Stuart Weitzman Lowland Suede Over The Knee Boot

The Lowland Suede Over the Knee Boot is one of the most popular winter boots on the market today. They are known for their premium quality, beautiful suede, and easy to follow instructions for wearing.

They are also one of the hardest clothing items to size up, which is nice! Once you find your size, you will know it. This is a great boot to start looking at winter footwear as there are many different styles to choose from.

This article will go over some information about this boot so that you can help other people decide whether or not this is the right shoe for them.



stuart weitzman lowland suede over the knee boot

Suede is a very popular textile material used in fashion. Suede can come in many colors, which makes it even more versatile. Luckily, they are!

These are one of the most popular pairs of suede over the knee boots in 2018. They are soft and comfortable, making them a go-to for almost every fashion season.

They are typically black or dark brown with some accents, making them very versatile. These look great with almost any color uniform shirt and pants. They also make a great match for a leather jacket or thermal jacket!

The key to buying a pair of suedes that fit is finding the right balance between going too far and not enough. Too much will be hard to shift, since there is not enough coverup material, but too little will be hard to get off.


stuart weitzman lowland suede over the knee boot

The main reason to buy a over-knee boot is because of the shape of the foot in front. There is a upturned tip at the forefoot that extends up and out, creating the shape.

This style of boot has this shape preserved in upper half, making it look more custom. You can also opt for a low-top or non-heeled style, which makes it even more individual.

The lined interior helps keep your feet warm and dry during winter weather, when sneakers are not acceptable footwear. An understated logo or fabric tag can also be used to keep information private.

Given that these boots are expensive, do not buy cheap material nor less durable boots when looking for your next pair.


stuart weitzman lowland suede over the knee boot

If you are looking for a thick, rugged boot that will withstand any weather, then this article is for you. The Stuart Weitzman Lowland Suede Over the Knee Boot is a great choice.

This boot is durable and resistant to water and wear. It is also comfortable and easy to walk in. If you are looking for something special, this boot is for you!

The leather used in this boot is Suede, which makes it very soft and luxurious. Suede can be pricey, but not with these guys! This boot comes in five colors: Brown, Hot Pink, Lime, Red, and Terra-cotta. You can choose which one matches your personality the most!

These colors are attractive and remind me of different terrains I have seen in the past.

Touchup needed

stuart weitzman lowland suede over the knee boot

If you look closely at this boot, you can see some scuffing on the top of the knee and some on the bottom. This is due to the suede being slightly soft and squishing a little as you walk. This is not a problem if you are walking around, because it will stay put!

The only way to remove these marks is with a nail polish remover, which can be hard to come by. Most beauty supply stores will have some sellable products, such as nail polish removers or eye makeup removers.

The only downfall to this boot is that it takes a little time to get used to wearing it. It takes some getting used to having your bare foot rest on the ball of the boot instead of being folded under.


At close to $400, the Stuart Weitzman Lowland Suede Over the Knee Boot is a very high-end boot. They are also very hard!

This is a tall, over-the-knee boot that requires you to wear a layer on top of it to protect it. It is also heavy and requires support from another person to wear.

But if you can handle those things, then this boot is heaven. It feels like you are walking on air as soon as you do so!

The suede is soft and forgiving against your feet as well as the rest of your feet during wear. The height of the boot makes sure it keeps its shape even after being walked in, stood in front of the TV for an hour watching TV news coverage, or just being used every day by someone else.

Where to buy

stuart weitzman lowland suede over the knee boot

The best place to buy a Stuart Weitzman Lowland Suede Over the Knee Boot is through select Stuart Weitzman stores such as New York City, Boston, and Los Angeles. You can also order them online at!

As mentioned earlier, these boots are only available at stores and through Weizmann Online Store. However, this makes no difference to how wonderful these boots are! They are truly elegant and timeless!

These boots are called the Lowland Suede Over the Knee Boot because of the natural suede that covers most of the bottom. The top is covered by a brogue-style leather sole that matches the shape of the boot.

Similar styles

stuart weitzman lowland suede over the knee boot

Over the knee boots are one of the most popular shoe styles in America today. They look great on many body types, making them a universal favorite.

They are a pretty easy way to turn a normal foot into a boots-only feet. Over the knee shoes allow you to tuck your trousers in, making them more dressy. The height of the boot makes it look like you have high boots on.

There are many different types of over the knee boot, including soft leather or rubber soles, and rigidened plastic or metal toes. All of these tips will tell you how to make the right choice for you!

The biggest difference is whether or not they have a heel added.

Good for?

stuart weitzman lowland suede over the knee boot

Over the knee boots are a pretty universal favorite. They make a nice, classy look for just about anyone. They are also very easy to wear day to day with no need for fancy shoes or boots. This is a great fashion boot that everyone can invest in!

This boot is perfect if you are looking for a more casual look but want some height in your shoes. You will get some extra flair with this beauty!

How do you gain weight? You eat more calories than you need to, that is how. With this boot being only about half a size, it is going to be easy to lose weight in!

The suede feels nice against your feet and stays soft even after hours of walking, which shows how important this piece is.

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