Marcy Home Gym Workout Routine

Marcy Home Gym is a collection of cardio, strength, and yoga poses designed to get you out and about. Created for people who didn’t have a lot of space or time to workout in their home, this collection has you covered.

Designed as a set-and-forget process, the Home Gym Workout Routine is built to be performed in your own pace and at your own speed. It features four routines that are offered as free downloads, making it easy to find what works for you.

Some may feel that being allowed to create my own routine was a big turn-off at first, but once I showed how easy it was to do, it became very easy. Once I got the hang of it, doing the same routines every day became much easier.

The Home Gym Workout Routine is great for people who want some extra indoor workouts or who don’t have much access to the outdoors.



The flyes routine was created by Marcy herself. It is an easy, yet effective workout routine that can be done at home.

Tricep extensions

Looking to add a little extra emphasis to your triceps? Then this workout is for you. This routine is designed to be performed as a total body exercise, so the majority of your work will be done in your arms.

As the name suggests, this workout is performed on your knees instead of on your feet. That being said, this still requires some leg work, as you’ll use your legs to move the weight around.
An important part of this routine is choosing the right size unit you need for yourself. You can have trouble finding enough support when trying to put one on every day!

This unit can be difficult at first, so make sure you don’t rush it! Rather, start with less and then increase by step until you get to what feels comfortable for you.

Bicep curls

Up top, head down, repeat. That is how much strength you need to get into your body. When you are working out hard, your body needs time to recover.

You can do bicep curls at the gym, but here we will tell you how to do them at home. You can find them difficult to do on your own, so it is best to have a partner help you out here.
The easiest way to do bicep curls is by lying on your back with your arms extended and then raising them above your head. Then, as you bring the hands up, break into a tight fist and pull them back until they touch the other side of your shoulder. The goal here is to create a curve in the arms and then add some weight in place of the weight.

You can also do bicep curls on a home gym workout routine machines. These devices have different areas that you must place yourself in order to perform the curl. If doing this on your own, make sure that you are able to keep the position that you put yourself in while using the machine.

Shoulder presses

Shoulder presses are a great gymnastics exercise. Shoulder presses are a mid-range endurance exercise, like running or swimming laps, but like with many reps on the Gymnastic scale, they get easier as you go.

When doing shoulder presses, you can start with your arms at your sides, or slightly wider than that. Then you can slowly raise them until they’re connected to your body, or even higher. You can also do them with narrow shoulders or no shirt.

This is the most dependent of the gymnastics exercises on your body type. Each has its own benefits and causes benefits in brain and body alike. Shoulder press is an excellent choice for beginning athletes because it is hard but not damaging.

Lateral raises

Barbells are your best friend when it comes to fat loss. They can help you get a better, more Planchettian workout. Using a barbell or dumbbells will help you perform this routine.

By holding the barbell in one hand and raising the opposite arm in a lateral raise, you are performing a raise. As you do this for about half a minute, you will raise and lower the weight on your arm.

This is done as slowly as possible so that you don’t crush your wrist or get hurt. Once you learn how to do it, you will be raising and lowering the weight on your arm with ease.

Ab crunches

One of the most basic exercises you can do is the Ab crunch. This is just a body-weight ab crunch with your hands behind your back. You can also hold a punching bag or toy ball in front of you to help practice.

This is very important for toning your lower and upper abs, as well as improving your overall muscle strength. When you exercise, you’re building strength in various places within your body.

The ab crunches are one of the best ways to do this because they get you right up on the toes and back quickly. You also get a good burn with this exercise as soon as you do it, so there’s no waiting time.

Leg raises

One of the best cardio exercises is leg raises. While they can be done with your feet on the ground or using your hands, the easiest way is with your feet raised. This is called rollout leg raises and it can be performed with your left foot relaxed and right foot tense.

These can be performed with low or high knees, and both sides of the body are involved. When performing these, you will want to focus more on the recovery time rather than getting a good workout. Due to their recovery time, this exercise can be done less than other workouts.

Chest dips

This one is a speciality of the gym home workout routine. Instead of lifting weights, you instead have to perform a Chest Dip. This one dip is harder than the other ones due to the fact that it requires more space and concentration.

The rules for performing a chest dip are very simple: You must hold your head higher than your feet and then down as you raise your head. It is best to keep your body as upright as possible while doing this.

This one move can help you get some extra R&R time in, help you recover from your other workouts, and make you feel more refreshed after your workout. It also works as a breathing exercise so you will get some nice oxygenation into your system.