Michael Kors Bryce Leather Boot

The Michael Kors Bryce Leather Boot is a classic style boot. They are known for being soft and comfortable to wear. They are also known for their durability. These boots are known for being leather only, making them last a long time.

These boots are very popular due to how easy they are to style. You can go with anything from tight-legged, leather-lined rubberized inserts, to wider leather sole plates, to wide rubberized sole plates. All of these look great!

This boot is not recommended if you have a very narrow foot, as it is designed for a narrow foot size. If you have a normal width or mean enough foot that this will not be an issue, then this boot is for you!

The one thing that makes this boot popular is its cost.


Smooth finish

michael kors bryce leather boot

When looking for strong boot collections, you want some that are rugged and handsome. The leather must look solid, and the fashionistas out there know what bolder looks mean!

The boots in this collection have a smooth finish, making them look expensive. This is thanks to the leather using Phantox® technology to lock in shape as you walk. This adds class to the collection and makes them more desirable than other shoes in the same size.

These shoes are also satiny finish so they look rich and preppy. All of these attributes appeal to people who are looking for a nice pair of shoes that can be dressed up or down.

These shoes are also slim-fitting so people with long feet can find them useful. They may be able to wear these all day without any pain as they are sturdy but not bulky.

Hoof-shaped heel

michael kors bryce leather boot

The Michael Kors Bryce Leather Boot is a beautiful, high-heel design. The shape of the boot is like a hoof with a thick, rounded tip. This design adds some élan to this sleek boot.

Heel tip: When looking at this sneaker with the round tip, it can look like it has a small slope at the bottom. This is not the case! The top of this sneaker has a soft leather that fit into that slope and made it look like a thick bone.

Sneaker height: This sneaker is about an inch or so tall when you are sitting in it. When you take it on and off, there is a little bit of a ‘click’ sound that happens. That is because the upper soles are hard enough to keep its shape but thin enough to let you get away with only one set of shoes!

Textured upper: This boot has some nice fur on top that feels nice against your feet during wear.

Gold hardware

michael kors bryce leather boot

The Michael Kors Bryce Leather Boot is full of features that include a gold hardware, leather lining, and cushioning. These features make this a very rich boot.

The gold hardware add some nice detail to this boot. These can be found on the inside of the foot as well as on the bottom of the boot. You can see them when looking at the boots from certain angles!

Gold is a high-end material so it is worth spending a little money on. This happens with shoes as well, you get better quality shoes at higher prices. The leather used in these shoes is top quality so you would need to buy something more expensive to achieve that effect.

Again, looking at the effect when this boot is worn with nothing else on gives me some ideas on how you could wear it!

bullet point: Cushioning in this shoe has an effect on how you can wear it.

Double zipper

michael kors bryce leather boot

The double zipper on this boot is a nice feature that few leather boots have. It adds some class to this boot! It also makes it very easy to get into and out of the boot.

Because of the double zipper, it takes a little bit of effort to get all of your legs in the correct positions. But, if you are like me, you will love how easy it is!

Since this is a leather boot, you will need to use proper leather care tools to keep your leather looking great. Avoid direct heat sources such as sun rays and stove burners, and make sure to always buff your leather with a good dry cloth before storing it.

Leather insole

michael kors bryce leather boot

There is a reason why most people recommend cleaning your shoes every few weeks.

Rubber outsole

michael kors bryce leather boot

The other major feature that makes the Michael Kors Bryce Leather Boot stand out is its rubber outsole. This material helps provide added comfort and durability, especially when wearing them for an extended period of time.

Many footwear brands use soles made from rubber, but this is the first I have seen that is designed for shoes. It increases the longevity of these boots as well!

How the rubber affects your feet depends upon whether you prefer hard or soft soles. With this boot being so versatile, you can decide which one you want!

Many people complain about these boots being too large on their feet, but I think that is just a personal problem with how they wear them.

Signature logo on side of boot

michael kors bryce leather boot

These boots are sleek and sophisticated. They are Michael Kors’ signature logo printed on the side of the boot, making them a true piece of art.

These boots are named after the leather is called bryce. This leather is buttery and soft, making it very easy to shape a nice fit. It also has some Architectural features in it, making it very special.

These boots are very high end and expensive. They are valued by luxury brands as a fashion staple. That is how hard guys go after seeing them!

The length of these shoes is great! They are 29 tall, making them long enough to be fashionable on those with long feet or those with thin feet. The length also helps prevent slipping because they are buttery soft and heavy enough to keep your foot secure.

Available in different colors

michael kors bryce leather boot

You do not have to stick with black and white for this style. There are many other colors available, like dark brown or red. These look great!

These leather boots are very popular right now. They are very hard to find!

That is what makes it so nice! You have to really look for them!

They are also known as rain boots or storm boots. Either way, they are a nice, slim fit boot that is easy to detail. You can get some cute studs or decorations on them, like a patent edge or an ankle insert.

These shoes are also known as elle creations because of the company she uses in her pictures for advertising.

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