse because of the access to quality words and the chance to help people heal.

The chance to help people heal is an appealing one for many people because it brings positive emotions such as relief and satisfaction. This is not a job where you get high standards of care, but you still find some things Nurses do that make a difference.

This article will give some tips on what fields Nurse poems are so that you can determine if this field is for you.

How to be a good nurse?

what is a nurse poem

There are many ways to be a nurse, and many poems about her. Some are more artistic, some are more practical, and some are more informational. Whatever you choose, we hope you make someone feel better!

The most basic role of a nurse is to care for patients. However, as a nurse, you can also do things for yourself. There are thousands of websites and books that offer information and techniques for health and wellness.

As a nurse, you can earn money doing anything from running an online café to offering free advice at the supermarket. You can also combine your two careers by running a nursing school or helping other nurses get advanced training in administrative skills or clinical practice Management .

At work

A nurse poem is a well-written, meaningful nurse poem. They are typically short and sweet, making them ideal read ordered for a time like this.

A nurse poem can be about a patient, family member, or friend who has passed away. They are typically written by registered nurses, certified Registered Nurse Anesthetists, and Certified Nursing Assistants.

The focus of a nurse poetry is helping the reader cope with the loss of an immediate family member. Many use this as a way to remember how they felt when they were that person.

Some of the features of a good nurse poem include: setting down the emotions (bop-bop-bop!), keeping the wording simple enough to be understood by most people, and containing some theme or message that is important to the reader.


what is a nurse poem

The word patient has a rich history, a mix of praise and critique, of referring to people we don’t want to deal with. We could write a paper on the history of patient, from its original meaning of someone who needs help to a more generalized description of someone who doesn’t take too well to routine medical treatment.

In its original sense, patient referred to someone who needed help but wasn’t accustomed to being helped. In this sense, patient was like the nurse poem that didn’t work out, the patient that needed help but wasn’t ready for it yet.

Patient was originally used in medicine to describe people who didn’t respond well to traditional treatments such as bleeding stops and pain killers, patients that were resistant to both. This is still used today in referring to people that are not responding well to other treatments but are still alive and kicking.

Nurses must have an advanced education

what is a nurse poem

They must have a BSN or an MSN or an LPN or an APRN. All of these nurse types have a graduate degree à (a Doctorate of Nursing Practice)

hene hene! Although these types of nurses have different degrees, they all gain experience in the same way. By working as a certified registered nurse (C-R-N), they can gain experience as a certified registered nurse practical (C-R-N-P) or advanced practice (C-R-N-A) through work as a nurse practitioner (NP) or advanced practice nurse (NP-A)

Whether they are working in hospital settings, medical centers,or geriatric centers, the main focus is on patient care. Their work and communication style must be compassionate and clear.

There are many jobs for nurses, but only those with advanced education coach and assist clients in how to optimize their health and wellness.


what is a nurse poem

A nurse poem is a collection of common thoughts and phrases used by nurses to describe their experience as healthcare providers. Unlike other professions, where experience is non-factor, nurses with little to no clinical or medical experience can write about how they feel in the care realm.

Common themes such as being happy to help and being emotional are felt across all nurse styles, including psychiatric, home care, and maternity. Some of the most recognized nurse poems are written by Geraldine Rink, who wrote the first edition of five original patient poems published in 1985.

Other notable poetesses include Anne Berry and Eudora Greenwoold. Both published their poetry in professional journals and made an attempt to craft meaningful works that were relatable to patients.

Nurse poets have both positive and negative comments about their work. Many say it is a hobby but what they put into it is what gets back on course meant for them.

Patience is a must

what is a nurse poem

Patience is a quality that we all need in our lives. It’s not always easy to find and maintain peace and composure when things go bad or you feel pressured to do something.

But if you don’t have time to learn patience, you’re missing out on a very important quality. You can’t afford to make mistakes with your patients, or act impatiently with them.

It’s much more difficult to keep a patient calm and attentive when you are acting frustrated or impatient. They may not be paying attention to what you are saying, like this:

She was looking at me with those strong eyebrows raised again. I could tell she wasn’t liking what I was saying so I changed my topic quickly.

Nursing is not for the faint of heart

what is a nurse poem

“Heavens no!” you hear some nurse poets say, “Heavens no!” they say, to the things they see, how they feel about patients, and how difficult their jobs can be.

We nurseers are faced with some tough situations and difficult people. We don’t like to talk about our feelings, but we do when we are taking care of a person who cannot speak up for themselves.

We use our poetry to share our thoughts and feelings about nursing, about patients, and about ourselves. Our poems can be uplifting or sad, depending on the person reading them.

Nurse poetry is for anyone who feels connected to words and writing in some way. It is also for anyone who wants to take a break from writing but can’t deny their muse.

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