What Happens When A Church Closes

When a church closes, it leaves behind a big hole in your community. Many people in that community are left without a place to meet and share in faith.

It is devastating to see a beautiful building with an atmosphere filled with friends helping one another through faith. As the buildings empty out, you can imagine the feeling of isolation that comes along with that.

What happened to the property? 3) Were the members moved to another church? 4) What happens to the pastor? 5) How many members were there? 6) What caused the church to close? 7) Can a church close? 8) What happens to the money collected? 9) Are there any consequences for closing? 10) Is it better to start a new church or join an existing one?

what happens when a church closes

If the church does close, the property is legally required to be vacant for at least three months before it can be re-leased.

This is due to laws in place that require a government or government-designated agency to show proof of legal ownership before a new owner can take possession.

While this may seem silly, it happens and many times when a new church joins an existing one it ends up being void because of this.

Many times when a church closes, the members are re-evaluated their roles in the church and if they are fit for membership then they can join another congregation with no problems.

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