Male Cat Uti Home Remedy

Cat urine is one of the most commonly recognized things that a human must remove from the environment. It is a by-product of cats spending time outdoors, and possibly ingesting environments where soil and water are shared.

Male cats are not equipped to produce enough toilete to keep their size. Most times, it is female cats that suffer from an uti.

That is why there are so many male toilette products out there. They can freely choose between the two genders, and have full control over when and if they need to use toilet paper.

Some people find it attractive or even sacred for a cat to have an uti.

Use a heat pack on the area of pain

When your king or sonny has a kidney stone, the way to keep the pain level down is to use a heat pack on the area of pain.

This can be done every other day or every day, it depends on how much kidney stones are causing your cat pain. Keeping the pain level down by using a warm robe or heat pad every other day is helpful.

Some cats will have more sensitive kidneys and even an internal stone can cause severe pain. If your cat does have a stone, it is recommended to open up the perineum to allow more water and nutrients to travel. This helps prevent secondary kidney stones and reaccumulation.

Using a pet insurance policy that covers pets that large is helpful when trying to find a home for them. They are hard to find and afford, but with some research it can be done.

Take over-the-counter (OTC) pain medications

Only take OTC pain medications if they are over-the-counter (OTC). Most store-bought analgesics contain hydrocodone, a narcotic drug used to treat moderate to severe pain.

Even though it is a narcotic, there is still concern about taking too much because of the side effects. However, there is a chance of overdosing with non-narcotic analgesics like acetaminophen and paracetamol. These two drugs can be highly toxic even in small doses.

Your cat may not know what acetaminphotphen is, so you may have to educate him on how to use it. Make sure he knows the benefits of each drug as well as their possible side effects.

Use natural herbs that reduce inflammation

Your cat might have a urinary tract infection (UTI), and if that is the case, you can save a lot of money by using one of the conservative home remedies below.

Herbs can be divided into two main groups: natural substances your cat cannot otherwise acquire and medications your cat must have in very small amounts to prevent other infections.

The second group of substances are non-prescription tools such as foam or washing cloths you can use to treat your cat at home.

Many people think herbs are unnecessary, but there are some that may help with UTI’s. Most herbs are not reliable in preventing or treating other infections, which is why only a few are used traditionally.

This article will go over some herbs that may help with UTI’s and how to use them at home.

Change your cat’s litter box habits

When you go to open a new litter box, make sure it is big enough for your cat. Most places have a standard size, or slightly larger.

If your cat is not useable in the box, then put some wipes or an old shirt in the bottom to help prevent re-trubbing. Make sure it is placed in a spot where it can view and be seen by my cat every time she uses it.

Make sure your cat knows the new location so that she will leave it alone. Try using one of those special KISS (Keep It Secret) boxes so she’ll think there’s an award for leaving a clean box behind.

Put some dry food and/or water inside the new box to start training your cat how to use it.

Ask your vet about prescription medication

Medication is a powerful force to prevent urination in cats. Many times, it is recommended after a urinary tract infection has been treated with antibiotics, or after a change in behavior has helped manage the infection.

A lot of times, when medication works, it can be hard to tell the patient needs it and how to use it. So, many doctors recommend periodically checking for a medication response.

Sometimes this can be achieved by giving him a little drug every day, or by asking your vet if he has found any other reasons for a cat not wanting to go outside.

If you think your cat may have an uti (abnormal urine) , you might want to look for an unusual aversion or pain associated with passing urine or burning during urination.