What Does E1 Mean On A Brother Sewing Machine

The E1 stands for extra low. This is a feature found on manyBrothers machines. This feature creates a lower line below the needle to help reduce the possibility of overspill when doing heavy duty projects such as handbags or purses.

The low line can be found by holding down the escape button on your machine as far down as you can go. Once released, you will have a higher cut-off point, making it easier to sew close to the edge of the project.

This feature is not meant to be used frequently, as it could lead to waste and possibly poor quality fabric.


Needle position

what does e1 mean on a brother sewing machine

When the sewing machine is set on E1, the needle position is controlled by a lever located on the front of the machine.

When this lever is in the up position, the needle is in an upright position. When it is in the down position, the needle is lowered.

The down position requires a little more effort to operate, so you may need to experiment with which side of the operator body you hold the machine against for operation. Some people find that side easier to control than other sides.

To change between needle positions, all one has to do is turn the lever left or right! This can be done while sewing or when finished. If starting again, then it can be put away with out having to learn new things.

Loose wire

what does e1 mean on a brother sewing machine

There is a term for wire that is not held in the machine by a spring or lineback, it is considered loose wire. There are two types of loose wire: gauge and size.

Gauge loose wire has a small diameter circle on the end that is taller than the rest of the wire. The thicker end is called the tail. Both these ends are connected to the motor via a cable.

Size lose wire has no size circle on the end and all of the wire is gone! This type of wired has no way to connect to an electric device or power source, it just sits and does nothing!

Sewing with an E1-based machine can be tricky, as you need to be aware of these two types of wired.


what does e1 mean on a brother sewing machine

The connector is where the machine goes into a sewing mode. There are several, and they are:

Automatic – When this is selected, the machine will automatically begin creating patterns and joining pieces together. You do not have control over this process, it just happens.

Navi-Mode – This is where the computer can help you out. The computer can tell the fabric to turn right and left as you sew, or add new materials to your project. Add-ins are also able to be controlled with the computer.

Manual – This is where you go! You choose whether or not the machine is ready for you, if you want help controlling it.

Wiring issue

what does e1 mean on a brother sewing machine


Motor issue

what does e1 mean on a brother sewing machine

Another problem that some brother machines have is the motor. The motor in these machines can run out of juice and stop making stitches. This can be a big problem because then you cannot move the machine to complete a project!

There are ways to resolve this issue though. If your brother machine has a cord, cut off the cord and try it out without. If not, buy a chargers or dongles to use with your computer or computerized device. Then buy new needles to use with them!

Hopefully these problems get fixed soon so projects can continue! These issues are very rare though so do not get too nervous if this happens. It just takes time to remedy these problems.

Sensor issue

what does e1 mean on a brother sewing machine

There is a feature that some buyers are experiencing on the Brother sewing machines that we will call theelta. This feature monitors the length of fabric and, if it is too long, turns up the backlength sensor to prevent overfilling.

This feature was introduced as a way to prevent students from over-sewing too long and then having to re-do their project due to lost length.

Some users have reported that this feature can cause issues such as missing pieces or very heavy pieces that do not come out easily. It is recommended that you use a bit more thread than recommended due to this feature being present.

If you are having trouble keeping your piece even with this feature, take some extra time to re-substitute materials and put down less thread so that it does not turn into heavy stippling or imeasurement of your project to make sure it is coming out correctly.

Troubleshoot your Brother sewing machine

what does e1 mean on a brother sewing machine

There are a few things that troubleshoot machines may go wrong on, and it is important to do so for your product as well as your machine. These things include:

Check the threading system (cable, thread), the press-in system (top button, press-in system), and the back-button system (reversible). All of these components work together to create the sewing experience you are looking for!

Check the settings and make sure they are set correctly. If something is wrong, then correct it. If nothing is wrong, then ask yourself why something would be wrong?

Take care of your machine so that it takes good care of you.

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