What Are The Consequences When Cultures Interact


For example, business partners typically work together, customers interact with your business, and members of the community visit your store. All of these elements come together to form a relationship between these two groups.

When one group does not understand or approve of the elements that others add to their relationship, they can have difficulties. These elements can be violence, idol worship, or any other thing that changes the relationship from being purely social to being something more.

This is what happened in the movie The Passion which focused on the Christian cult who killed people in front of spectators as an activity. This was an illegal activity that gained popularity over time due to spectacle appeal.

Cultural diffusion

what are the consequences when cultures interact

When two or more cultures interact, they can gain knowledge from one another. This can lead to cultural diffusion, or the addition of elements from one culture to another.

In a situation where two cultures meet and require medical treatment, the most important thing is to recognize the patient’s culture. If a doctor does not recognize a patient’s culture, then it is very likely that the patient will not receive the necessary treatment.

Cultural diffusion occurs in many situations, including when two people get married and begin a new life together. When one person begins relating to and interacting with people in a different way, the other person must change to keep up with the new person.

It is important to be aware of one’s culture when seeking out new relationships.

Culture is fluid, and interaction between different cultures is inevitable

what are the consequences when cultures interact

When people from different cultures meet, there is a risk of exploitation, theft, and even murder. This can be problematic when you are also trying to teach the other person how to live life.

Fortunately, there are precautions that people can take to help them get along better. For example, people who look alike or communicate using the same language can be trusted easier.

They may also have different values such as when it comes to money or religion so they don’t have a need for an expensive product to get what they want.

If you are ever invited into someone’s home, you should know how to appropriately clean and handle items. It is important to know these tips if you do not know the person well.

Consider the example of hamburgers

In one scenario, a European culture encounters a Asian culture. In this case, a meat-based culture meets a vegetarian culture.

In this case, two different lifestyles come together to form one larger society. This is an example of the intersecting streams theory. This is not a conclusive statement for this theory, however.

Intersectional theorists do not suggest that there are only two kinds of people in the world: meat eaters and vegetarians. There must be people in both meat-based and non-meat-based societies that do not eat fruits and vegetables, for example.

The intersecting streams theory does not attribute strength to one type of food or appearance. It states that anything that is not eaten must be met with another type of food or appearance to fulfill your hunger or thirst.

Hamburgers are a product of both culture and science

what are the consequences when cultures interact

A hamburger is the result of many things, including but not limited to: crop rotation, husbandry practices, animal husbandry practices, and scientific measures.

Rotating fields with crops has been practiced for many years. Farmers would buy new crops and swap them out with older ones as they grew.

Husbandry practices such as breeding and stock-keeping were also practiced in previous cultures.

The science behind a hamburger has elements of both science and culturećWhen it comes to offering people something delicious and fun to put together, nothing compares to science! With the help of technology, almost any cultural artifact can be converted into a burger.

Who is responsible for managing cultural interaction?

what are the consequences when cultures interact

When two or more cultures interact with one another, there are some rules that govern who is allowed to be in relationship with whom. This can be a difficult topic to discuss, so who is responsible for managing this cultural interaction?

When two cultures meet each other for the first time, it is the responsibility of the culture that supplies the most partners to pair up together. For instance, in North America, it’s Canada who offers them.

On the other hand, when two people from different cultures get together, it is the person from the second culture’s responsibility to make sure they know what people in their first culture know about them. For instance, people on dating apps and such.

This is because when people find out that one person on a dating app comes from China but they say they go to Canada, it can lead to misunderstandings.

The internet and globalization have accelerated interaction between cultures

what are the consequences when cultures interact

The internet has made it easier for people from different societies to meet and communicate. However, due to increased international travel, more people in the world are exposed to the customs of others.

This is beneficial when dealing with sensitive topics or situations. When individuals in a community know one another well, there is a greater chance for trust and quality health care.

However, when individuals from different cultures work together in an environment, when they are exposed to things from other culture, this can create problems. We will talk more about these problems later on in this article Naduvreur de santé.

When two or more culture’s meet each other, it is important that they be honest with each other Naduvreur de santé. It is also important that they understand the language Each person needs their language to communicate With Other People They Metteur en Question.

Interaction between cultures has both positive and negative consequences

what are the consequences when cultures interact

When groups of people come into contact with each other, they usually behave in certain ways for fear of being outnumbered or outmannedc.

This behavior is called socialization. It is a way for people to learn about each other and how to interact with one another. Socializing is not always beneficial, though.

When two groups come together and the two groups don’t match up in culture or religion, the most common problem that occurs is conflictn. When this happens, the groups need to learn how to work together effectively or they will continue to fight one anothern.

This article will talk about some of the consequences when two cultures meet each othern.

Interaction can result in cultural diffusion

what are the consequences when cultures interact

A phenomenon called cultural diffusion occurs when two or more groups of people or societies of animals or plants interact with each other. This can happen peacefully, or not!

When two groups of people or animals get together, they may adopt their customs, habits, and traditions. Sometimes they even blend into each other and lose their distinct features.

This is known as the homogenization of a group. When this happens, it is considered interstate migration. It is important for us humans to know about this phenomenon so we can protect ourselves from illness and epidemic waves.

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