Lucille Ball Palm Springs Home

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Architecture of the home

The term palm springs refers to the climate in this area. It is considered to be a warm-weather city, which is why the architecture of the home is so impressive.

The home was built in the early 1930s by a wealthy businessman as his private residence. It was later purchased by an orphanage and then sold again. In the late 1940s, it was purchased by a movie star and his wife, who owned it until 1999.

Since then, many people have been looking at this home with great admiration, wondering how it was renovated. Many think it must be worth a lot of money because of how intricate and beautiful it looks.

The interior is beautifully decorated with rich reds, oranges, and golds used throughout. The ceilings are high which adds even more detail to the space. A large number of people have gone through this home to admire its history and improvements.

Celebrity neighbors

They’re not-so-neighbors, but they do look down on you. The Ballers neighbor to the north and the Chaps to the south make up a relatively large neighborhood that includes large homes, small yards, and a community pool.

Because these two celebrities live so close to one another, many in the community know each other. This is especially true for Tony & Kiki Chappelle – their private swimming club sits right next to Tony Baller’s home.

You may even say their names out loud together, as many do. Ms. Ball and Mr. Chappelle are married with three children – a total of four names that can be heard speaking together!

This is definitely a hidden gem of Palm Springs, with so many coming together in the community pool and parking lot to spend time with their families and fellow neighbors.

Where is it located?

The Palm Springs home of Lucille Ball is a longtime interest of Carrie Bradshaw, too. The home is featured in the HBO series, The Bradshaw Family, and has been the setting for many years for entertainment events.

The Bradshaw Family is an entertaining reality TV show that follows the lives of several high-profile families in Palm Springs, California. One of these families is the Ball family.

The home was first built in 1956 and was purchased by the Ball family in 1977. They lived there until 1991 when they had to move due to a fire. They returned four years later but soon after moved back into their current house as it was more stable than their previous one was.

Today, they continue to host events at their home which you can see for free on their website

How can I visit?

You can visit the home if you are the family or if someone is the family. The home is owned by the company, but you can go inside if you are the family.

The Ball family has lived in Palm Springs for many years and has maintained this beautiful home. It is called the Palm Springs Home because it was originally built as a vacation home for wealthy people who visited Palm Springs.

Today, it is a tourist attraction and a hotel. People come to see how luxurious it looks and how much money they must have spent on it. They also tour these homes that were used as homes during that time.

The interior of this home is elegant and beautiful.

Is it haunted?

No, but there are some interesting stories behind this Palm Springs home and inside businesses and places around the area that are decorated in a spooky or strange way.

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Photo tour of the home

A home that is filled with love is always a nice place to visit. The interior of this Palm Springs home has been beautifully decorated and configured to maximize space.

The family room and kitchen are both beautiful areas to spend time in. The kitchen is spacious and features beautiful cabinets and a nice Island. The family room has a nice view of the pool and courtyard, which is appreciated.

The home was purchased new, so there are no signs of wear or tear. It appears that everything was recently painted and/or installed with technology-based systems, like solar panels, heating/cooling units, etc. This means that the owners have good privacy rights on their property!

Home occupants can benefit from these technologies, as they are not required to pay for electricity or maintenance for years upon years of use.

Video tour of the home

The Palm Springs residence of Lucille Ball is a beautiful home. It was built in the sixties, so it is a little vintage looking.

The home has six floors with a rooftop and multiple outdoor spaces. The main floor features a large living room and dining room with an impressive skyline view.

The second level includes two large bedrooms, one with a unique black and white scheme, and the other with an oversized down duvet. The third level has three large bedroom configurations as well as a utility room and staircase access.

The fourth level features two additional bedrooms, one with another unique look and one with a plain white décor. Last but not least, this level has the utility room and staircase leading to the rooftop.

Celebrity visitors

There is a caretaker inside the home and he or she is not invisible. All visitors must be invited by the home owner.

Visitors can either pay a fee to enter the house or they can be granted access through an invite. Both methods have their benefits and mistakes!

The private property rights of celebrities are very valuable. They are able to give and receive money easily, which is how they maintain their lifestyle-fixation.

If you are a fan of the celebrity home, you will definitely want to look into these mistakes visitors make onsite and how to fix them.