Mini Bailey Button Bling Boot

These pretty pink and white booties are a fun way to update your everyday shoes. They are also a good way to heal common foot pain, such as pigeon plumage.

Making these booties is a fun way to do some housework, because you can create several at a time and then toss the old ones in the closet and start new ones on. You also have the flexibility to add new soles if they are popular styles.

There are many companies that make these, so you can get enough for yourself! Some offer solid colors, so you will not have to buy two pairs of each color.


Bling boots

mini bailey button bling boot

Bling boots are back! Or at least they are back in 2018! They have been making a comeback in recent months, and now you can get them!

They look just like stiletto shoes, but they are built more like boots. The top of the boot has a band that connects the toes together, and then it has a leather band that runs down the outside of the boot.

The leather bands look very expensive, and they add some flair to your outfit. These boots are usually quite expensive, usually reaching double or triple digit prices!

They are a nice soft material that does not pinch or hurt your feet when wearing them for long periods of time.

Black boots

mini bailey button bling boot

Not your average black boot. These are full-size black boots with a little extra bling in them. The rest of the shoe features a soft, cushioned lining that adds some sleek appeal.

These bullet point highlighted details include: black leather soles, lining, and a 1/2 inch heel. This height is perfect! Most people who wear these size small-medium height feet.

If you are looking for something elegant and exclusive, this is the right look for you. Black is a very popular color to mix and match with shoes, dresses, and presentations. It goes well with almost everything!

This looks great on pretty much every race, shape, and size so we do not need to limit our topic to those who have narrow feet or none of the features mentioned above.

Knee high

Not only is this boot knee high, it is also a knee high. How gorgeous is that? You can choose between a height of just your feet, or you can add more above the level.

You can add more below the level if you want. We suggest going with just the one height!

These are a fun way to do something impossible: no foot washing, and still keep your shoes on! This is also a great way to do some daily wear-and-tare.

If you have very long legs, like we do at The Office, then this boot will be a dream. Because these are so tight at the calf, it will take some time to get them on.

Synthetic material

mini bailey button bling boot

Most people are uncomfortable wearing leather or rubberized footwear. They may be heavy and/or expensive. Therefore, most people opt for low-cost artificial leather or vinyl footwear.

You can easily tell the difference in quality between these synthetic shoes and the leather or vinyl ones you find in store. The vinyl shoes look much more expensive than the fake leather ones. You can also tell the fake leather ones by their square tops that are attached to the shoe with a short piece of material. These tops look fake and cheap!

If you want a nice looking, non-removable bangle-style ring, buy one that is made of plastic or nylon because they do not wear off over time. These will last you a long time because they do not stretch out due to walking around and being exposed to weather.

If you want more fashionable boots, buy those with thicker tires so that you can add some jewelry on top of them.

Mini button design

mini bailey button bling boot

If you prefer a shorter boot, then this bullet point can help you out. The short length of these boots can make it easier to hop in and out of them. Because they are shorter, you can fold them up or down in your bag to put them away.

They are also easier to clean because they are shorter and put in less space when going through the washer and dryer.

Shortened boots can be a pain in the rear end to store. It is harder to keep track of where the toes are located, and it can be tough to wrap enough shoelaces to fit all of them.

Luckily, there are some ways to help with this.

Perfect for winter

mini bailey button bling boot

When you think winter boot, you probably think snowboarding or some kind of winter play. But these little booties can be a fun piece to keep all season long.

They are easy to put on and off so if you are not a formal dress shoes person, it will still look good!

We suggest getting a size narrow or medium width. If you get a wide, it would probably be an illegal size for wearing in the boot because it would be too big around the sides.

Keep your feet warm

mini bailey button bling boot

When you are going outside in winter, it is important to keep your feet warm. You can do this by using warm socks and/or foot shoes.

Socks are my favorite way to keep the feet warm. There are so many places where you put on a pair of socks and place them under your shoes to stay_warm_! These include beautiful soft ones for sleeping, casual wear, or work shoes.

Foot Shoes are important to have if you don’t have a shoe that fits well enough. They help support your weight and prevent pain when walking.

They are small but mighty

mini bailey button bling boot

Most people think tiny is cute but some people might be a bit intimidated by it. These boot are roughly 1 inch thick so they look mighty!

If you are looking for a new way to let your clients or patients know what size you are, then this is the boot for you. They are easy to put on and off so they are always available.

They can be purchased in several sizes so that everyone can find the right fit. These boots can be stored in a suitcase or bag if necessary. They only need to be out of the box and onto feet to wear them!

Because these boots cannot be stored or transported, they must be made from durable materials.

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