Things To Do As A Stay At Home Mom

Stay at home moms range from part time to full time. There is a sweet spot in middle where you feel productive and busy but still with the ability to relax.

It is at this stage that most of them begin to realize how much time they have left for themselves. Most of them start around the same age, around 30-35.

At this stage, most of them are focused on their careers, family obligations, or just love of parenting makes them want to start. Many start with child care or online classes but then find it easier to just take over- the freedom of being able to control how much time the kids are supposed to be can be nice.

There are many resources for Stay at Home Moms and beginning mothers alike.


Keep house clean

Even as a stay at home mom, you’re always going to have things to do in your life. You’re a busy person who wants to live life to the fullest every day.

So why not make sure your home is clean?Research shows that maintaining a clean house promotes good health in your personal and family life.

From living room and kitchen spills to dust bunnies and wiped-off surfaces, a house filled with mess can say many things – love, romance, imperfection.

From emotional impact (you may feel like you are always under siege from your spouse and kids when they walk into the house) to financial impact (you may need to purchase more products or repair materials), cleanup is an annual task that should be done regularly.

Exercise regularly

Working from home has its benefits. You can keep a close eye on the kids, make sure your husband is taking care of himself, and still get a work out.

It also provides you with a platform to meet new folks and develop new friends along with your family. The fitness program is a great way to make new friends and you could even do this while watching the kids.

Many people now look at fitness programs as an outlet for stress. Not only do they feel good but they also improve your health in various ways. Plus, it’s fun!

There are many different ways to workout so don’t be afraid to try something new.

Learn to cook great meals

While most people watch TV and/or listen to the radio, you can now and then! There are many resources for new cookbooks and recipes, so don’t be afraid to try your hand at some of the recipesheidè.

There are many quality cookbooks geared towards everyday cooking, so look through the spine and see if one is mentioned. If so, it is a good one to have on hand as a quick and easy meal option.

Some of the best-known cookbooks for stay at home moms are Betty Crocker, Crock-Pot, & Rachael Ray. Each has its own style of cooking and offers good choices for those who do not always have access to stovetop or ovens and heatsings.

As you learn how to cook these different styles of food, you will be able to give your mom a good gift by sharing your favorite recipes with her.

Spend time with your family

Even if you can’t do anything about the family of your kids, spend some time with your own family. You spent a lot of time raising your kids and yourself to a higher level so you deserve to have fun too.

Many people don’t because of their busy lives, but it’s important. You can’t keep gettinglderpeople off visits and funerals if you don’t socialize with the rest of the community.There are many things you can do with your children that have nothing to do with college or work.

For instance, take them fishing or golfing or any other sport they enjoy.

Find a support group

In case you are not a mom yet, but want to be a good mom, find a support group for stay at home moms. These groups are for real moms who have family and daycare responsibilities but don’t have much help as they parent your child.

Many groups offer educational materials and support to help you learn how to be a good parent. Some even have classes on how to deal with your child’s behavior, how to spend time with children outside of the house, and even foundational stuff like health and education.

These groups are great if you are family-oriented because you can meet other people who have kids and feel like you have something to worry about. It can also be helpful if you need help in this area as a mother.

bullet point| Modifying play is a key domain of childhood learning that takes place in the home instead of the playground or library.

Keep studying yourself

While home, you have a lot of time to spend on yourself. You can do yoga at the kitchen table or in your jacuzzi, go for a walk outside, or read an eBook on your Kindle.

You can also get busy with your hobbies. Get into some healthy eating habits, work on your social skills, and develop a emotional intelligence. Even if you are not an accomplished baker but make scrambled eggs every now and then, you still have the chance to take care of that.

Whatever you like to do – painting, gardening, woodworking, whatever makes you feel good – there is something out there for you to do. The sky is the limit!

Bullet point: Make yourself useful

It’s never too late to become active in society or in the business world.

Travel locally

While it is not necessarily a “do as the Stay at Home Mom” point, tour local businesses and places of interest is highly encouraged. Many large cities have “marketplaces” or areas where local businesses gather to sell their goods and services.

Many of these marketplaces have web sites or are very direct with their visitors that they are a great place to find cheap furniture, wedding decorations, etc. To go into a city without much furniture or decoration, lots of places like WALMART are a good choice.

Take up a hobby

You can do most things silently. You do not have to be carried away by an excessive passion for the details or for the subject matter. You do not have to be very good at it, either.

There are many ways to spend your time. You can read, watch TV shows and movies, listen to music, take up a hobby, or even try a new skill you previously lacked.

None of these things are time bombs-you will always have time to work on them when you get the time. They all have their benefits that you wouldnt experience without the time provided by a hobby or activity.

You will feel more engaged and invested in what you are doing, which may help you focus and perform better on your next assignment or presentation. You may feel more motivated and spent when you get something done in spite of yourself, which can boost morale and performance in those working with you.