Merrell Men’s Turku Trek Waterproof Winter Boot

The Turku is Merrell’s latest waterproof boot. This boot is designed for snow and ice enthusiasts, as the Turku features solid rubber soles that resist wetting and breaking up under heavy snowfall or ice use. The boot also has a removable footbed to help protect the feet in harsh conditions.

The Turku is not your average snowboot. It is large and has thick leather around the perimeter. This makes it very resistant to cold temperatures staying warm, long. The inside of the boot is synthetic leather with durable feltpadding on top to help maintain warmth.

Overall, the Turku is a great investment if you are planning on winter outdoor activity such as skiing, snowboarding, or ice skating.



merrell men's turku trek waterproof winter boot

A winter boot is a pretty obvious choice for keeping warm. There are so many today that are designed to keep you warm!

Some of these shoes even have thermal underlining! Thats right, its possible to stay warm without wearing heavy thermal pants or an outer coat!

The Turku is a nice, soft brown leather boot with gray accents. It has leather soles and a lined artificial sole to keep you warmer on cold days.

The lining is removable so if you plan on staying in one place for some time, you can remove the lining. This would be nice when traveling because you could take it out and put it on another person if something was cold while you were outside!

Another nice feature of this boot is the automatic slipping soles. This prevents any hot feet or hands from burning the earth beneath your feet.


merrell men's turku trek waterproof winter boot

The Men’s Turku Trek Boot is a comfortable, durable boot. They are made from natural rubber which retains heat and prevents water from flowing inside the boot. This ensures your feet are protected on cold days!

The boot has full-length fur lining that surrounds the foot and helps retain heat. This is especially important when outdoors in colder weather, or during hot summer days. The leather is thick and durable making this a long lasting boot.

Another nice feature of the Turku Boot is the shape of the sole. When walking in a smooth-soled shoe, such as a dress shoes, the back of the foot slides up a little bit of the floor to make room for more comfort. The boots have somecomfortingmemory foam inside to give added comfort and cushioning.

Overall, these boots are very comfortable and sturdy.

Lace system

merrell men's turku trek waterproof winter boot

A new technology is being used in building these shoes. It is called lacing system. Instead of having a heel that is just a few centimeters tall, this new technology has them about an inch tall. This way, you can get a slightly wider fit without losing mobility in the foot.

This technology depends on how far you want to place the laces. Some people may not find it as convenient, but then again, they are more for walking than running!

This technology also depends on what material the shoe is made of. Some shoes are made out of rubber, while others are constructed out of plastic or leather. This difference in material creates a different fit between feet.

Running in these shoes requires some work! Because they are taller than your normal foot type, there is going to be some clearance work done.


merrell men's turku trek waterproof winter boot

In order to stay dry while walking in the snow or rain, you must make sure your footwear is waterproof. Some brands offer this feature while others do not.

If you are looking for something with this feature, then go with a boot that is water resistant! This will ensure you do not wet out as you walk, run, or climb in it.

makers of winter boots do offer water resistance features, like embedded Gore Tex® vapor barriers in the footbed and arch supports. These features prevent water from seeping into the boot and ruining your feet’s comfort.

as a rule of thumb, if an outdoorsy-type person would rather have a non-waterproof boot, then they would buy an Earth Boot Ikon Waterproof Boot.

Merrell brand

merrell men's turku trek waterproof winter boot

A key feature of the Turku boot is its shape-breaking sole. This sole is built with deep grooves that help it retain water and snow, and it features a rugged, weather-proof finish.

This sole design makes the boot very flexible which is important for winter hiking. It also makes this boot easy to maintain as you would replace the soles monthly!

The tread on the sole helps keep your feet warm and dry as you walk over snow, ice, and water. This quality tread also helps attract more attention when outdoors which can be helpful.

Being so flexible, this boot can be moved easily from day to day.

Price point

merrell men's turku trek waterproof winter boot

At $100, the Merrell Turku Winter Boot is a little expensive boot. However, if you are going to be outdoors in winter for some time, this boot is worth it. It will keep you warm and help you concentrate on moving your feet in the snow instead of standing still in it.

It also has the look and feel of luxury shoes. Because it is so expensive, these qualities are really important!

The beauty of the boot is that it can be worn several ways. You can have a soft, cushiony sock-style fit, or have them fully barefoot style. You can even have them with rugged leather or wool, which would add more protection against the weather.

Overall, this winter boots has everything you need to make a statement and keep you warm.

What someone who likes hiking or snowboarding would like about these boots

merrell men's turku trek waterproof winter boot

The Men’s Turku Trek is an attractive looking boot. It has a suede look to them, which is nice for snowboarding or hiking. They are also comfortable and functional.

These boots are perfect for warm weather hiking, as the insulated footbed will keep your feet warm. The boot is also compatible with snowboards so you can snowboard in them!

Something people who like biking or running would like about these boots is that they are sturdy. People who like to run or bike in these boots will be happy with the thick soles that keep them safe.

An important part of keeping safety in these shoes is learning how to avoid harm by only walking on flat surfaces and not using stairs or other terrain-friendly features.


merrell men's turku trek waterproof winter boot

The main material in this boot is nubuck. This is a very soft, luxurious material that never feels thin or thin-looking. It sticks beautifully to your feet, providing traction and confidence on wet or snowy trails.

Nubuck is known for its exceptional abrasion resistance, so this boot is great for rugged terrain like hiking or trail running. The Davidson Nubuck adds some durability to the boot making it last longer.

Overall, the Turku Boot is very comfortable. The Davidson Nubuck ensures a good fit even though it is not an ordinary shape. It also helps retain heat better which makes it more comfortable when cold weather comes!

The only minor downside to the Davidson Nubuck is that it can be hard to get a good grip on it.

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