Nike Sfb Field 6 Men’s Boot

The Nike SFB Field 6 Men’s Boot is an affordable, comfortable pair of kicks. The boot is designed for all weather conditions with a durable rubber sole and lightweight foam cushioning.

These boots are available in black, summer red, and winter white. Each colorway looks beautiful!?>

This boot is ideal for all seasons as it can be worn all year long. It is known for its durability and softness which makes it a popular choice among fashionistas.

In this article, we will discuss the important points to consider when choosing a new pair of shoes.



nike sfb field 6 men's boot

Most people underestimate the importance of comfort when training. It can make or break your training session and how you prepare yourself for the day.

Concert-goers know the feeling of complete relaxation that comes after they’re exhausted from the concert and ready for a break. That feeling you get when you’re training is almost similar to that feel after a concert!

By going through some difficult exercises in ease of your own pace, you are establishing muscle memory and re-programming your body to do that on an easier days. You will feel more confident as well because you’ve mastered the exercise before.

You can also use this boot for hiking, walking around town, or just plain enjoying nature without worrying about wearing socks down by your feet. It is waterproof so do not worry about water ingress!

The SFB Field 6 Men’s Boot is a quality beginner boot. It is comfortdable with every pair of shoes, making it a reliable purchase every time.

Lacing system

nike sfb field 6 men's boot

The lacing system on this boot is amazing. You can choose between a quick-change lace system or a traditional lacing system. The quick-change system allows you to quickly and easily switch out the laces for an enhanced foot fit.

The traditional lacing system allows you more time to figure out your fit. It takes a little bit of time to learn how the laces sit on your foot, but when you do, it is glorious!

Both systems are great and have no differences in price, so which one you choose is up to you! The quick-change makes this boot more accessible for people.

The traditional lacing gives people a better sense of place because it tells them what each thickness represents. It also gives people the option to add new heels or shoes with this method of footwearfitting.

Sole material

nike sfb field 6 men's boot

These boots are designed with a rubber sole material. This provides little support and makes it easier to walk in. It also allows you to get a little more classic looking boot with this style.

In order to put the rubber sole material on, you have to apply some glue to the bottom of the boot. This creates a connection between the boot and your foot.

The glue can be removed, but if it is then you have a little magic trick up your sleeve! You can hang your new boot for hours until it dries, making it look even more gorgeous in real life.

That hanging effect is something that happens when they are new and you walk in them. It is like riding a motorcycle for the first time! They feel a little bouncy at first, which is something that gets harder and harder as they wear them down.

Sole shape

nike sfb field 6 men's boot

When looking at soles, there are some basic shapes that people can use. The smooth, soft, and/or steep slope of the sole is what determines which shape you have.

If your sole has a sharp angle, then you have a high-heel shape. If your sole has a c-shape, then you have a boat shape. If your sole is round, then you have an aviator style boot.

Each of these shapes has its own benefits and challenges when it comes to how your feet feel in the shoe.

The c-shape is the boat shape, which is like an open water boot. The rounder sole feels more comfortable underfoot because it feels less thick and heavy. The other two shapes feel more like football boots because of the sloped up front portion that touches the floor.


nike sfb field 6 men's boot

If you are looking for a casual boot that will keep you comfortable, the SFB Field 6 Men’s Boot is the one for you. These boots are made of leather and have rubberized soles to keep you from slipping.

You can wear these boots withnothing on, or you can add some cute fashion details with. Add rhinestones on the zipper and around the ankle, or go all-out with a latex glove.

Either way, these details make this boot look expensive. You will get lots of compliments on these shoes!

How much do they cost? $140 is what these boots cost at Nike, so if you are looking for a more affordable boot that will last you a long time, look no further! These boots are worth it in every way.

This is a full-length boot, so if you are not able to get a size large, buy a half-size down. This will help give this boot some more room to grow.


nike sfb field 6 men's boot

As mentioned before, a field boot is a good choice if you are going to be walking around in water or if you are going to be outside in the snow. If you are doing very little exercise, this is not a problem. However, if you are working up a sweat in the snow or playing football or soccer outside, this boots job is enhanced.

The bladder inside the boot holds about an inch of water which makes it more hygienic when working in water or during breakouts. This also helps prevent cracks and splits in the bottom of the boot which could allow water to enter and exceed the level of fluid inside.

Since this boot is made from rubber, it does not have any solid edges that could cause pain when feet get wet. It also does not have hard soles that could hurt your feet when going for short periods of time.


The weight of the boot is what determines the thickness of the soles. While not important to have with these shoes, some people may want to due to texture of the ground. These boots are meant for walking, so it makes sense that they have the weight for this.

Because these are a more casual boot, some people might not need a size larger than what is recommended. However, if you find that this one is too big, then a smaller size would be an improvement!

Overall, these boots are great! They are comfortable and sturdy. You will get several months of wear out of them before they need to be replaced. They are also stylish enough to wear with any outfit.

Zipper location & style

nike sfb field 6 men's boot

The zipper is located on the front of the boot. This makes it easier to get a quick look at what’s inside without taking off the rest of the shoe.

There is a pull-tab that controls how far the zipper opens. It can be cammed in or out, making it a nice choice for different looks.

This style has a slight flare at the top, so it looks nice when paired with a tight top or skirt. The bottom of this style has one little band that connects it to the next piece. This makes it easy to get on and off quickly!

The 6 is what size this boot is made for. Most people recommend going one half size up for this style because of the shape of the foot.

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