Ros Hommerson Wide Calf Boot

The Ros Hommerson Wide Calf Boot is a new boot model from Roshe. This new model features a wider calf, wide top, and soft lining. These attributes make the Ros Hemmerson Wide Calf Boot unique compared to other wide calf boots.

The Hemmerson is a mid-range price point boot, making it very popular. It has gained some popularity at the high end of fashion runway as well as in the retail space. Since it does not have a higher profile sole, it works well for those who are looking for a more casual look without being sloppy.

This looks perfect on those who are more specific in what they are looking for in a boot. Some people are very specific about this and need this model to meet their needs.


Ros Hommerson wide calf boots

ros hommerson wide calf boot

These Ros Hommerson boots are a lightning fast way to upgrade your summer wardrobe. They are very popular because they look very nice on almost every body type. They are also incredibly easy to style!

You do not have to wear them with nothing on! You can do this right away! These boots are long, so if you are short, these may not be the right pick. However, if you is tall, then these will be perfect.

Because these shoes are long, many people choose to wear lacing on the top and through the heel. This way they can get some serious fashion points.

Soft leather

ros hommerson wide calf boot

Ros Hommerson boots are known for their soft leather. This is what makes them so wonderful to wear. They are not only attractive but safe too! Ros Hommerson boots have a little cap at the top that you can clip your belt around to!

These shoes are perfect if you are looking for a more relaxed look. You can feel comfortable in these shoes! They are also popular boot styles that people wear everyday. These looks great with any outfit.

The memory foam insoles keep your feet happy and cozy for hours. The outsoles are durable enough to withstand hours of walking, cooking, and storing. The toe box is adequate enough to prevent gouging if someone was quick on the tip of their toes.

Round toe

ros hommerson wide calf boot

This characteristic shapely aureola is what makes the Ros Hommerson Wide Calf Boot so beautiful. When looking at other wide calf boots, you would see that most have a square or diamond shaped toe.

These are acceptable features if you have very strong feet, but not everyone is happy with that type of shape. The round toe in this boot is what makes it beautiful!

This boot is also known as a high tea boot, because of the slight elongation of the calf and the rounded top. This looks lovely on all body types, making it a popular wardrobe staple.

Ros Heermans Wide Calf Boot is value for money as they last for up to 5-6 months before you need to buy another one! They are made from sturdy leather, and are designed to last for everyday use.

Silver buckle detail

ros hommerson wide calf boot

A pretty feature of most Roshe shoes is the silver buckle detail. This is usually in the shape of an hourglass, with a white line running down the middle.

This is a simple way to add some flair to your shoes, and is also very easy to lose or replace when switching up your styles. Many people opt to keep the same style of buckle, but add new colors or designs on it to mix it up.

The black and white are a pattern that always remains stable, so there are no worries of losing your shoes. The height of these boots is about half a inch, so there is not much space for error when making shoe choices.

RosheMums recommender: If you are already a full-size shoe wearer, this boot may be too big for you. To fit into these shoes, you must buy new soles and/or footbeds.

Pull on style

ros hommerson wide calf boot

Ros Hommerson boots are a classic look that can be updated with any new fashion trends. They are very easy to pair with every trend coming and going!

Ros Hommerson boots are known for having a pull on style toe box. This means that you must keep your toes warm by using sturdy shoes. The boot will then pull up the leg to show this style feature.

The height of the boot is what adds appeal to this style. Since these are usually not dressy enough for a formal event, they may wear them lower than usual. This is why it is important to have good footholes for this style!

Ros Hommerson Wide Calf Boot is one of the best sellers on Amazon.

Leather lining

ros hommerson wide calf boot

This is an uncommon feature. Most Roshes have leather soles, but not including this boot. The lining is comprised of soft leather bands that wrap around the ankle. These help add support and enhance the dressability of these shoes.

This adds a nice softness to the boot that makes it more comfortable to wear throughout the day. It also adds some texture and depth to the shoe, making it more beautiful than a plain leather footbed and upper.

However, if you do not like the look of this lining, it is easy to take out. There are two clips that hold it in place, so you can easily remove it if you want to put something over it for a different effect.

Both ends of this lining are useful.

Synthetic sole

ros hommerson wide calf boot

Ros Hommerson Wide Calf Boot is a great option if you are looking for a boot that is more durable than canvas, but not quite plastic. The boot has a synthetic sole that provides extra stability.

This sole can be dressed up or down! Many people use it for yoga and Pilates due to the versatility in how you wear the boot. It is also popular as an outdoor boot due to the durability.

The dressier versions have leather soles, while the casual ones have rubber soles. Either way, these types of boots are easy to get on and off!

Ros Hommerson Wide Calf Boot price may be high, but they are worth it! They are very durable and reliable. You will not have to buy them every season, because they will last you through years of weather.

Wide calves are hard to find boots for

ros hommerson wide calf boot

Most people who write about shoes for a living know that wide-calf boots are very hard to find. Most large retailers have just one pair of wide-calf boots on display, and they are gone the next day!

This is partially due to the fact that they take about a month to make and ship, so people buy them right away. Also, since they are sold as a pair, people get more money back if they do not like them right away.

Luckily, Ros Hommerson has been making wide-calf boots for years now and has the capacity to make many pairs! So, if you want the next big boot from Ros Hommerson, look no further!

These boots are beautiful and solid. They feel almost heavy when you have them on, which is kind of strange because they are so lightweight. The leather feels rich and thickly built, like it will last someone a long time.

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