Marc Fisher Breley Over The Knee Boot

Over the knee boots are a great way to show off your feet. They are a long lasting foot fetish fashion staple that always attracts attention. Over the knee boots can be defaulted to or replaced by other shoes, toes are allowed to be super elongated or not!

These shoes allow you to show off your shiny, new nail art style, or add some retreat for warm weather wear. Add some leather or rubberized socks and you have the look of an old-time soldier!

This bullet point talks about the few different models of over the knee boots so that you can pick one for yourself. You can find them in various lengths, thicknesses, and styles. Many are designed for women, as they are more shapely at these heights.


Subtle stud detailing

marc fisher breley over the knee boot

These cool over-the-knee boots are a great way to experiment with Abstract Abstract Design. There are many ways to design and create these shoes, so if you are a beginner, do not worry! You can start off easy with some soft leather and an imagination.

The leather can be painted or patterned for the base, and you add some detail on top with the trim. The easiest way to put them on is to pull up one leg just a little bit, then let the other leg dangle down. That is it!

These shoes are Cute! That is what they are called, right? If you would like more shape, support and comfort, they would be worth investing in. They are also easy to get out of if you have little or no foot flexibility.

Over the knee length

marc fisher breley over the knee boot

Not everyone is built the same way so choosing a length over an inch is a valid choice. Over the knee boots are lengthier than cropped ones, making this style longer or shortening this style is what you choose to add or remove inches from.

You can buy boots that are approximately mid-length and then add or drop inches in length, making them almost fully-lengthed!

Backless shoes are also longer than tight-fitting shoes, making this style longer or adding more inches to the length.

How to Shoe Breleit Over the Knee Boots? Keep it simple and keep it short! Typically breleits are long enough to be let down but not too long that you look like a drunken hobbit.

Slightly pointed toe

marc fisher breley over the knee boot

This boot is a little different. It has a slightly pointed toe, making it less flat-soled and more shapely. The point also creates a slight V-shaped line at the bottom of the foot. This boot is ideal if you have very high heels or very long legs, as the V-line adds some shape to the foot.

This boot is also slightly longer in length, making it look more dressy. Because of the longer length, this boot looks more expensive than it is. This is especially true when paired with a nice dress or skirt!

Lastly, because these are taller boots, people with short legs will probably not love this boots tallness.

Slip on style

marc fisher breley over the knee boot

If you are looking for a easy, slip on style boot, this is the one for you. Marc Fisher’s Breley Over The Knee Boot is a very popular boot to wear with skinny jeans and over-the-knee warm sweats.

You can do this style in many ways. You can buy the leatherBoot only, or get the suede lined and leather lined as well. You can also buy them in multiple sizes making them a very affordable choice. Buying size down will help ensure a good fit.

The top part of the boot is suede lined, so if you are looking for something easy to remove without losing warmth, this is the one for you! If you need more warmth than a simple thick sock will provide, then fleecelined ones are available too.

Leather lining

marc fisher breley over the knee boot

This is an essential part of a over-the-knee boot. It helps keep your feet warm and safe!

The lining consists of leather that is sewn together and lined with foam to protect your feet from the hard floor. This is very important, as many brands do not use a footbed to help keep your feet warm.

To have enough room in your boot for the lining, some brands recommend getting a larger size. Other than that, there are no specific rules for the lining. It can be plain or colorful, thin or thick, soft or firm.

Metal buckle decor

marc fisher breley over the knee boot

This is one of the most important features of this boot. It is almost impossible to go without the metal buckle accents that run down the outside of this boot. These give it a nice, strong look that continues onto the wearer.

They are also easy to take on and off. Because of the metal accents, they can be removed and placed on another foot. This is not possible with other styles of boots because of the difficultly in getting them on and off.

These can be bought in many sizes so they are not a problem if you are a larger person. They are also durable enough to last you years if you get them right away.

Comfortable flat heel

marc fisher breley over the knee boot

The Marc Fisher Breley Over The Knee Boot is a nice, comfortable flat heel. There are very little rubber pieces on this boot that support your foot. This allows your feet to be free to move in the boot.

This is important when you are running, jumping or doing any kind of athletic action with your feet. This boot has a nice, soft heel that does not stick or feel heavy. It is easy to put on and take off without too much trouble.

Another nice feature about this boot is the way it supports the upper leg. It has some foam inside that helps hold up the knee and thigh muscles. This helps keep you feeling comfortable and pain free while exercising in it.

The Breley Over The Knee Boot is a nice, comfortable flat heel that does not stick or feel heavy. It has enough height to protect my high-heeled shoes, but not so much that it hurts my knees or thighs while I exercise in it.

Waterproof material

marc fisher breley over the knee boot

This boot is great for rainy or snowy days. The waterproof material makes this a great alternative to slippers when the weather gets cold. You can just step in the boot and be ready to go!

These boots are also a nice choice if you are going out more than just walking. There are many retailers that sell these boots as sales items, which makes them more affordable to buy as a group.

They look nice enough to wear out alone, so why not? These Breley Over The Knee Boots are sold at Marc Fisher for $125!

Bullet point departed: Heel height is only about an inch or two

Another reason this boots looks so cute is because they look high and thick. They look like they must be solid wood! However, they are only made of leather and no plastic or metal feet attached. This makes them slightly taller than standard shoes but not this style of boot!

The height comes from the rounded heel area and the slight drop foot area. When these feet are pointed forward, it creates a longer leg length difference between the bottom of the shoe and top of the shoe.

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