Toys For Tots Car Show

An introduction to the next great toy giveaway, Cars For Tots. These toys are designed to be played with and destroyed, just like every other toy out there. They are also recyclable if you want to give them to a nonprofit organization or community project.

By letting users upload their own photos and input their names, they create a fun tradition to keep. Users can also submit information about when they were born, what age they were given the toy, and what organization they’re giving the toy to.

This is a great way to raise awareness of Toys ‘R Us’s legacy and work, as well as help children who are without toys find something meaningful to do with them.


Who is Toys for Tots?

toys for tots car show

Toys For Tots is a non-profit organization dedicated to changing the way children behave by teaching them the value of money. Through their charitable car show, they encourage young children to learn the importance of money and good behavior in order to help prevent them from spending and dealing with money in later life.

Their show is named Toys For Tots and they offer a free toy car or truck at the event. The kids are also asked to donate a small toy or merchandise from an item they would like to buy. It is such a great incentive to donate because you know you will be receiving a quality item!

Toys for Tots was first introduced as an idea more than 25 years ago. At that time, there was not much information about how or why people wanted to help give back to society. Today, there are billions of ideas behind Toys for Tots with never-ending requests from members of the public for donations.

Parking and entrance

toys for tots car show

When you have a toy collection, the next step is actually storing them all. How much storage space you have really depends on how many toys you have.

Some people keep their toys in bins with other items, which makes it easier to access them. Other people organize their toys in rooms or groups, making it more difficult to lose out on an item.

Organizing your toys is a great way to enjoy collecting but also save some money in the process. By renting a toy room or meeting up with other collectors, you will find new things to display and enjoy with your collection.

There are several ways to enter your room at the toy convention.

Tickets to the event

toys for tots car show

You can purchase tickets at the event on-site. They are a great way to be involved in the event as well as support local children.

Tickets are limited, so get yours today!

You have a chance to meet and get involved with the kids at the event and help them out. It is such a great feeling to see the kids smile and spend some time with their toys.

This is such a great event to support since it benefits multiple children and organizations. The cars will be decorated with activities and treats so there will be lots of fun things for the kids to do.


toys for tots car show

Having autographs is an integral part of being a toy collector. You can’t be without your collection! While most toys are ABSOLUTELY signed, not every single one is. That’s the whole point of being a collector, right?

Many toys are signed but not autographed. If it is autographed, the artist signs it on multiple copies so as to maximize their exposure and gain.

Some artists will only sign their own work and no other items. This is called personal signing and is done for reasons of privacy or fans who wish to support the artist but do not want to pay for multiple copies.

The biggest challenge when trying to acquire personal signatures is getting them fast.

Photo opportunities

toys for tots car show

When you have a toy collection that you want to show off, the next step is making sure you are safe. It’s always best to be prepared in case of breakage or damage.

Some toys can not be put into a body and still be a safety hazard. These include bulletproof vests, high explosives, and any toy that can kill. We suggest checking the Safety 1st website for some great quick tips on staying safe with your toys.

Stay away from toys that are unpredictable in terms of function such as rockets or guns, these may look fun but could hurt someone if they get enthusiastic with them.

Making sure your collection is safe is the first step into preparing for the Toys for Tots Car Show.

Charity information

toys for tots car show

Any charity showmasters can create a fun, interactive, and cost-effective way to raise money. Their goal is to raise as much money as possible for their respectivecause and/or program.

By being a charity showmaster, you are free to create your own program of events. You can put on a toy drive or fund-raiser, run scavenger hunts, or offer discounts to customers who donate items.

You can also combine these elements: For example, hosting a scavenger hunt for customers who donate items and organizing a toy drive for customers who do not have much money but want to give back.

The key is to make your cause apparent.

What to bring to the event

toys for tots car show

While not necessary, a little preparation can save you time at the event. Here are some things that should be brought to the event to help the community members in the Toy Room and outside the Toy Room have a great time.

Music – The more music people listen to at a party, gathering or event, the more fun it is. This is why music is such a big part of Toys for Tots! We ask that people provide music for two hours during the event which starts at 8:30am.

– The more music people listen to at a party, gathering or event such as sexier clothes – If you think someone may get upset by your donation of toys, then give them something prettier than what they are wearing currently. It will make them feel better about themselves and be an uplifting experience for them and others.

– If you think someone may get upset by your donation of toys, then give them something prettier than what they are wearing currently. It will make them feel better about themselves and be an uplifting experience for them and others. Aesthetics – People love looking at nice things so bring some extra clothes to entice others to donate!

Meet other toy collectors and learn about how Toys for Tots works.

Weather report

toys for tots car show

If you are having a party or event, you should think about what the weather conditions are like. If it is too cold or freezing, you should keep an extra blanket or two in a closet or storage container to have as an option.

If the weather is warm, you should have enough clothing to go around! Your guests will appreciate being able to wear their favorite clothes and not be worried about being cold or wearing only one piece of clothing.

Also, if the event is outside, there are ways to ensure people do not get cold.

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