Two Speeding Tickets In A Year

Speeding is a federal offense and most states have some kind of speeding ticket. While it may not seem like that many points are being scored each year, speeding can be a very costly habit to break.

When you reach 100 miles per hour in a fifty mile per hour zone, your speed has been calculated at around thirty-five hundredths of a mile per hour. That is less than one inch per minute!

If you are caught breaking the law when driving, driving privileges are suspended for several days. If you are caught driving with an Alliance For A Safer And Healthier Driver (AFAD) license, your driver’s license will be denied for two years!

It is important to know how much speeding you have done, and should do, enough to get rid of the ticket? Here we will discuss the most common charges that are filed against drivers who exceed the speed limit by less than ten miles per hour (MPH).

The penalty for getting two speeding tickets in the same year depends on the state you received them in

two speeding tickets in a year

In some states, your next ticket must be for a different speed limit or you can be charged with multiple speeding violations.

In other states, you can receive a warning or even a fine for both violations in one year. It all depends on how many times you can drive in a year.

Most drivers keep track of their driving records by contacting their state police and/or the local police. If your records are good, then it does not matter if you drive at a slower rate on your next ticket.

If you drive at normal rates, then it will cost you more to make up for it with your legal driving habits.

If you receive a second ticket within the same year, you may have to pay a higher fine

two speeding tickets in a year

In order to keep your privilege, you must pay a lower second ticket fine. If you receive a second speeding ticket in California within the same year, the assessor can charge you a higher fine of up to $7,500 depending on the amount of speed you were going at the time of violation.

Many people do not realize this until it is too late. Many people do not realize that they have to pay the increased fine until they receive a Notice of Violation in their mail.

If you are found to be exceeding the speed limit by 5 miles per hour or more, then you will be given a worse punishment than just a Citation and an Ordered Summons. You will be given an Ordered Summary Judgment which requires you to come into court and show proof that you were actually driving below the speed limit.

You may have to do community service

two speeding tickets in a year

If you are found guilty of a speeding ticket, you may be sentenced to do community service. Many places have high traffic areas and will send you to those areas to carry out your sentence.

There are several ways to serve your community service sentence. You can go to a local shelter where you will be exposed to many people and things. You can go to an organization that assists the community in some way.

You can even go as far as building or conducting research on a traffic camera site or speed cameras. If someone is caught speeding, go out and help them out! You will probably receive more positive results this way than if you were actually there to help fight for them.

The judge can also raise your fine depending on how much you were speeding by

two speeding tickets in a year

In most cases, a speeding ticket is assessed at a maximum of $200. If you were driving the vehicle at full speed, your fine would increase to $300.

However, in some cases, the driver received a much lower fine due to the severity of their speeding. In these cases, the judge can raise the fine by up to $500!

Generally, if you were driving at 20 miles per hour over the speed limit, then a judge could raise your fine by $20. If you were driving 55 miles per hour over the limit, then a judge could raise your fine by $60!

If you were found guilty of speeding in such cases, you could expect to pay more than once.

You may be required to take a driver safety course

two speeding tickets in a year

There may be a minimum period of time that a driver must have been in the car before they can drive off the roader. Some states have required driver education for years before drivers could go to the wheels.

While driving is a privilege, it also comes with responsibilities. By having a basic driving course, you will learn how to control your car and take some risks like lane changes and intersections. You will also learn how to merge into traffic and make turns.

It is important to learn this lesson by using your own vehicle, as having an advanced course on your vehicle can be tricky when trying to get out of the house or go somewhere. A rental company can also provide this course through using their offices, so you do not need to go off-site.

A second ticket can result in a point on your license

When a driver receives a second speeding ticket under similar conditions to the first one, that driver can lose their license when they drive after being cited.

Drivers are bound by the same odds in getting a second speeding ticket. If the driver has another vehicle or is recording the traffic signal, then they are still liable to receive a second speeding fine and/or citation.

There are several ways of avoiding a second speeding ticket. One way is to assume that if you were stopped for a first speed violation, you would not be caught for a second one within two months. But this can be hard to do when you already have an active driving record on your own.

A second ticket can result in a longer suspension of your license

two speeding tickets in a year

If you are caught driving or riding a bicycle at a speed greater than 30 miles per hour over the speed limit, you may be subject to a second speeding ticket.

Many jurisdictions have increased penalties for speeding in excess of 25 miles per hour. These include California, Florida, Georgia, Maryland, New Jersey, Oregon, Pennsylvania and Washington.

You may be asked to pay a fine in addition to your current driver’s license dismissal. If you are currently suspended for driving while under the influence of alcohol or drugesta second speeding ticket could result in a longer suspension of your driver’s license.

If you are caught driving or riding a bicycle at a speed greater than 30 miles an hour over the speed limit again, you may be subject to another vehicle safety inspection and possible revocation of your driver’s license which can lead to homelessness and inability to workenza second speeding ticket is often difficult to understandfaailty ballpoint penais frequently cited as one of the primary reasons that individuals are subsequently charged with vehicular Code Section 22000(b)vehicular code section 22000(b) prohibits using any device “to cause operation of an electric motor” such as “a gasoline engine or gasoline motor” when “the device is not authorized by law for use on public roads.” this includes devices like keyboards and tablets that are used while drivingia vehicle safety inspectionmay result in more severe penalties such as prohibiting access to vehicles for certain purposesor revoking their drivers license because they were found with traces of drugsin additionto the potential fine and vehicle immobilization fees described above.

Reducing your fine with good driving can reduce the chance of another ticket

two speeding tickets in a year

If you are a good driver and use your vehicle safely, driving between zero and a few hundred thousand worth of tickets is an economical way to reduce your fine.

It is recommended to make one stop at a traffic signal before making the next turn. Also, never drive at high speeds unless you are involved in an emergency or driving defensively.

If you are currently facing speeding charges, do not give up. It is possible to pay your ticket at a lower charge or have it dismissed if you improve your driving habits. Try contacting a vehicle insurance company if you are still charged at this level, they may be willing to give you a break.

Drive outside of work or during lunch time to show that you care about your job and your surroundings.

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