Tools Used To Unlock Car Doors

When someone gets in your car, it is important that they unlocked the car door for you. You want them to do this so you can continue driving without having to exit the vehicle to open the door for them.

There are a few methods of unlocking a car door. Some ways to unlock a car door using buttons or switches on the outside of the doors. Other ways use specialized keys or fobs to enter and exit the vehicle.

Using specialized keys or fobs is not recommended because they can be difficult or impossible to pre-program into some vehicles.



When trying to open a car door with your finger, you can get cut or hurt. Instead of trying to touch the door surface with your finger, you can use a scissors.

There are many different kinds of scissors, so it is up to you how close you want them to be to the door edge. closer they want them to be to the door edge. Some are as small as 4 inches in length, making them easy to carry in a purse or pocket.

When using a scissors on a car window, make sure not to point the bottom of the window toward where the window will close on top of the car. That could cause you some pain and cuts!

Scissors are also useful when trying to open a front doors with no problem. Make sure not to point the front side of the door toward where you open it with! That would cause you some strain or damage.

Punch tool

A punch tool is used to unlock a car door using the handle at the top. The handle is called a punch tool but it does not look like the one in the picture.

The top of the punch tool is hollow making place for your hands. Your hands are placed inside the hole and pulled upwards and forward to create enough momentum to open the car door.

This action can be done standing orwalking with this tool. Only walked can do some damage to floors as you can hit them hard with this action. If you only can can opening a car door with your hands, then get this!

Many companies sell these tools but you can find them online also.

Key duplicating machine

When you want to duplicate a key but don’t have a key making machine at home, you can use one of the many key duplicating machines available. These machines are typically situated in stores that will make you a new key.

These machines allow you to go through several keys, creating a list of keys that you can cross off your list. You can then go to any of these keys and buy a new one.

Some machines will also include an extra set of keys that are compatible with your new key. This is done in case one key gets lost or stolen. If someone finds the old key, they can not enter the house because of the new one replacing it.

When using these types of machines, be careful that all six buttons on each machine are pressed in order for them to match up and create your new set of keys.

Chip puller

Removing a chip from the door is an option when trying to figure out how to unlock a car door with another chip. The chip puller is a tool that can be used to remove a small piece of metal that holds the chip in the door.

This piece of metal can be held in place by a key fob, but not all cars have one. If you have one of these keys, you can use this tool to unlock your car!

You must use strong household cleansers and liquids to remove the small bit of metal that holds the chip, as there is no low-viscosity liquid available that will do the job.

Lock picks

A lock pick is a useful piece of equipment that you can buy and use. A lock pick will allow you to unlock a car door, so keep one nearby.

You can also use a lock pick in the house to unlock a closet or storage unit.

Auto door unlockers

A common tool used in the process of opening a car door is called an auto unlocker. An auto unlocker can be purchased at most hardware or home goods stores.

They are not a direct touch-type auto unlocker, like we have here, but a key fob type device that you connect to your car’s navigation system to get the code.

You plug it in, you scan the code and voila! You open the door! These are very useful tools to have in your arsenal, especially if you are getting married soon and need a way to get out of the car quickly.

Bullet point consumption: Auto door lock codes can range from 0-15, which is how many cars were programmed into the doors. Most come in between 5 and 7, giving you enough time to enter one if your keys are hardwired into the office or house.

Professional car keys

A car key is what identifies the car you drive as your key to everything around you. You can make a new key every time the keys fall off or you can take advantage of the one you have and use it.

Either way, the process is the same. You must write down your phone number and address as well as your license number and address. Then, you must visit a local auto parts store or mechanic where your car is located to have it programmed into the new key.

At this stage, you will need to test-drive your vehicle with and without the keys in the ignition to make sure it functions properly before hanging on to them for good.

Replacement car keys

When it comes to finding your car in the middle of the night, or when you’re really stressed out and your hands are shaking, a car key replacement tool can be useful.

You can pick up a few different brands of car keys at stores, and they all have different sizes and styles. Some have wireless transmitters attached to them, which is helpful if you need to enter a vehicle without the help of the key.

Others have built-in RFID chips that prevent someone from loading another card on to it, making this a one-time use tool. Still others have satellite navigation technology built into them, making it even more accurate when searching for your vehicle.

These tools can save you from having to walk around with a key in another room for about an hour, trying to get another card on to it.