Muay Thai Training At Home

Muay Thai is a combat sport that originated in Thailand. It is characterized by its grace and flow of action, which can be both entertaining and instructive.

Muay Thai was originally used as a form of exercise and self-defense against predators such as the tiger. Today, it is still revered as a strong, rhythmic movement system that can be enjoyed by all.

Home Muay Thai training is a great way to get your daughter into Muay Thai. It is also a low cost way to add Muay Thai to your child’s diet. Many parents do not realize that having an open hand and feet are part of the basic stance muay thai stance moves are!

This article will go over some different ways for your child to learn how to train on their own at home.


Buy DVD’s

If you are already familiar with Muay Thai training at a higher level, you can now start doing more of your home routine Muay Thai training. Many high level practitioners continue to work on their skills in the gym by watching other fighters perform certain techniques.

If you are just starting out, you can still buy good quality DVDs that cover most steps of a fight routine. Most contain two rounds per day of fighting, so it is easy to get the job done.

The first step in home Muay Thai training is getting your weapons and body protection. Then, you can start working on your defense and counter-attacks. You can also do these at night or during your rest time!

Many fighters find that practicing these steps in their own home gives them a more complete experience than watching from the sidelines.

Buy a book

That is the best way to start your muay thai training at home. There are many books that teach you how to do muay thai at home. Most of them are in Thai, so if you are not trained in Thai, you can still learn some of the techniques.

Many of them are very detailed, and will give you different positions you can hold and how hard you should hold them, as well as some instructions on what motions should be made.

Learn the moves online

If you are not able to get a boxing or martial arts class in the home, you can still learn the moves. There are many Muay Thai training programs available on the Internet.

Most include a video and written instructions so you can also join in with your partner or in group classes. Many offer private lessons as well making it more convenient to have your Muay Thai training at home.

Make sure the trainer has good biomechanics and knows how to teach those who are not muay thai experts. If there is a certain skill that is hard for some, make sure it is covered! Homely skills that people can do at home are footwork, shadowboxing, and flow analysis.

Find a gym near you

If you are not able to get to a gym near you, then do the following: find a good-sized neighborhood park or community park where you can go for Muay Thai training at home tee-ball or soccer games and then go to the park and have a safety tour. This is important to do before you begin your program.

Then, visit one of the local community centers where you can learn how to fight in order to create more community support. Or, if you have a really large home, find a facility that rents land for MMA training. There are many companies that will do this for you for an hourly fee, or free of charge if you provide protection of your body.

Either way, find a facility that is not too far away from your home, that has weather protected area for fighters, and that has good safety standards. These should be met as they use sticks and hands protected by gloves.

Practice the moves yourself

It is always better to watch professional fights for inspiration, but you can also practice at home!

Watching professional fights isn’t a solution for everyone, however. You are not a professional fighter and your level of skill and competitiveness may be lower than theirs.

You can still gain valuable self-help by doing home training. Some self-help moves can be done in your bath or on the floor as you work on other things around the house.

Try watching some Muay Thai footage on your phone or computer if you are too busy to actually do the training yourself. There are many free web sites that host Muay Thai videos so you can also access them once you get home.

Some fighters even offer private training sessions via the internet so you can go hands on with them.

Know what muay thai is

Muay thai is an advanced martial art. It is most commonly referred to as a martial arts, but not every art that involves fighting uses the term boxing to describe their training.

Benefits of muay thai

Muay Thai is a distinctive and excellent alternative to the standard training regime. It can be done at your own pace, in as short a time as you want!

More importantly, you can do it at your convenience. There are many muay thai tracks available via YouTube, making it possible to start practicing right away.

Many fighters even use a foreign language for the term muay thai so as not to confuse people who are not familiar with the term. It is also possible to find muay thai on television if you have access to it.

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Get in shape

Now is the time to get in shape. While you can still do Muay Thai at home, you should be having professional Muay Thai classes at least once a week.

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