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Changing the home screen layout in Android is a fun way to learn more about UI design. There are many ways to rearrange the home screen inmondia. Some of them include adding new apps, resizing and shifting apps, creating mixing groups of apps, and combining both vertical and horizontal app layouts.

Apps are one of the most popular ways to update the layout of your phone. In fact, you will be surprised how many people use certain apps in unison so having them together is a no-brainer.

With new app layouts being created constantly, it is now a way of life. Creating a new widget or two, resizing and placing them where you want them, and then combining them with other similar apps are some of the most common things do.

This article will talk about how to reset the home screen in Androidfeldish.


What is the home screen layout?

The home screen is where you place apps and notifications. By default, most android devices have at least two icons on the home screen. The first icon is the app you want to launch, the second is a notification.

The second icon can be a widget or group of widgets. When you want to add a new app or notification, you must first remove the previous one by dragging it off of the top of the screen.

This way, new things can be added quickly and easily. The third icon can be a group of apps or notifications that Interact with each other. By adding them together, you have a big network like in TV shows and movies where people are connected at once.

How to reset?

If you find your home screen is crowded and you want it to display less app information, then this article is for you. Here we will tell you how to reset your home screen.

As mentioned earlier, the Android™ interface contains many elements that don’t change size or layout. These hidden features are referred to as layout resources.

The layout resource for your home screen includes a morpheme (字典), which is an abstract concept that represents a template for a phone or desktop app’s homescreen. When this resource is set, it becomes possible to add new apps and places on your phone or computer’s desktop.

By changing the morpheme of your device’s homescreen, you can easily reset it back to its original look and feel. You can do this via the Google® Play™ Store, where there are numerous re-layout resources available.

Redo your layout

Once you have the app opened, you can now change the layout. There are many ways to layout your home screen, so this is not the last word!

There are many ways to set up your home screen. Some people prefer to organize their apps by category, others prefer more details on an app, or mixed. Either way, there are plenty of tips and tricks to pick you up!

This article will talk about some tips and tricks for changing your app layout. Once again, do not try these out until you have your new settings saved. This way, if you make a mistake, you can easily undo your changes!

If you want an overview of all the settings for the Home App, check out their support site here: http://www35.travler.

Delete an app

In case you have some apps you do not use anymore, then it is time to delete them. You can do this by going to the app’s detail screen and clicking on the delete button.

You can also go to the app’s detail screen and click on the delete button directly. Either way will take away the app from your home screen.

When doing this, make sure you have all of your other apps green with white borders around them so that they stand out. This way, if someone were looking for an app they would find one for which they had a picture and a description.

People might say that having too many apps is fun and gives you motivation, but it is also possible to delete some of them so that you have only the ones that are necessary on your home screen.

Move an app

When we move an app our home screen app now has to reschedule the new app to be above the old app. This is possible when we use Themes.

The new app can be moved up or down in size by using a different theme. When creating a new theme, there are several places to put elements. Most of these elements are under the apps you need to organize, such as folders or a special place.

Once created, we can then move the new app or re-organize the old app into this new layout.

Change the wallpaper

Changing the wallpaper can be a fun way to refresh your phone. There are numerous applications that offer you the ability to change the wallpaper on your device.

Many of these applications have pictures of people in their homes set as their phone’s wallpaper, making it a fun way to explore your phone’s built-in functionality.

You can also choose your own picture, or find ones with interesting backgrounds or scenes, which can be fun to use as the new background for your phone.

With enough effort, you can get good enough of a match for your color scheme that it almost looks like it is standing out against its own color scheme.

Resize the icons

When your home screen looks a little crowded, you can make it more organized. You can add or remove icons from the Apps & Icons list.

To move an icon to the left or right, tap and hold it until it becomes heavier, this indicates it is being moved. Once released, the icon will slide to the left or right, depending on which one you want to add or remove.

You can also shift icons around on your home screen by moving them with some apps like Tasker apps or widgets. This is helpful when you have lots of app-like items on your phone and need more space to see them all.

This article talks about five different ways to reorganize your home screen, including how to add new icons, how to shift existing ones around and what apps should be on it in the first place.

Reorder the icons

Using the launcher’s icon reorder feature, you can reorganize your home screen icons. This is very handy if you want to rearrange the order of apps or devices on your home screen.

Most of the time, you’ll want to add new icons in the order listed in the screenshot below. However, there are some instances where you’ll want to mix and match icons or ones with different positions.

For example, you might have an app for communication apps and a app for fun things, both of which are important. You might also want an educational app, as education is what you’d use on a daily basis.

You can download the icon reorder tool at

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