Polycom Voicestation 300 Conference Call Instructions

A conference call is a conversation where two or more people talk at the same time and coordinatedly. A call-and-response is also a conversation where two or more people talk while someone responds to their remarks with another response.

Conference calls have been around for quite some time. Both large and small companies use them to coordinate business runs, meetings, conferences, or just fun to talk about. Even if you are not involved in the conversation, you can feel like you are.

The main difference between a conference call and a telephone call is that on a conference call, you listen to someone other than your boss or co-worker on the phone. On a telephone call, you just speak into the phone and your message goes through someone else’s hands-on attitude.

Download the Polycom app

polycom voicestation 300 conference call instructions

Once your conference call is initiated, you will need to download the Polycom app. It can be downloaded on Apple and Android devices. Once it is installed, you can use it anytime to monitor your calls.

Once this app is installed, you can use it anytime to monitor your calls.

Create a account and login

polycom voicestation 300 conference call instructions

Once your account is created, you will be able to access and use the conference call feature. You will then be able to add a participant and begin a conference call!

To add a participant, go to their profile and click the plus sign. Then, enter their email address and password for that person.

Once that person is added, you can start a call with them. To end the call, send an email to [email protected] or tweet @PolyCom_Voice!

To participate in the conference call, enter your email address and then click the call button.

Select your phone number

polycom voicestation 300 conference call instructions

When you connect your Voicestation 300 to your phone, you will need to select a new number for it to connect to.

You can do this by selecting Add New Number on your Voicestation 300 device or by entering the numbers in the phone’s menu.

If you are adding a new number for the first time, enter an email address and password to set up your new number. You can then add additional numbers as long as they have the same email address and password.

Once you have added your new number, go back to the Voicestation 300 device or the phone’s menu and select Save Number. Your new number will be connected immediately!

How long does it take for my call to come through?

This depends on several things. For example, if someone is talking on the phone with you, their voice may sound distant or muffled due to how loud the device is.

Choose which extensions you want to dial for calls

polycom voicestation 300 conference call instructions

After your Voicestation 300 is connected, you can choose which extensions you want to dial for calls. These can be Departmental calls, Business Inquiries, or General Inquiries.

Departmental calls include things like “facial care” or “beauty care” companies that you know and trust. These are typically made for customers who know the same people, so it is more personalized than a business inquiry of unknowns.

Business inquiries may be people asking about your services or services you sell. It could be a company selling you a Voicestation 300, or it could be an operator asking questions on how to use the Voicestation 300.

General inquiries can be things like what service type Voicestation 300 users would like to have, or what features they would like added to the system.

Select a guest number

polycom voicestation 300 conference call instructions

When a guest calls, they must select a number from the table of callers. The guest can press any key to answer the call, but once they do, a beep will let them know who called.

They then have to wait for the call to finish and for the Voicestation 300 system to connect them to someone.

Once this happens, the system can send out an audio signal which the person can listen to on their device. This is helpful if they have a hearing loss or disability that makes it difficult for them to understand speech or hear tone.

This feature is very helpful as it allows people with disabilities access to conference calls, as they cannot usually do this without it.

Configure extensions for dialing guests

polycom voicestation 300 conference call instructions

When you have a large organization, you can save time by assigning up to five extension numbers to each member. This way, they can easily call outones if they have a need or request related to the conference call.

You can create as many extensions as you want, and they will be able to independently dial in and participate in the conference call. All they have to do is enter their respective extension numbers when prompted during the call.

This is useful if there are some groups that need more help on the call, or someone needs to breakdown what needs needed needed done status of requests. It also gives individuals more confidence in the system because of how many numbers are assigned.

Press the button on your Voicestation 300 for starting a conference call

polycom voicestation 300 conference call instructions

Once you have your Voicestation 300 device plugged in, you can start a conference call by pressing the button on your device. This will start a new call on your Voicestation 300 device.

You can also dial 511 on your Voicestation 300 to start an international conference call. This is very helpful for sharing a phone line with other participants in your call.

General tips: When making a call on your Voicesthesia™, remember to turn off the audible alert feature on the Voiconent™ app. This alerts the other person when you pick up the phone. It saves them having to listen to an incoming phone call being answered and continued by yourself before someone picks up.

General tips: When making a fax from your iPhone or iPad, do not use Internet faxing services. UseFax2PhoneApplication( ) functionality of the app to send the fax from your mobile device.

Dial your guest number using the keypad on the Voicestation 300

polycom voicestation 300 conference call instructions

To use the Voicestation 300, you must first pair it with your smartphone via the accompanying app. Then you can dial your guest’s number using the keypad on the Voicestation 300.

You can download the voicestation 300 app for your smartphone here.

Once connected, you can speak to your guest and hear them properly through the loudspeaker on the Voicestation 300. You can also speak to other members of your team using a microphone fitted onto a transmitter inside your phone.

We suggest that you only use this feature when there is no speakerphone available – it would be too distracting to have to speak through a microphone on one’s phone. You would also have to remember which button or keystroke triggers usage of the feature!

Having to use the keyboard and speaker on both devices is another precaution that we take when recommending this feature.

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