What Do Breast Implants Look Like After Pregnancy

Pregnancy is a great time for most people, but for new parents with little experience in the world of baby care, it can be tricky. You have to know where to take care of your baby, how to breastfeed, and what medications and procedures you should or should not do.

For parents with implants, the term breastfeeding is somewhat flexible. You can still feed your baby via a bottle or Sucquifold-type formula, which is true for most mothers-to-dolds during pregnancy.

But the real reason many mothers-to-dolds during pregnancy with Implants are a good one: implantation happens around Week 4 and 5, and by then it’s too late for nursing or supplementation to change anything.

The best way to prepare yourself and your baby for breastfeeding is by doing some guided learning on the subject of feeding (and learning how to do it yourself will come later).

Think long and hard about pregnancy

what do breast implants look like after pregnancy


Talk to your doctor

what do breast implants look like after pregnancy

If your doctor decides that breastfeeding is not an option for you, then talking to your doctor about breast implant post pregnancy is an option. Many doctors will recommend a baby scan of the breasts to see if there are any changes in size or contour.

If you have a saline implant, it can stick out slightly after baby. This is normal! If you have a wire or plastic implant, it may change shape slightly as the baby grows.

These implants can sometimes come out if you have a vaginal delivery, but if you want them back, then getting them put back in is an option. Because of possible risk of infection and trauma, only this can be done by a trained specialist.

Talk to a specialist

If you have a family history of breast cancer, then going under the knife for breast implants is not a good option. The surgeon will need to check your nipples to make sure they are strong enough to hold up the large implant.

He or she will also evaluate your capability of wearing and taking care of the new breasts. It is very important you understand this process and how it works, with or without implants.

Know the risks

what do breast implants look like after pregnancy

While pregnancy is a great time to have surgery, there are some important risks that you should be aware of. Some of these risks include blood clots, tear production, scar formation, and insure you speak with your surgeon about any possible post-pregnancy weight gain or drop in weight.

Breast implants can put pressure on the baby’s heart or circulation, cause incisions to continue to heal poorly, and even cause re-occurrence of breast cancer.

Post-partum health problems can be serious enough to prevent surgery for good. If you are planning surgery for implant replacement, make sure to speak with your surgeon about any post-partum health problems and whether or not surgery is necessary.

Implants may rupture

what do breast implants look like after pregnancy

When a woman has an implant placed, it is usually placed at a fairly regular location in the muscle. This location ensures that the new implant is fully embedded and functioning.

After about six months, the new implant should be fully functional. If you are currently pregnant, do not get an appointment right away! You must have your doctor’s approval to have your implant placed.

Some surgeons will allow pregnant women to have their implants taken early, before the baby is born. The baby would still come out relatively quick, as the surgeon can quickly reposition the implant after placement.

If this is something you need to discuss with your doctor, then this should be done early in the second trimester to ensure adequate healing and prevent potential problems later on.

You may not be able to breastfeed

what do breast implants look like after pregnancy

For people who are not able to get pregnant, the next biggest question is what do breast implants look like after pregnancy.

Many people feel relieved to know that their baby is safe in a larger breast because they can now see the baby. Others are satisfied with only being able to remember the new baby because of the size of the breasts.

Both options are respected, and people tend to ask about them both when trying to find a nursing partner as well as during nursing sessions. People tend to be curious about how their partners’ babies look in there since they were unnoticeable before birth.

This article will talk about what do breast implants look like after pregnancy and whether or not they remain sensitive, how much they change in size, and if they hold a shape. We will also explain when it is time to have another baby.

Consider other options for contraception

what do breast implants look like after pregnancy

While implants can be removed, birth control is still a good idea. Condoms can be used as well. It is not recommended to have sex every day due to the risk of STIs, but practicing safe sex each day is still a good idea.

It is also important to use a method that you can afford and that works for you. Using the pill or having some kind of sexual transmission were some people did not work for you.

Some people prefer the security of the IUD or male sterilization. Either one of these methods can be done at home!

And lastly, people may chose a non-surgical method such as Restylane or Lift & Shape. Both of these treatments help with contour and volume into the implant site making it look more natural.

Talk to your partner

what do breast implants look like after pregnancy

If you are planning to get a full-size breast implant, you will need to talk to your partner about whether or not it’s okay to bring a baby into the relationship.

Since implants can last for years, your partner can have his or her own implant removed at any time.

At most hospitals, the staff can hook up an external device to an implant and have it function as a baby boomer-era machine for data. Your partner can also bring a baby into the relationship without too much difficulty, as there is no sexual intimacy needed for two people to be comfortable with a baby in the room.

However, before having sex, let your partner take out the new breast implants from their packaging and make sure they are set up correctly! If one is not, make sure the other knows how to properly insert them into their body.

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