Madden Girl Sanguine Western Boot

The Sanguine Boot is a cute, low-to-the-ground style boot. They are designed to be comfortable and stylish at the same time. The leather is soft and smooth against the wearer’s foot, making this boot easy to wear and carry. The Sanguine Boot is a great option for someone looking for a little flair but not wanting to spend a lot of money.

The bullet point above says that the colorways are neon in nature. This means that they are very bright, almost flashy. They are also very durable because of their heavy weight of just leather. These characteristics make them popular among fashion forward people looking for some extra oomph.

The Madden Girl Sanguine Western Boot is one of the more popular colorways of the Sanguine Boot.


Pull on tab

madden girl sanguine western boot

Currently not offered, this style features a pull on tab at the top of the boot. This feature could be added in the future!

If you want to get this feature, you must order a full size larger than your normal size. These boots are very wide at the foot and require a full size to fit comfortably.

Otherwise, you can wear these without a problem! The boot is designed to be stretched out once it is stretched out and buckled up.

These are A-ok without if you need something more functional. These will not keep your warm enough if snow or ice is forecast, because they are not winter-proofed.

Square toe

madden girl sanguine western boot

This is one of the key reasons why these booties are so unique. They have a rounded toe, making them look like a sombrero. This is also why they are called Madden Girl Sanguine Western Boot.

These booties have a square toe, which makes it look like she is wearing a pair of soft, leather vests. These give the illusion of more height when she walks!

Another way this design element works in her favor is when she goes out. People will think she is quite fashionable because she wears such nice clothing every day.

Distressed detailing

madden girl sanguine western boot

If you like the look of these boots with some wear and tear, then you will love making them your own. You can easily add some leather stains or repairs to match your wardrobe.

The creator of Madden Girl has a wonderful image-based community where she shares her designs and works to improve their quality. To access their website, go to and enter your code for this special boot.

This community has offered many ways to personalize these boots, including sewing on decorations or carving a shape into the leather.

Metal accent

madden girl sanguine western boot

This boot is the definition of preppy. It has a metal accent that runs down the side of the boot, creating a classy look. This looks great with either a soft or smooth line of leather.

How to wear this look? With some jeans and a soft or smooth leather jacket, or dress up with a white or light colored sweater and low cut black leather jacket. These are key pieces to pull this look off!

Pinpointing the accent is the easiest way to wear this look. If you do not have any pieces that appear like an accent, no worries! You can still create this look. Just add some weight to your feet to strengthen the impression that these shoes are heavy.

Matte finish

madden girl sanguine western boot

Not only is this boot gorgeous, it also feels great. The smooth leather feels velvety and smooth against the foot. The heal is reinforced with an inside metal band to help support the wearer.

The lacing is cabled which feels nice and secure in the foot. The heel is high so the wearer has to be careful about how high they jump or run.

This boot has a lovely soft lining that goes around the ankle and foot. It makes a lovely spa-like environment for the feet to stay warm and comfortable.

Overall, these boots are beautiful, feel great and look really expensive. They would be perfect for someone looking for a more casual look but still wants solid value.

Round shaped heel

madden girl sanguine western boot

Most women find a flat heel too boring. A round shaped heel makes it easier to find a perfect fit. With a little practice, you will be able to get a perfect fit every time!

Many internet sites have great tips on how to get the right size in a shoe. Try looking up your new shoe at home and see if you can get an appropriate size at home!

The Western Boot is also known as The Stiletto, The Leatherback, The Bullhorn, and The Sanguine Boot.

Comfortable cushioning

When it comes to football, there are a lot of rules you must follow. Besides playing with your own friends, getting into a game with a group is another fun way to spend time.

Getting into a game or practicing together can be stressful, which is why it is important for your feet to feel comfortable while you are playing.

This is why many footwear brands include some sort of cushioning. You want your shoes to keep your feet happy and safe, so some brands include padding in their shoes.

Cushioned footwear feels good on your feet during play because it reduces stress on the bones and muscles underneath. This helps keep you feeling comfortable and safe for the rest of the game!

When shopping for football footwear, look for shoe sizes that are between half a size and a full size. This will help prevent problems such as overheating or straining of the foot when playing.

Available in different colors

madden girl sanguine western boot

When it comes to fashion, there are always new things you can try. With the ever-changing trends and what is popular now, there is always a new boot to add to your collection.

Many people use fashion trends as a way to stay informed and up-to-date with fashion trends. So, being the latest in fashion is a way to stay busy and engaged.

Being able to find the perfect boot is a way to stay engaged in fashion. There are many ways to wear a boot, so finding one that fits your shape and looks good on you is another way to keep busy!

Many people buy nice boots that are not very comfortable. Luckily, Madden Girl has you covered with this boot! The Sanguine Western Boot is designed with thick padding throughout so you do not have to worry about anything hurting your feet.

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