What Is A Neutral Floor Cleaner

Floor cleaners are a non-compound, hard surface that needs to be cleaned. When referring to a floor cleaner, it is important to determine what type of floor cleaner you have.

Type I floor cleaners are typicallyipexelic or vinyl. These types of cleaners can be touched without leaving a sticky or greasy residue. Type I floor cleaners are great for open spaces, counting space zero.

Type II and III Floor Cleaners are traditionallyacrylic or epoxies. These cleaners can not be touched with bare hands, but they can be lifted and placed on a surface. This type of cleaner requires special equipment to use correctly.

As stated before, this equipment is called a neutralizer. A neutralizer can be used with both type II and III floor cleaners. The main purpose of the neutralizer is to shift the chemical reaction between the dirt and the cleaner.

This helps in keeping the dirt from spreading and cleaning it properly.

What is in a neutral cleaner?

what is a neutral floor cleaner

The main ingredient in a neutral cleaner is baking soda. This ingredient acts as a remover and neutralizer, so none of the surfaces you touch are harmed by it.

Another important ingredient is vinegar. Because of the sodium acetate in it, the liquid contains an unpleasant vinegar scent when mixed with water. This scent is removed during processing, making the cleaner much more pleasant to use.

Because it contains no harsh chemicals, a very soft eraser can be used with this cleaner. Because of this, cleaning projects that require more power or grit may need to be replaced by a second cleaner.

How can I make my own neutral cleaner?

what is a neutral floor cleaner

As mentioned earlier, tile and grout are two common materials used in flooring. Other substances such as wallpaper or hard furniture surface materials can be used as well.

All of these possibilities offer unique properties and ways to clean your floor. Fortunately, there are many brands that offer this service, so you do not have to go out and buy one. Many people choose to make their own because it is more cost effective than buying one from the manufacturer and using their product as directed.

There are several ways to make your neutral cleaner. The first is to use just water and a brush. Then, some people use a mixture of baking soda and water as a substitute for the wood ash.

Does my floor need a neutral cleaner?

what is a neutral floor cleaner

Not every house needs a floor cleaner. However, there are some things that don’t do well with a non-greasing, foam type cleaner.

Many substances such as paint can break down with time and use, making them vulnerable to a foam cleaner. As the foam cleaner is working, it is removing the substance properly!

Some substances are too delicate for the foam type cleaners and/or very strong smelling. Many people who use it find it overpowering at times.

Some substances cannot be completely dried off with anything and require another layer of protection. Neutral cleaners are able to provide this protection!

Relying only on a floor cleanser can potentially cause your house to look clean, but doesn’t give you any protection from harmful chemicals or stains.

What is in a neutral cleaner?

what is a neutral floor cleaner

As the name suggests, a neutral cleaner contains neither a cleaning detergent nor a disinfectant. Instead, it contains natural ingredients such as frankincense and Thieves.

These ingredients are combined into a paste and strategically applied to the floor to remove dirt. It takes several passes for the cleaner to fully penetrate the floor and drain.

Some cleaners contain additional additives such as stain fighters or moisturizers to make your house feel more smooth and soft. These additives are typically not recommended to be used on food-contact surfaces or equipment because of possible permanent discoloration.

neutrality is important when doing any kind of long-term household clean-up. Leaving hard water deposits or stains on furniture, dishes, etc when only one type of remover is available is neutrality-robbing.

Ingredients for a homemade neutral floor cleaner

what is a neutral floor cleaner

A neutral floor cleanerondeous to keep your home or business looking its best is by keeping a well-balanced mixed floor cleaneronde.

A mixed floor cleaneronde contains some types of cleaning compound that range in value from low to high. The lower grade compounds are for general cleaning, the higher grade for specific tasks such as removing grease or removing dirt that may cause stains.

The average household should have around five pounds of the low-grade mixture, or one bag per year of use. The high-grade mixture should be enough to last a lifetime!

Many products that contain Neutral Cleaner are sold at hardware stores and large supermarkets.

How to make your own neutral floor cleaner

what is a neutral floor cleaner

When you clean your floors, you want to be careful not to use too much product as it can leave a sticky or solid feel.

Some products contain waxes or softens fabrics for this same effect. If you use a lot of product on your floor, take some time to wash it off with a diluted solution to protect the natural oils.

You can also purchase one of the many floor care products such as Pledge or Vaspocol that contains waxes and cleaning solutions. These are great to have in the house as there are always some people who need a quick fix.

Neutral cleaners are great for hardwood floors

what is a neutral floor cleaner

Because of their low pH level, neutral floor cleaners are excellent for cleaning kitchens, bathrooms, and other interior spaces that require a little help with cleaning.

neutral floor cleaners are very effective at cleaning between the feet of the object being cleaned. This is important, as it allows for proper drainage while working on the floor.

Since these cleaners do not contain any additives or baking soda, they do not work as well on Tile and Grout® products than those that contain this powder. However, if you have a very hard to reach area such as the bottom of a kitchen cabinet, a small amount ofneutral floor cleaner will work fine.

Try one of our best-selling products – Tilex®! less text here top right Text here top left >These cleaners also work great on Hardwood floors because they help preserve the natural grain.

They leave no residue behind

what is a neutral floor cleaner

A neutral floor cleaner is a floor cleaner that doesn’t contain any cleaning agents such as baking soda or cream of tartar. Instead, it contains water, air-dry shampoo, and/or ground up paper to simulate a floor cleaning agent.

This is unusual compared to traditional cleaning products where there are usually two or more ingredients of baking soda, cream of tartar, and/or washing up liquid.

Because it does not have any active ingredients, a neutral floor cleaner cannot be harmed by cleaning oil or grease as it will not be dissolved. Because it does not contain dissolvable dried objects such as mints or gerberables, it cannot be harmed by children’s wipe-out attempts.