Menlo Circus Club Membership Cost

Menlo Circus is a high-tech, luxury club that specializes in underground science and technology. The club was founded by scientists who are looking to share their knowledge with the community.

As a member of Menlo Circus, you will receive special access to clubs, events, and parties throughout San Francisco and the Bay Area. You will also be rewarded with unique experiences and entertainment provided by professionally trained scientists.

You can find Menlo Circus at It has been operating in the market since 2012, having expanded to San Diego, Los Angeles, and Las Vegas since then. Membership costs $500 for two years or $500 for one year!

This is not a cost-cutting program; this is meant to be high-end offering quality memberships that are difficult to get again.

What does a membership get me?

menlo circus club membership cost

A men-only club can be a wonderful way to de-stress and get away from the stresses of life. With only the comfort of a surrounding of hot, masculine gentlemen, you can relax and let your hair do what it does best.

A men’s club can be an excellent way to get some quality time with one another. A membership can offer some great benefits such as complimentary massages, special events and nights, and of course, the chance to finally meet the woman that you’ve been lusting after for months!

The best part is, a men’s club can cost nothing! Many cities have codes that allow a men’s club or hotel to sell a ticket-of-access membership for just $5 or $10 respectively.

How much is the membership?

menlo circus club membership cost

Menlo Circus Club membership costs $10 per month. This is a bit higher than the basic membership, which is $5 per day. The additional $5 per day helps cover additional equipment such as trampolines, floor mats, and safety equipment.

The Menlo Circus Club is a high-end circus school. You will receive private lessons from the Cirque du Soleil instructors as well as other teachers from different circus schools in San Francisco.

The members get access to all of the Cirque du Soleil classes as well as other classes they may offer at Menlo Circus Club. They also get access to all of the private instructors at Menlo Circus Club so that they can provide you with their lessons.

When are the next auditions?

menlo circus club membership cost

Now is the best time to join Menlo Circus! You can do so for as little as $10 per month or you can go for the full $10 fee!

Many members are going at it full force and taking part in all aspects of the club. This is great! There are many opportunities to join Menlo Circus, so get out there and make yourself noticed!

There are three auditions each year, where candidates must audition for the club. These dates are in February, April, and June. The members look forward to it every year and see new faces that they know but have not met yet.

The evening will be well organized with entertainment scheduled around your area, judges coming to select winners and taking their places on stage.

What should I bring to the auditions?

You must attend at least one audition to be eligible for membership. We do not sponsor or promote any auditions, so you are obligated to come!

There are several roles in Menlo Circus, and each one requires a different skill set. So, while you can audition for the same role multiple times, you will need to bring a new outfit or gear for each role.

Some roles require less equipment than others, making it easy to attend an event every week for a season. Others require more equipment than others, making it necessary to be active every week.

If you have any questions about what roles you want to join Menlo Circus for, email auditions@menlacircus.

Are there any tips?

menlo circus club membership cost

When choosing your membership, it is important to know what you get out of it. The Menlo Circus Club can save you a lot of money by helping you reach your fitness goals.

How much you exercise and what type of exercise You’re most fit is up to how much you exercise. So, the more the merrier! So, if you want to get some nice trim or toned legs or arms, then be like the Menlo Circus Club and join at a discounted price.

The Membership Cost of the Menlo Circus Club can be lower if you do not own a homely fitness machine but rather rent one from the gym. The rental cost will depend on how often someone uses it because of course it has to be used!

As stated before, the machine must be used in a safe and proper manner so that nothing is missed.

What does a membership get me?

menlo circus club membership cost

A Menlo Circus Club membership can get you some pretty sweet perks. These include:

Fresher members are the first to see and experience all the latest and greatest tricks and performances. They get to be the first to try out new material and techniques so to see if they work!

Newer tricks take some time to learn so when members discover a new trick that works immediately, they are thrilled!

Similarly, old tricks that didn’t work now may require a little extra time before they need replaced. Newer members can help guide the community in this way by sharing what works for them.

Old tricks that were missing a piece of equipment or technique no longer need it because of the membership. This helps keep things organized as new things come into use.

The benefits include:

menlo circus club membership cost

A chance to meet other men, learn about men’s lifestyle and health topics such as training, diet and exercise routines, interactions with friends and society, and getting off the path of “just” being a man.

Men can also attend these meets free of charge!

They are an excellent way to familiarize yourself with the latest in male fitness techniques and wellness techniques. Most recently, they have been focused on laser therapy and sports massage therapies.

These types of therapies have become popular as the new fad in wellness.

Make your own show poster

menlo circus club membership cost

Menlo Circus Club is a great way to show off your skills at Club. You can do this in several ways, but the most cost effective way is to make your own club poster.

Making your own club poster is a great way to get some extra work and create some excitement for members! It takes about an hour to make, and can be done as soon as the member sign-up deadline has passed.

When making your poster, use regular paper unless told otherwise. Most Clubrooms have printer paper available, so if you have an artistic bone in you, you can print your poster on that.

If you want your poster to be more professional looking, go for color printers and get some good quality paper that gives out light seemly.

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