What Happens At The End Of Lord Of The Flies

In Lord of the Flies, Aaron and Sarah read a chapter every night for two weeks until they were through it. Then they went back and read the rest of the book as part a reward for them.

This book was one of the first to be published and so it has a special place in literature circles. It’s still a popular read today, being able to get into as young an age as reading can be.

It’s very descriptive, allowing readers to visualize what is happening in the story. This can be tricky when using only one sentence to describe something, as there must be more than one word for pressure to build.

The ending is dramatic and subtle alike like that mentioned earlier, of how things turn out.

The boys dance around the fire

what happens at the end of lord of the flies

After saving the day with their antics, the boys sit around the firegemony

and talk about what happened.

Jack imagines himself as a warrior

what happens at the end of lord of the flies

Jack is excited about his next task: imagining himself as a warrior. He spends a lot of time fighting off the image of himself as a non-combatant, helpless child trying to defend himself against a pack of vicious dogs.

So, he seeks out books about war and soldiers, and he tries to apply what he learns about warfare to his life. He imagines himself being tough enough to handle any situation that comes his way.

This goes beyond just reading about war and applying what’s learned about it to life. Jack tries being in situations that challenge his resilience, like volunteering at the humane society office or joining a local veterans group.

When he sees other people struggle with important things like trust or morale, he tries helping them through those struggles.

The Beast is revealed

what happens at the end of lord of the flies

At the end of the book, the boys are shown riding off on a horse and being presented with a sword by Jack. This is when they return to camp to prepare for their next adventure.

It’s at this point they are told to go out and find another village or settlement to join. This is when Sam and Henry return home, as well as those in the beginning chapters of The Lost City of Z.

After joining another village or settlement, they must now undergo a rite of passage, where they are given their first task as members of society. This task may be simple enough, like gathering firewood or tending an irrigation system, but there will be complications along the way.

This is how new members learn how to take care of themselves and fit in with society. It can be very frustrating at first, but it’s also inspiring.

The conch is broken

what happens at the end of lord of the flies

At the end of Lord of the Flies, Sam and Jack return to the island to find it empty. No one is there to tell them about their mission, so they have to return alone.

This is a sad moment for both of them, as they realize no one else matters as much as themselves. They each make up their own group and go off on their own to find food and shelter. This is symbolic of how we need to grow in our development as people. We need to develop our strengths and find people or groups who can help us meet our needs.

They return home alone, but not without having a good time. They learn some things about themselves that they did not know before, and they become more self-aware in that process. They also learn some things about each other that they needed to hear, which makes them stronger personally going forward.

Pig’s blood is used to paint their faces

what happens at the end of lord of the flies

After the first week, the boys are relieved to know that Pig is going to be their friend, and they can go back to being safe and normal.

They are excited to see Pig every day, and they miss him!

Unfortunately, they have to stay with him for two more weeks before they can return home. This is where the adventure ends, but Lord of the Flies doesn’t want it to end there.

After two weeks of being with Pig, each boy has painted their face and body with dried pig blood.

Ralph breaks down and cries

what happens at the end of lord of the flies

At the end of Lord of the Flies, Ralph and Henry are stranded together on a foreign island with only each other and a lot of trouble finding anything to eat.

What Happens at the End of Lord of the Flies

At the end of Lord of the Flays, Ralph and Henry are reunited with their friends Simon and Claire. They also meet new friends Patrick and Della, who become good friends with them.

Claire teaches Patrick how to hunt, which he does successfully! He even manages to bring back some game meat for his friend Della to eat! Even though they do not have much time left, they make sure to enjoy what they have left before leaving for their new adventures.

Ralph is happy that his adventure is over, but he knows there will be more ones like it so he has to keep learning new things. This was shown when he had fun learning how to hunt and gather food.

They begin to worship Jack as a leader

what happens at the end of lord of the flies

When the boys are old and tired, they lie down in a circle around Jack and pray to him for strength. They also thank him for letting them lead another life.

After they finish their prayer, Jack rewards them with candy canes and grapes. The boys don’t understand what these things are, but they know he gives them power.

After that, they begin to worship Jack as a leader. They follow his orders without question. He becomes their dad since he is the one who guides them out of the jungle. They even call him Father JungleJack.

Some of the boys start to build a structure

what happens at the end of lord of the flies

When the boys are all hungry, they decide to build a structure to sleep in. They build a doormat of sorts with some stones and grass.

The next morning, Jack starts to put the finishing touches on the structure. He adds supports and rotates it around to test its stability. He also adds a few sleeping bags to ensure they are all warm enough.

By afternoon, they are all asleep and the boys enjoy themselves sleeping in their newly built camp.

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