What Comes In A Clutch Kit

Clutch kits are a relatively new way to update your bike. There are many ways to use them, and they are now becoming more popular every day. You can buy them at bike shops or on Amazon.

New to clutch kits is the addition of├ętape, or end-type fittings. These allow you to install a clutch using either a thumb-operated lever or pedal, or a friction disk style one.

Both methods work the same way: You first remove the old clutch and replace it with the etape kit, then you press in the escapement and you have a new clutch.


Clutch disc

what comes in a clutch kit

The clutch disc is what stops your clutch pedal from releasing. If your clutch does not release, it may be caused by an unseated or lost disc. Most clutch disks are made of high quality molded plastic. This allows the disk to hold its shape without being stressed, which prevents further wear and tear on the disk.

While this plastic makes a great disc, it can sometimes cost more money than a metal disk. Some companies uses only metal in their discs to save money on production costs. Because of this, some experts suggest using a backup disc in case the first one fails.

Clutch pedals are used to hold the pressure on the pedal while changing gears.

Drive plate

what comes in a clutch kit

The drive plate is what holds your wheels on. It also helps create space between your car and the floor. You need space for this piece to work.

To put this piece on, first determine where your front and rear axles should attach. Once that is done, then go down to the lower part of the frame where the shock sits and screw it on.

Then, move up the frame where the steering arm sits and screw that in place. Next, use some rubber bands to connect the two pieces of metal together, then stretch a heavy duty zip tie around it to secure it.

Pressure plate

what comes in a clutch kit

The other major part of the clutch kit is the pressure plate. This transfers pressure from your engine to your gear lever, making it hold your car up.

Without the pressure plate, your gears would not function and the car would come to a stop without moving the lever. With this part, you will also need to adjust how far back the shift knob needs to be for it to function.

Adjusting this can go in several directions. You can turn it into a shifter, or you can make it just insert into the car and control rotation. Either way, you will need to buy new hardware to connect it.

Push rod

what comes in a clutch kit

The push rod is another critical part of a clutch. Like the center pin, the push rod can be hollow or have a solid end. When it comes in a kit, it can make life easier for clutch enthusiasts as you can try more materials!

Having to buy separate push rods for different clutch types can create some confusion at times. Luckily, kits come with both a solid end and a hollow end. Most kits have both solid and hollow ends, making it easy to find and purchase.

Solid ends are typically better quality than hollow ends because they require more force to press into place. This can lead to better holding power on the pedal when needed!

The best way to determine which end you need is to calculate your average daily workload.

Rubber band

The other key part of the band kit is the rubber band. These are used to hold the keys and wallet in place. Most people use a seven-to-ten-inch long one, but shorter ones can also be useful if you have smaller hands.

If you have a small hand, then a shorter rubber band can help keep your keys in place while you store your wallet and money in the other hand. Or if you have a larger hand, like me, then a longer rubber band can help prevent your Wallet from being pulled away when you need to give it a bit of force to hold it together.

To make sure your bands are working properly, take some time to check them every few weeks to make sure they are not fraying or breaking.

Band adjustment screw

what comes in a clutch kit

The band adjustment screw comes in a few different lengths. The longest one is 6-24x, this is necessary if you have a very long wrist or small wrist. The shortest one is 4-12x, this is necessary if you have a short wrist.

The band adjuster can be tricky to put on at first, so do not be surprised if you take your time to do it. Once done, your watch will look beautiful on you!

This feature allows you to move your wrist slightly or fold your watch slightly under when not in use. This can help prevent rubbing and get some time ons on when you want it.

Disc adjustment screw

what comes in a clutch kit

The disc adjustment screw comes in a small box and is hidden under a plastic cover. This screw can be adjusted from ultra-tight to loose, depending on your riding style.

When you ride with a higher cadence, your lower back must be forced to move more than when you ride with a less intense exercise mode. This is because more muscle groups have to work harder to move the bike forward and backward.

To make the change in disc adjustment screw size, you must first remove two small screws at the bottom of the crank arm. Then, you can rotate the crank arm up and down by rotating one end clockwise and counterclockwise.

Pilot bushing

what comes in a clutch kit

A pilot bushing is a little ball-shaped sock that sits on top of your feet to help provide comfortable support. There are two kinds of pilot bushing: hard and soft.

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