Velma Boot By Kork Ease

Velma Boot is a pretty new addition to the women’s fashion scene. Made from Kork Ease’s proprietary leather compound, this leather platform is designed to change shape in the heat and cold. This means you can depend on your Velma Boot every year!

Velma Boots are usually around five inches tall and four inches wide. This small size is because it requires a little more support in order to feel comfortable. However, with some attention to shoes, this size can be downsized!

The beauty of this new trend is that it brings confidence in women who are not necessarily high heels fans.


Leather texture

velma boot by kork ease

Unlike many leather products, Velma is made of leather. This makes a big difference! Leather has different properties than other materials.

Because it is leather, Velma doesn’t get as soft and smooth with use. It also does not last as long either. Because it is durable, you have to buy it in sets or whole seasons.

Some people do not feel comfortable using leather products because they are worried about allergies or burn/hot pansning. Neither of those problems happened with Velma!

Being that it is durable, some people use it to protect furniture from children or weather damage.

Soft leather

velma boot by kork ease

Velma is a soft leather boot with a simple yet strong motif. The leather is machine sewn together and then covered with a shiny, rubber-like base. This keeps the boot stable and in place.

Velma is meant to be worn all day, so this boot is right for you! Because the top of the leather is thicker, it takes more time to fashion yourself into it. But if you are looking for a nice, sturdy shoe to wear all day, this one may work for you!

The top of the Velma Boot has little holes that can be placed your own footpads. These can be bought as a gift but you can buy them yourself too if you want to! They are very affordable and easily found at many online retailers.

Velmas are usually worn by people that like very tall shoes or ones that do not want a low profile shoe. Because Velmas are slightly higher than standard shoes, this makes them not fit standard sized feet perfectly.

Mid-calf length

velma boot by kork ease

Most short calf boots are mid-calf length. This is a shorter length than standard calf boots are tall!

If you are looking for a longer length, then short calf boots are the way to go. They are not easy to get a long in short calf boot, so make sure to check out our recommended model below.

Short calf boots can also help you get a more casual look. You can look through them and put them on without much else! They are a great way to start re-defining your fashion style.

The downside to short calf boots is that they require more care and maintenance than standard height boots. They require more frequent shoe cleaning and polishing, because the leather needs to be waxed or buffed into place.

Zip entry

velma boot by kork ease

This is a feature that should be implemented in almost every sneaker. The velomobile should have a built-in zip entry! This feature would allow you to easily enter a sneaker into your shoe-size conversion system or online market, since it would have a zip bar to enter your size.

By having this feature, more people will purchase shoes because they know the Velocibel will not break if the zipped enclosure is removed. This will increase sales and keep people coming back to buy new shoes.

There are several brands that offer this feature with different models.

Comfortable fit

velma boot by kork ease

When looking for new shoes, people usually want something that is comfortable. They want the shoes to be soft and fit their feet properly.

Thankfully, the Velma Boot by Kork Ease is! This women’s shoe is designed with comfort in mind. It has a memory foam in the back of the foot to make it feel plush and comfortable.

The outside of the shoe is rubber so it sticks to your foot making it feel secure. The wedge shape of this shoe helps support and increase comfort.

It also looks nice! Most people would like this style of shoes because they are classy looking.

Great price

velma boot by kork ease

Velma Boot is a cute and functional heel insert. It adds support where needed and can be worn without the ball of the foot being on top.

Its cool looking may make you want to add it to your shoe collection, even if you do not need this shoe with everything!

Velma Boot is a budget friendly shoe that does the job well. They are easy to put on and take off which is nice!

They are easy to get in and out of as well, which is a big plus.

There are many colors available for Velma Boot so they will not be an easy color find. They are soft and comfortable right away so if you need more time to love them before giving them away, buy them!

They do not have any mandatory breaks in period, but they should due to the slight drop in width when taking off and putting on these shoes.

Durable material

velma boot by kork ease

Although this shoe is billed as velour, there are no plush fabrics or textures. Instead, this shoe features a durable leather sole and lining. This makes the Velma Boot withstand daily wear and tear quite well.

You can tell that this shoe has been through some things, because it has some stains on it. These include wine and juice stains, which are easy to remove with a water-based cleaner and dryer session.

Another thing you can do is use clear glue to fix any tears or spots that develop. This is very useful if you find yourself having to replace the shoes frequently.

This product is perfect for anyone looking for a comfortable but sturdy sneaker.

Many color choices

velma boot by kork ease

Velma is a cute and functional shoe. You can use it as a everyday shoe or a party shoes. They are perfect for any day, week, or event that you need a nice and comfortable pair of shoes.

Velma is available in many colors, so you do not have to choose between comfort and style. The leather is soft and easy to wear. The nail shape makes it easier to get a good fit.

The Velma is not the only nice looking shoe with this feature. You can also find the Maria Teresa, the Celine, and the Guess brands featuring this look.

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